Subtle Animal Print

Animal Print

March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. We took inspiration from that phrase and came up with subtle animal print. Animal print can be aggressive and bold like a lion. But it can also be soft … Continue reading

Mix and Match Animal Print

Some of you may think that mixing different animal prints together is impossible. It can be quite doable if you know what you’re doing…

Mixing and matching patterns can definitely be tricky. It is very much like matching colors and uses many of the same elements in order to do so successfully and yet is also more complex. When it comes to mixing animal print there is a way to make it possible.

The first rule about wearing more than one pattern in general is to be subtle. Too much of both will definitely overpower your look so you will have to find just the right balance. One way to go is use prints that use the same color scheme, such as black and brown or black and white. This way the patterns essentially “match” and you can break up the outfit with solid colored pieces and accessories that either offset or tone down the overall look. One thing you can do for instance is say wear a black and white cheetah print top with a neutral snakeskin clutch under a solid cardigan and with a solid colored pant to add balance.

Another thing you can do is mix prints that are the same or similar but use differing color palettes so that there is still some symmetry there but is made all the more dynamic and interesting. You wouldn’t want to wear one thing right over another so it’s best to choose your pieces wisely. If you’re going with a pant and top that feature patterns, then break it up with a belt, bag, scarf or even a combination of all three. You can use a neutral color like beige or black that will always be safe but bold colors can work too that will make more of a statement without making your outfit look too busy.

While it is doable to perhaps combine two large pieces featuring a pattern together, they can be used to much better effect if used more subtly. Such as in the example above, one piece is a larger clothing and one is an accessory. This way, you can still mix and match if the look isn’t working for you and the smaller pieces works more to accent and offset the larger one. Wearing an animal print top with a different patterned shoe or bag is a good example of this use. Also, the pieces are not too close to one another so they do not clash. Adding pieces of clothing and accessories puts distance between them and balances out your entire look.

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Animal Print Accessories

Wool Pashmina Scarf Shawl Wrap

It’s February and still couple weeks more of severe winter. There is no denying it has been one of the most severe winters of all time and we bet apart from snow cleaners and may be a few people who love skiing everyone is waiting for spring and summer to set in. But, not all is depressing in this cold and grey weather. Spice up your wardrobe with colors and patterns of Chicastic pretty, warm, and cozy pashmina scarves and shawls. There is a great collection in multiple different designs and colors and we are sure there is one you would like.

Black Floral Wool Pashmina Scarf

New Year, New Wardrobe!

Every new year brings new fashion trends and we always want to keep up with them. There’s no need to throw out the entirety of last year’s wardrobe but there are ways to update it that saves money and the life of the things you already own. Not to mention, those post-holiday sales are upon us and the coming of the new year is no better time to reinvent ourselves.

First thing’s first: clean out your closet! Donate or swap out the items you find yourself not wearing so much anymore or pieces that feel outdated. Also, chances are you have some hidden gems hiding in your wardrobe, perhaps a trendy item from yesteryear that’s found it’s way back to the fashion forefront. Fashions come and go and trends are fleeting, but there are always those select few classic items that are always in style. You probably have a good handful of these such items. These are great because their versatility gives them new life and they can always be revived with new fashion accessories, scarves in trending prints, or any number of additional accents. A staple item, such as a little black dress can be worn with new shoes or paired with a new bag. There are thousands of combinations. Perhaps what your wardrobe needs is a new bold cocktail clutch or a jewel-toned chiffon scarf. Scan the magazines and see which accessories speak to you the most, determine which trending styles best match your personality and go from there.

The good thing about these staple items is that they can easily be matched with other new and popular styles, such as a bold print shoe, snakeskin clutch or a jacquard print jacket. Mixing and matching is the best way to make anything look new and gives you far more combinations and fashion possibilities for years to come.

Be sure to choose wisely, though. Sometimes trends only last a season or two and are quickly booted out of fashion. When it comes to both fashion accessories as well as clothing pieces, be sure to choose versatile items that can be matched with much of your wardrobe and personal style. That way, even fleeting trends can be made staples when paired with the right things. This also makes it easier for you to keep up with future trends, when they come.

Remember, you don’t have to completely overhaul your closet or your wallet to create a fashionable new wardrobe to bring in the new year. With careful planning and sticking to what you like and works best with your personal style, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve. Find some great items for your new closet now, at Chicastic!

Women's accessories

Women’s accessories

Chiffon Scarves – The All Season Scarves

Accessories come and go, whether it’s due to the lifespans of trends or due to the change in season. Few items can stand the test of time and among them is the chiffon scarf. Not only can this chic chameleon adapt to the weather, but it can easily be manipulated to fit any wardrobe, any outfit and any style.\

It’s never a bad thing to have a wide variety of colors and styles in your chiffon scarf arsenal. Have some neutral, that are sure to match any outfit, some bold colors (so choose your favorite or whichever colors suit you best) and some pattern prints to liven up any solid ensemble.

The sheer versatility of chiffon scarves allow them to be worn in more than one way, and not all of them are around your neck! Depending on the season and the outfit, a chiffon scarf can add flare to any ensemble in a seemingly endless number of ways. As winter rolls in, the go-to scarf style is the easiest and most weather effective. Whether you loop your chiffon into an infinity scarf or tie a simple knot at your neck, you know you’ll be warm while remaining fashionable. It’s always good to keep a few scarves on hand in varying colors.

Chiffon scarves work outside of the box too. They can be draped dramatically over your shoulders, used as a wrap-around against a solid-print dress, or even wrapped around your head over an up-do for that Old Hollywood feel.

Once the ice begins to thaw and the temperature begins to rise, it may be time to set aside your coats and gloves, but that doesn’t mean your chiffon scarves have to go anywhere. Their silky, lightweight nature allow them to transition seamlessly into any spring or summer wardrobe. Brighter or lighter colors may be more in style in the warmer seasons, but prints never go out of style, and even darker colored chiffon scarves will still work great with lighter themed outfits as well. Summer is also the time for beach wrap-arounds, whether you’re wearing them as a full on dress or a flirty skirt, and can also be wrapped around your shoulders on chilly nights once the sun goes down.

Like any other accessory, chiffon scarves can be mixed and matched with just about anything, but not many other accessories can boast the ability to mix and match with the seasons. Chiffon scarves can liven any outfit at any time of year and bring new life to classic pieces while remaining a trusted partner to trendy ones as well.

Looking for great chiffon scarves that can go with everything in your closet, visit Chicastic now!

Polyester Chiffon Neck Scarf

Polyester Chiffon Neck Scarf

Black Friday Sale: Save 25% off all items

Ditch the crowded malls and long lines this Black Friday and enjoy huge savings from the comfort of your own home. Chicastic is offering 25% off all items including sales and clearances today. Just use promo code FRIDAY25 at the checkout!

100% Wool Black White & Blue Cat Lovers Leopard Print Shawl

Do you love cats? Have a thing for leopard or cheetah print fashion? Well now you can wear your love of cats and all things feline with our 100% wool black, white & blue leopard print shawl. This shawl is a fun, playful piece that cat lovers and fashion lovers can easily wear wherever, and however desired. Not only is it an attention grabbing piece, it will keep you very warm as the weather cools down. Take advantage of the low price on this scarf today and be sure to check out all the other pashmina scarves at Chicastic too!


100% Wool Black, White & Blue Cat Lovers Leopard Print Pashmina Shawl with fringesPlease feel free to chat with us if you have any question or concerns about the above item.


Animal Print Accessories

Animal prints have been in fashion for as long as I can remember. They have come and gone but never really left for good. In the past few years the love for animal prints has just been on a rise. Starting with prints inspired from leopard spots, tiger prints, to zebra stripes and more, from dresses and jackets to shoes and handbags to jewelry and scarves. Animal print clothes or accessories are sexy, stylish, wild and always make you stand apart in a crowd.

Animal prints in subtle colors or bright hues make perfect accessories to make a simple outfit stand out. There was a time when animal prints were considered such a winter thing but it’s not the same anymore. Animal print clothing and accessories in lighter shades and soft and sheer fabrics like chiffon are very popular in the summer, medium shades and slightly heavier materials such as voile or polyester cotton in the fall and darker shades in thicker fabrics such as corduroy in the winter time. Animal prints are not just popularly used in clothing but also in handbags, clutch bags, wallets, hats, scarves, shoes, earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and nail paints these days.

This Brown Leopard Print Faux Fur Handbag is a very popular fall handbag. The shade of brown is just perfect for the weather, and the size of this handbag works superb for work or school or just casual wear. It is a light weight handbag with lots of room to accommodate everything you need for a day out. It comes with double handles and with an additional set of shoulder straps which can also make this handbag a crossbody bag if you like it that way. This top zipper closure leopard print handbag also has a zipper pocket and a cellphone slip pocket on the inside.

Also featured Medium Brown Leopard Print Chiffon Scarf is the most popular scarf this season. The medium brown color and the light weight polyester chiffon make this scarf so versatile and trendy. This scarf is a perfect accessory for all types of outfits – when you are dressing up in a black dress or dressing down with a pair of jeans. The leopard print scarf looks great as either a day time accessory or an evening wear accessory. Buy this leopard print handbag and this leopard print chiffon scarf at Chicastic now and get a flat rate shipping of $5.99 within the USA!

Leopard Print Accessories at Chicastic

Chiffon Scarves at Chicastic

Even during the summer, you may find yourself reaching for a sheer, comfortable scarf on some of the cool days you will come across. Chicastic has a variety of scarves that come in different colors and prints.  For example, our red and black striped print chiffon scarf is the perfect marriage of style and convenience. It goes with just about anything and can be worn in different ways to suit your personal needs. It is at Chicastic on sale along with other cool, fashion forward chiffon scarves. Get yours now while they are on sale.

Please click here to chat with us if you have any questions or concerns about the above item.

Pashmina Shawls for Spring 2012

Pashmina’s at Chicastic have a very silky sheen and distinctive designs which are fashionable with almost any kind of outfit.

Our classic and uniquely colorful animal print shawls are a tasteful way to bring new flair to your already distinctive sense of style. Go wild with our exceptional animal print pashmina shawls! Hurry and visit Chicastic to get one for yourself now!

Black, White, Grey Leopard Animal Print 100% Wool Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf