Stocking Stuffers

There is always the great debate come Christmas time… one big gift or a lot of little ones?

For those who are opting for plenty of small things for your friends and family to unwrap look no further! Here are some of Chicastic’s favorite stocking stuffer ideas!


We don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good scarf. Whether it’s for keeping your neck warm during the cold winter storms or to complete a fashionable look, a scarf is perfect with any outfit.



Nothing is more important than keeping your hands warm! But what about using your touch screen phones? Your friends and family are guaranteed to love our fingerless gloves. They are stylish and cozy making everyday tasks like texting easier all while keeping you nice and warm.



Who doesn’t like to open up gifts that can give you an at home spa day? Try giving out the perfect gift for any pedicure lover. The Chicastic Callus Remover leaves feet feeling smooth and salon-like for days!



What woman doesn’t appreciate a nice necklace or ring? Filling stockings with simple beauty accessories will make anyone happy. Check out a few of our statement necklaces and rings, perfect for all occasions.


All of these and more are can be found on!

Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in your Life

It’s that time of year again. The time of gift giving and holiday cheer! It’s an easy time to show how much you love that special woman in your life. The hard part… what to get her? Chicastic has a few ideas your significant other will love!

*Clutch Purse*


Every women in your life should have one of these! They are cute and totally affordable. Want to surprise her even more? Fill it with makeup, candy and gift cards to her favorite stores. After all nobody likes opening up an empty purse!

*Waist Trainers*


The latest trend in Hollywood! She probably has this pinned on Pinterest or has raved about it to her friends but just never had the time to buy one herself. Pair this with some lingerie and your girl will feel like a million dollars!

*Satin Robes*


What woman doesn’t like to get ready while already feeling sexy? Buy her one of these and she’ll never get out of it! Perfect for lounging around in after the shower or right before bed. The special woman in your life will love the way this feels. Try adding a makeup set to this for the perfect getting ready gift!



What girl doesn’t love a nice pair of shoes? Give her a pair of heels that she can wear when you take her out for a night on the town.



Every woman needs jewelry so why not get your girl a beautiful necklace or ring?

Gift Ideas For Women Under $50

Gift Ideas for Women Under $50.00

  1. Book – Even though electronic readers are convenient, there is nothing like holding a real book in your hand. If you are able to find a vintage copy or first edition of an old favorite, then nothing can replace it. Vintage books hold more than just the story written inside, but they carry with them their own history. Include an inscription, but if you prefer not to write on the book itself, write your wishes to the recipient on a nice bookmark!
  2. Clutch Wallet – Sometimes a flimsy fold over wallet is more of a nuisance than anything. A hard clutch wallet keeps everything straight, neat and won’t allow itself to be overstuffed! Try one of these in a luxurious snake print and texture!
  3. Personalized Handkerchief – Beautiful handkerchiefs embroidered with the recipient’s initials are always appreciated! Small and easy to tuck into a purse or clutch, they are a useful gift.
  4. Tablet Case – Make it even more special with personalization! Have their initials embroidered or embossed on the front!
  5. Jewelry Set – This gorgeous teal mint and gold tone jewelry set is perfect for the girl who wants to make a statement. Either worn together or separately, this bracelet, necklace and earrings trio is the perfect addition to any wardrobe!
  6. Silk Scarf – Silk, though lightweight, is a deceptively warm fabric, which makes is perfect for winter! It will keep warm when worn close to the skin, which makes it the perfect accessory for layering.
  7. Office Satchel – There is no woman in the world who would ever say “I have enough purses.” For the career woman, gift her a satchel is warm neutral colors and a classic shape, and you won’t go wrong!
  8. Essential Oils Diffuser – Aromatherapy gifts are always appreciated! Include a gift certificate for their choice of essentials oils!
  9. Straw and Leather Envelope Clutch – These purses are perfect for Spring, Summer or Fall! Made of handwoven straw and leather detailing, they are the perfect clutch to carry on casual days.
  10. Satin Corset – For the bride-to-be or special lady in your life, a corset is a fun and sexy gift! Include some stockings to make it extra special!
  11. Vintage Style Bowler Hat – For the woman who likes classic styles, this hat will add the right amount of vintage flair to their closet!
  12. Pashmina – Available in an infinite number of colors and patterns, a pashmina scarf is great if you’re not very close to the person for whom you are buying. A solid scarf or classic striped print in their favorite colors will always work!
  13. Boutique Soap – Sometimes it’s nice to have some handmade soaps to treat yourself with. Special soap infused with essential oils make every day baths feel like a spa day!
  14. Evening Clutch Bag – For bridesmaids or girls going to their first prom, gift them something that will match their dress on this special day!
  15. Loose-fit Cardigan – If you aren’t sure what to buy someone, these free-size cardigans will save you in a pinch!

Ostrich Print Clutch Bags!

Pink Ostrich Clutch Bag

Ostrich print is a very fashionable trend that’s sporting the runways today. Everything from handbags, wallets and shoes are covered in this exotic pattern. One of our favorite handbags here at Chicastic is this gorgeous fuchsia pink convertible clutch. It comes with a detachable chain and strap and can be worn as a shoulder bag or a cross body purse. You can also forego either strap and carry it like a clutch bag. This style carries on from the spring season through fall, and some daring fashionistas can pull this off in the winter. This handbag is sure to keep you fashionable all year long!

Uris from

One of our favorite fashion bloggers Uris from is new to the fashion blogosphere. We’ve gotten to know her quite well through her engaging posts and beautiful photographs. She’s a very sweet girl hailing from the Seattle area. As you can see, she’s pulling off the ostrich trend quite well! Be sure to check out her blog!

For your own ostrich print clutch similar to the one Uris is holding, find it here!

Animal Print Fashion 101

Animal print has made its mark and it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s been associated with wealth and royalty for centuries, and while anyone can sport this style now, there are still rules about how … Continue reading

Holiday Gifts For Her

Most of the holiday season is spent thinking about, planning, and executing the difficult gift-giving quest we embark on for everyone special in our lives. Each gift is particular to what friend we’re giving it to, but most of us don’t have the luxury of time to brainstorm up the perfect gift, let alone find it. So what are we to do?

As far as women and our lady friends go, we can at least rely on our own desires to help decipher what our fellow females might want this holiday season. Aside from shopping for gifts, most of us are shopping for the perfect holiday ensembles. Not only do we search for the perfect jewel-toned sweater for Christmas Day or that flashy cocktail dress for New Years, but we keep our eyes out for what we’d like to grab once the post-holiday deals settle in, the stuff we’d like to have for the rest of the year. So why not start there?

You don’t have to go as far as buying an entire outfit for a friend, but think about what makes the perfect outfit? Fashion Accessories.

Accessories allow any outfit to see multiple, even infinite, incarnations and stretch the life of our favorite pieces. Scarves, handbags, clutches, bangles, earrings, cuffs, necklaces of every shape and size… so why not put together a holiday gift bag of such outfit-changing tools?

But there are so many different styles to choose from… which would be best? Here is where the powers of your perception come in. What does your sister like to wear? Vintage-inspired DIY ensembles? Then a print scarf, salvage messenger bag and a chunky bracelet would fit right into her wardrobe. Or what about your lunch-buddy from work? Is she sophisticated and put-together? Then perhaps a jewel-toned clutch, silver bib necklace and a leopard print wrap-around sound like a few things she’d find useful.

Giving little, individual things, is always nice. Any gift is meaningful. But showing just how much you pay attention to your close friends’ senses of style is sure to warm their hearts, and is probably part of their goal when they put themselves together every morning. It’s always nice to have more accessories, especially ones that suit our personality, and it’s always touching when a friend notices our tastes (and helps us look fabulous all year round, of course). Such accessories are useful no matter what style suits you, it’s in the print, color, and overall combination that counts. Your friends can wear their scarf on a daily basis, save that crystal necklace for New Years and bring their clutch out for dinner, or any combination that suits them. Same goes for get-togethers, birthdays, going-away parties, you name it. Think about what you yourself would like for the holidays and apply that to your lady friends, you’ll be sure to find the ticket to holiday gift-giving success.

Visit Chicastic now to buy great gifts for all the women in your life. Order by Dec 19 to get it by Dec 24 with free shipping.

holiday gifts for her

Winter Hats!

Fall Hats

Baby, it’s cold outside! Keep you head warm with one of these stylish caps from Chicastic! Knitted military style caps, newsboy hats and angora wool bowler hats are chic, cute and will absolutely keep you from freezing! The chic details add femininity to these otherwise masculine style head wear. These pieces go with any outfit, adding the perfect finishing touch! Pick the perfect cap at!

Pewter Grey Shimmer Evening Clutch

Chicastic’s Pewter Grey Shimmer Evening Clutch is the perfect holiday party clutch. This clutch is simply fabulous; there is no other way to put it. You could pair this up with a little black (or any color) dress at a holiday cocktail party or even hold on to it for New Year’s Eve. Either way you wear it, you will be the talk of the party all night. Order it now before the holidays!

Dark Grey Pewter Gray Shimmer Evening Clutch Purse Bag with Rhinestones

Black Shoulder Handbag with Tan Handles

Chicastic’s black shoulder handbag is a structured,yet feminine bag. It’s size is big enough to fit everything you need for a full day of running around while the top zipper gives you a sense of security knowing that you items will not easily fall out of it. The 22 inch tan handles pop out against the black without taking away the versatility in this piece. If you are in need of a black bag that’s functional and goes with just about anything in your closet, this is the perfect one for you. Get it on sale for only $29.99 and check out our clearance section for more great sales options.

Orange Sequin Crystal Hard Box Clutch

Orange is a surprisingly versatile color that also happens to be very popular during the fall months. If you need help figuring out how to incorporate this shade into your fall wardrobe, we have you covered with our orange sequin hard box clutch. The shiny sequins paired with this bold shade of orange gives this clutch such a glow, it literally looks like its on fire! If you want this dazzling clutch, it is available in Chicastic’s Chic and Glamorous Collection along with its black, yellow, beige, grey, and green counterparts.


Orange Bridal Sequin Crystal Hard Box Wedding Cocktail Clutch Purse