Sophisticated Edge

Sophisticated Edge 2

Are you planning to grab drinks with the girls this weekend and looking for just the right thing to wear?  Why not go for a unique, eye catching style that is one of a kind?  What could be more unique than Chicastic’s Black Lace Long Sleeve Corset?  This chic corset features long lace sleeves, a lace and satin body and a lace ruffle trim along the bodice and hemline.  This corset also has a front hook closure, padding in the bust area and strong boning, for molding a svelte silhouette.  Add a pop of color to your look by pairing this stylish corset with sleek vibrant red pants, black mules and statement earrings for a bold, yet sophisticated look.  Complete your ensemble with Chicastic’s Rhinestone Oval Evening Clutch With Tassel.  The Black Lace Long Sleeve Corset is available at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other one of a kind accessories, visit

Rock and Roll Edge

Rock and Roll Edge

Are you looking forward to your favorite rock band coming to town and are you looking for the perfect ensemble to wear to the concert?  Why not go for a rock and roll inspired look?  Chicastic’s Red and Black Patent Leather Corset is the epitome of edgy rock and roll style!  This sleek corset features a unique red and black color contrast, a sweetheart bodice and is made from patent leather material.  This corset also has front hook closure, rear lacing and strong boning for molding a sleek silhouette.  Pair this fiery corset with ripped skinny jeans, a tailored blazer and black booties for a look perfect for partying the night away.  Don’t forget to complete your look with Chicastic’s Snakeskin Clutch.  The Red and Black Patent Leather Corset also includes a thong and is available at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other stylish corsets and accessory items, visit

Campus Style Edit


2017-08-02 (2)

August is officially here, and soon it will be time to return to campus.  Head back to school in style, with Chicastic’s Satin and Lace Corset in Grey.  This stylish corset features a light grey hue, with a black lace overlay along the bust and sides and a sweetheart bodice.  This corset also has a front hook closure, rear lacing and a strong boned foundation to mold a sleek silhouette.  Corsets aren’t just for special occasions and can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.  Pair this corset with frayed grey denim shorts, a sleek blazer and two toned oxfords for an edgy look perfect for campus and beyond.  Complete the look with Chicastic’s Crossbody Messenger Bag.  The Satin and Lace Corset also comes with a thong and is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other stylish corsets and accessory items for a stylish look on campus, visit

Fall Style Edit

Fall Style Edit

Have you started to plan your wardrobe for the upcoming fall season?  Did you know that fashionable corsets aren’t only meant for the summer and that they can be worn in the fall and beyond?  Chicastic’s Satin Lace Up Corset in Emerald Green is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for the upcoming season.  This stylish corset features a rich autumnal shade of green, a sweetheart bodice and luxurious satin fabrication.  It also has strong boning, for molding a sleek silhouette, rear lace up closure and front hook closures.  Corsets aren’t just for special occasions or going out.  Pair this corset with jeans, booties and a cool leather jacket for an effortlessly stylish seasonal look that can be worn around campus or at weekend brunch with the girls.  Complete the look with Chicastic’s Crossbody Messenger Bag.  The Satin Lace Up Corset also includes a thong and is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other stylish wardrobe and accessory items for the upcoming season, visit

Denim Skirts are Back!

As we all know denim is making a fierce comeback. We see it as jeans, shirts and now the ever so popular denim skirt.

Denim is and has always been one of those timeless classics. It’s a neutral. It goes with anything. It even looks good with other denim (if done well).

This fall season we are seeing the denim skirt come down a little longer than we were used to in the early 00’s (thank goodness). No more measuring to see if your skirt is too short for school. No more pulling down to make sure everything that should be covered is covered.Kathryn.Denim.10.21 Length is in!

This fall, pair your mid-thigh denim skirt with a loose fitting hi-lo layered top and an owl inspired watch necklace! This look combined with ankle booty heels can take you from class to an evening date with the simple addition of a statement handbag.

Bring back some of your favorite teenage looks with a more mature style at Chicastic!

Layering is The Name of the Game

Just like Spring, Fall is infamous for having what feels like 3 seasons in one day. Mornings are crisp cool like Fall, afternoons are warm like Spring and evenings are cold like Winter. That’s why dressing is layers is perfect for this time of year. We’re not talking bulky winter layering, this is all about close that work together smoothly for a great autumn look.

Start with a hi-lo layered top. Looks great on its own, or perfect for layering with a cardigan. We have several cardigan styles and colors to choose from. We just recently got in these great sleeveless open front cardigans, perfect for those Spring like afternoons. For when it’s chiller in the morning and evening, these long sleeve drapey cardigans contributes warmth without bulk.

These leggings are great for layering.  That’s because  they come in bold colors and patters, ensuring that most everything else you wear will be neutral colors like grey, black, or white, making it earlier to coordinate several layers. We have patterns, colors to match any style.

Never underestimate the power of scarves when it comes to proper layering. Scarves are easy to put on and take off as desired, and come in so many sizes, patterns, colors and materials.  For example, we have chiffon and cotton scarves as well as wool and patterned and solid colors. Check them all out!. They can also be worn in a multitude of ways. 

Get ready for anything Fall has to throw at you with Chicastic.

Layering for Fall

Back to School!

It’s that time of year where stores stop selling pool noodles and large displays filled with notebooks and #2 pencils take their place  That’s right, it’s Back to School time! Haven’t figured out what you’re going to wear? Don’t worry, Chicastic has everything you need to kick-off the semester in style!

We’re loving so many of the fall 2015 fashion trends. Here are some of our favorites and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe!

Neon, which had its heyday in the 80’s is making a comeback but in a more sophisticated way. Paired with neutral colors such as gray, navy, or black, use neon as a pop of color to liven up an outfit while avoiding going full Saved by the Bell. Our neon scarves and clutches are the perfect way to add a hint of neon without going overboard.
Patterned hosiery and leggings are also big for this fall. Basic black stockings will always be in style, but fresh colors and geometric patterns will give your outfit the jolt it needs.

Leopard print has been all over the fall fashion runways. Our vintage style cocktail dress comes in a leopard print, but if the dress is too much leopard print for you then our leopard print scarf is the perfect way to subtlety stay on trend.

Finally, 70’s fashion is certainly making a come back. Overalls and flared jeans are back in a big way. Pair with one of our layered tops and you’re set!

Go back to school looking your best with Chicastic!

Back to School Fall 2015

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