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Chicastic is continuously adding new products to its inventory, so we thought it would be fun to spell out all we have to offer. C lutches- We have so many clutches to choose from! Check out our knuckle dusters, envelopes, … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday- Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills was a fun movie about a group of Wilderness Girls. Shelley Long’s character, troop leader Phyllis, was super into fashion. Some of her outfits were a little over the top, but she did have quite the sense … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday- Elaine from Seinfeld

Elaine's Fashion on Seinfeld

Elaine on Seinfeld was an iconic character with so many memorable moments. Not to mention her, let’s call it, unique dance style and her “get out” shove. Her wardrobe on the show typically consisted of long blazers, collared shirts, dark … Continue reading

Back to School

Stores are already gearing up for back to school shopping. Items for the dorm, school supplies, and fall clothes are being displayed. Want to get your teenager or college bound child prepared for the cool weather? Then check out the scarves, hats, and bags available at Chicastic.

Infinity tube scarves are a warm option for the months ahead. They’re available in thick or thin knit versions or even with fringe. Try a vibrant teal or a light pink. Maybe a multicolor light and dark grey tube scarf would match your child’s style more. Oblong scarves work well for the autumn weather too and offer a lot of ways to wear them. For example, they can be wrapped around tightly for warmth, hung loosely for a cool style, or looped and pulled through for a simple chic look.

Don’t forget a warm hat to go with your scarf. A cotton two toned fisherman style hat offers a clean autumn look. A beanie hat with a leather strap comes in beautiful fall colors. Or try a knitted winter slouchy hat that comes in grey, off white, or black. If you have a gal that likes more structure, then try a wool bowler hat.

Another great back to school item is a fashionable backpack, tote, or satchel for their school supplies. Try this beige small backpack with a front flap or a snakeskin pattern glossy hobo handbag.

At Chicastic find all these fashionable items and more for your student.

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Accessories with Floral Prints

There are few seasonally appropriate patterns like the floral print. This design has made a huge comeback in recent years so why not take advantage and add some blooming foliage to your spring and summer ensembles.

Floral prints are perfect for the spring and summer time. They come in a variety of color palettes, from neutral to neon, to bold, and earth tones, you name it. The nature of these patterns is easily reflected the blooming foliage you can readily see this time of year so why not use it to inspire some of your outfits? Add some life and dimension to your look by adding one of these fashion accessories or statement fashion pieces.

Accent or statement pieces can work much like accessories. Leggings, printed skinny jeans and the like can be mixed and matched in any number of ways to create various outfits. These are especially good for making your basics look more dynamic and thoughtful. Plus pairing solid tops or tees with these items adds just the right amount of balance to your outfit. You can also use clothing items like sweaters or cardigans in the way you would use an accessory. Add some depth and color to an outfit of solid colors and patterns with a floral cardigan or shrug. Use some of the colors used in the print or wear it over neutrals and basics to maximize your look.

Smaller fashion accessories are also great for flaunting your springtime florals and floral prints. Canvas bags are especially popular, whether they come in the form of a trendy backpack, hobo bag, or crossbody. If you are looking for something a little more classy then a small clutch will do the trick as well. This sort of handbag can be worn to both casual and more formal events easily. Scarves are another great option and can be added to most any outfit. Not only that but they serve a practical purpose, too! They go wonderfully under any light jacket, fitted blazer, or sweater.

You can also opt for jewelry and other statement pieces. Large bib necklaces can feature floral themes and designs, whether in metalwork or in inset fabric with lace and other materials. Large chunky bangles can feature this design as well and can be easily added to ensembles. But if you’re looking for a more subtle way to add this print to your look, you can look beyond jewelry to other small fashion accessories like skinny belts or shoes. These can help bring balance to an outfit, whether you use the design elsewhere or simply wish to tie together an ensemble of different colors and solid pieces.

Find the right floral piece for you at Chicastic.

floral accessories

Summer Purses

Summer Purses

Add some of the season’s brightest colors to your wardrobe by incorporating them into your collection of handbags. Whether you go with a neutral, a bold new color, or a pattern, welcome the season with an appropriate purse. Purses are … Continue reading

Sophisticated Black Backpack

You’re on the go and would love a purse that left your hands free and didn’t weigh down your one shoulder all day.

A backpack is a great solution.  But a modern day woman like you doesn’t want to look like she’s still in middle school.  And you don’t have to look that way.  You can have the style you want and the convenience you need with this faux leather backpack.

This bag looks sleek and expensive.  The design gives you what you love about a backpack and the sophistication you desire. It has two cellphone pockets and a convenient inside zipper pocket.  The front flap is closed by a vintage inspired gold buckle.

You can wear it when running errands or on a date night stroll.

Purchase this vintage inspired gold buckle backpack today at Chicastic.




Face it. We are not built the same. Some of us are petite and sweet, others are tall and statuesque while others are curvy and voluptuous. We are all familiar with the basic fashion rules to help accentuate the parts of our physique that we like the best while hiding the parts we are less happy to share. Those rules extend to the purses we carry. The right purse can make all the difference in complimenting your body type. Take a look at the list below to help you decide which purse flatters your shape best.

For all body types, please remember to consider the shape of the handbag before purchasing. It is a good idea to pick a purse that is shaped opposite to your type. Generally, curvy women should carry angled purses while a woman whose shape is less round should carry a bag with softer edges. A good rule to follow is to not carry the handbag closest to the area of your body that you do not want to draw attention to.

Petite – Smaller statured women should be careful not to carry a purse that is too big. Large bags will overwhelm a small frame. Medium to small is a better size to shoot for. Longer straps are more flattering than shorter straps, so long as the straps are not too lengthy. Small clutches, miniature backpacks and petite totes are all great for shorter women.

Tall – While the tote bag may overwhelm the petite woman, they absolutely flatter a taller person. Your long arms are accentuated and in proportion while carrying this bag. However, make sure the handles are long enough to carry the bag on your shoulder. Shorter handles will not look proportionate and add awkwardness. A satchel is your favorite color is also another good choice.

Curvy – Purses that land right above the waistline is very flattering. Make sure to avoid small clutches and purses as they may get lost against your figure. Larger envelope clutches are flattering, as are larger satchels and totes with short to medium length straps.

Remember, as with all fashion trends, do not be tempted to wear styles that don’t suit your body type. It is better to stay with classic lines that fit well rather than a fly-by-night trend that is unflattering to your body. Take your time when deciding which purse is right for you.

Checkout Chicastic to make your right choice.

Women's Accessories

Women’s Accessories