Patriotic Purses

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. That means red, white and blue everything. Jump on the patriotic bandwagon with these bold colored purses. This red basket weave clutch is a perfect addition to your warm weather wardrobe. Its textured weave … Continue reading

Runway Inspired Clutches

Magazines and ads are great places to gather outfit inspiration, but the runway will always be the best primary source. Here are some of this season’s hottest trends, choose to emulate them or mix and match to see which suits your style best.

The runway is the go-to source for the latest fashion trends. They invoke and inspire the looks we see on the streets as well as the looks we hope to emulate ourselves and are a great starting point to look to before a big day of shopping. Clutches are the perfect sleek statement bag and, of course, looking to the runway is the perfect place to see which styles are in and which kinds we can try to find for ourselves.

Clutches are a bit like statement necklaces right now. They essentially keep to one framework style but can come in such a wide variety of shapes, colors, designs and fabrics that no two are really the same and they have the ultimate ability to adapt to your own personal style. Geometric patterns, both modern and naturally found such as in stones and gems are huge when it comes to clutch purses this season, and use this trend to your absolute advantage.

Luckily for anyone, these patterned bags can add a wealth of color while still being interesting when they are done up in neutral colors. A black and white striped basket weave card case clutch is one such example. It uses the natural pattern created by the basket weave to form a daring yet versatile black and white pattern. The zigzag of the weaving adds a bit of a chic chevron look to its stripes, making them appropriate for more casual as well as formal or professional environments.

Another such purse is a metallic shell crystal clutch. This bag adds the dynamism of color found in nature through its use of shells in the design. The blues and purples shimmer in a mother of pearl way that is both bohemian inspired as well as modern and chic in the use of the square shape and pattern. This can be used as a standalone piece or can be used to inspire an outfit, whether you use the color to influence your choice of clothing or as a beacon of inspiration for complementary accessories. Clutches and handbags are just as powerful of an accessory as jewelry and can be used to offset them or in conjunction with them.

The runway is always a great source of inspiration. Whether you get designer brand items or you simply use your fashion findings to help you seek out bargain look-a-likes, the runway is always ahead of the curve and can help you look like you are too.

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Red Clutch Purses

A clutch bag is a versatile accessory, making a bold statement whether casual or formal. Use a red bag to add some oomph to one of your looks or learn how you can use it with your style.

Red is possibly the most fashion forward color out there. Not only has it held a place in fashion history for centuries, but it is just as powerful today as it ever was. No matter what though, it’s a bold color and always packs a punch while still remaining fairly traditional. If you’re looking to incorporate this color into your wardrobe, one great way to do so is with a red clutch bag.

The clutch often tends to have more power to make a bold statement than other handbags despite its size. This accessory is sleek in nature and always adds a bit of upscale couture to any ensemble. Not to mention, is always a good vehicle for providing that oomph you may feel an outfit needs. A statement clutch goes a long way without overpowering an outfit. It’s small and simple but its elegant appearance still has the ability to say a lot and really stand out. That’s why choosing a red clutch is a great way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe and still make a statement without revamping your entire closet.

A red clutch does a lot. The color alone demands a lot of attention, though this depends on the shade you choose. A true, primary red is incredibly daring. Not to mention, it can be used to match or offset a wide range of palettes. It would be best to pair this iconic color against a monochromatic outfit, such as, black, white or a mixture of both. This tricolor combo is a simple way to make a bold statement without looking flashy or that you’re trying too hard.

If the primary version isn’t quite your style, other tones and shades may work better with your closet and your skin tone. You can go lighter or darker, or even mix other colors in there depending on the relative temperature of the clothes you normally wear. A darker red works in much the same way a bright one does, but has a more subtle and sultry effect. A shade that includes more yellow suits brighter and warmer outfit palettes, while one that includes more blue is better matched with darker or cooler ones.

A red clutch can make any outfit stand out and look fashion forward. Though this color can work with practically anyone, there are different shades and tones out there to suit anyone’s tastes, just as there are countless clutch styles to match any outfit, ensemble, or overall sense of style. Chicastic has a great collection of red clutches, check them out now!

Red Basket Weave Clutch Purse

Black & White Basket Weave Clutch

Chicastic’s black and white basket weave hard box clutch is the must have clutch for fall.  It’s cute, small, durable and very versatile. A clutch like this can be worn with any color you own and has the ability to transition from a day time clutch to an evening clutch. If you are lost on finding the perfect clutch to compliment  whatever is in your closet, this clutch is perfect for you. It is available today as a part of the Chic and Glamorous Collection at Chicastic!

High Fashion Look For Less at Chicastic

Once again Chicastic is here to show you how easy it is to achieve the high fashion look at an affordable price. Our red basket weave clutch is the splitting image of  the Vince Camuto ‘Horn’ Clutch but at a fraction of the cost. Get affordable luxury items like this, and more at Chicastic today!

Photo of Vince Camuto Clutch from Nordstrom.

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Black and White Basket Weave Clutch

This hard box black and white weaved clutch is one of the newest items available on Chicastic. It is a unique style that uses contrasting colors to make the weaving effect stand out which is the perfect attention getter on you next outing. It can easily be dresses up or down, adding to the appeal of this super chic clutch and includes a chain that allows you to wear it on your shoulders if clutching it all night isn’t your thing. Also available in red, this clutch is a definite crowd pleaser and a purchase you will not regret.

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Chicastic Style With Blogger/Stylist Celea Jade

Miami based blogger/stylist Celea Jade shows us how easy it is for women to be Chicastic in their every day lives. Her recent post on features three outfits styled with our gold, silver, and green tassel necklace, beige faux snake print duster knuckle clutch, and our pink with white polka dot print scarf. Check out some of her looks and her review on the fabulous red basket woven clutch she received from us.

Red Basket Weave Clutch