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World Cup Accessories

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Bridal Clutches

Don’t forget to accessorize on your big day! Here are some unique clutches to add some character to your wedding ensemble.

Every bride seems to be preoccupied with her wedding dress, above most all things, when it comes to planning her wedding. It will be, after all, the focal point considering the bride is one of the two special people being honored on such a wonderful and meaningful day. And while the dress is important, of course, you can’t forget all of your other accessories! Though they may not be as important for the ceremony, they absolutely do become important when it comes to the reception. The reception will be all about feasting and dancing and celebrating, so why not glam up a little? And not to mention, you’ll want to have some of your essentials on hand, so why not accessorize with a unique bridal clutch?

Clutch purses are always elegant, no matter what style or look you happen to be going for, and they are more than perfect for your wedding. Even the most traditional and timeless dress can be accented with a unique clutch. For instance, a pure white satin rhinestone clutch with embellished enclosure would work wonderfully. It would also look great alongside a more vintage inspired or retro gown. The appearance of this bag hearkens back to a more romantic time that suits both dresses rather well. If you have a more modern dress, then an updated clutch would do well. Consider something like a black and white basket weave hard box clutch for a gown of sleeker design. This bag suits a more modern look in both its use of pattern as well as its black and white color scheme. Black and white is always classy but has just as much appeal to edgier looks, as well.

Don’t forget about destination weddings, either. Where your reception will take place can have just as much influence on your choice of accessories as your choice of gown. If you’re headed to warmer climates to celebrate your vows, then a mother of pearl hard box will suit a beachier scene perfectly. The mother of pearl insets reflect the seashells of the beach and can be used with more modern dresses as well, especially considering its geometric pattern. If you’re headed to a swanky, candle-lit venue then a pearl embellished one ring knuckle duster will do the trick. Working well with both classic and timeless pieces, this bag is glitzy yet elegant all at once.

Remember, while your dress may be the focus of your wedding ensemble, the accessories do just as much to complete the outfit!

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Bridal Clutch Bags


Spring Handbags

With Spring comes a wealth of opportunity. Take advantage of the season by updating your wardrobe and your accessories.

Spring months bring a brightness not just to the weather outside but to our wardrobes as well. The dreary nature of winter is on its way out so the brighter, more colorful world can emerge again. The same goes for fashion. Often winter fashion and accessories consist of metallics, neutrals, jewel-tones and heavy materials. While all of this is appropriate for the weather it’s worn in, it does not match the demeanor that is associated with the spring. Try and jump into spring with some seasonally appropriate handbags.

Color is a major thing you can play with when it comes to bags. While neutrals are perfectly appropriate all year round, pastels and bold, bright colors come out to play once the weather gets warmer. Blacks and grays are still appropriate, but lighter neutrals tend to take the accessory stage come spring and summer. Light beiges, creams and stark whites take over and make way for brighter wardrobe options. If you want to add some color, than by all means choose a bag in a pastel, either blue, green, pink, yellow, whatever suits your liking. Pastels are still understated but have just as much capacity to add color and flare to an ensemble. The pantone color of 2014 is radiant orchid, a light yet bold purple with violet undertones. This makes for a great handbag, and is equally a great way to incorporate a trendy new color to your wardrobe.

Spring also brings with it a new array of bag styles and materials to play around with and mix and match. Wicker or basket weave becomes much more popular as the weather gets warmer, evoking that popular tropical or beach feel. Lighter toned canvas bags, canvas backpacks or cross bodies are also more commonplace, especially those that boast a perfectly springy floral print. Larger bags also become more appropriate once the weather doesn’t bog us down with any number of coats and scarves. Large, over-sized totes are more suited to the spring time and warmer months when we are not burdened with extra layers, and can even carry a light sweater or a scarf if the necessity arises, allowing you to bring any number of other necessities along with you on a day about town.

Make use of these lighter, brighter colors and patterns, as well as more lightweight materials. Have fun and use these spring bag ideas to brighten up your wardrobe.

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Spring Handbags

Runway Inspired Clutches

Magazines and ads are great places to gather outfit inspiration, but the runway will always be the best primary source. Here are some of this season’s hottest trends, choose to emulate them or mix and match to see which suits your style best.

The runway is the go-to source for the latest fashion trends. They invoke and inspire the looks we see on the streets as well as the looks we hope to emulate ourselves and are a great starting point to look to before a big day of shopping. Clutches are the perfect sleek statement bag and, of course, looking to the runway is the perfect place to see which styles are in and which kinds we can try to find for ourselves.

Clutches are a bit like statement necklaces right now. They essentially keep to one framework style but can come in such a wide variety of shapes, colors, designs and fabrics that no two are really the same and they have the ultimate ability to adapt to your own personal style. Geometric patterns, both modern and naturally found such as in stones and gems are huge when it comes to clutch purses this season, and use this trend to your absolute advantage.

Luckily for anyone, these patterned bags can add a wealth of color while still being interesting when they are done up in neutral colors. A black and white striped basket weave card case clutch is one such example. It uses the natural pattern created by the basket weave to form a daring yet versatile black and white pattern. The zigzag of the weaving adds a bit of a chic chevron look to its stripes, making them appropriate for more casual as well as formal or professional environments.

Another such purse is a metallic shell crystal clutch. This bag adds the dynamism of color found in nature through its use of shells in the design. The blues and purples shimmer in a mother of pearl way that is both bohemian inspired as well as modern and chic in the use of the square shape and pattern. This can be used as a standalone piece or can be used to inspire an outfit, whether you use the color to influence your choice of clothing or as a beacon of inspiration for complementary accessories. Clutches and handbags are just as powerful of an accessory as jewelry and can be used to offset them or in conjunction with them.

The runway is always a great source of inspiration. Whether you get designer brand items or you simply use your fashion findings to help you seek out bargain look-a-likes, the runway is always ahead of the curve and can help you look like you are too.

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Basket Weave Clutch Purse

Clutches are great bags that make a statement. Match the Springtime and break out this basket weave pattern this season.

Spring calls for many things, and one exciting thing it beckons is a wardrobe change. While some pieces or accessories can be used all year round depending on how you use them, there are some colors, patterns, and materials that are more suited to certain months more than others. Velvet for instance is more appropriate for late fall and all throughout the winter, it would be far too warm to wear in summer and does not quite match the overall feel of springtime. Basket weave patterns and materials are often used in spring or summer. This style hearkens the feeling of tropical locales, the promise of warmer weather, and can even evoke images of the beach. Make a statement this season with a basket weave clutch that will help welcome spring and bring you well into summer.

Now that the weather is warmer, patterns and materials like this are more common. They can be found in hats and even various styled handbags like hobos, totes or cross bodies. The variety of styles allows for it to be used however you see fit, and a clutch purse always adds a bit of class that, say, a tote will not necessarily evoke. You can still sport a bit of summer while looking fabulous and formal, or you can wear it out on a casual coffee date and still make a spring or summer statement.

Clutch handbags are perfect for making a statement. They are small and sleek and are just as much an accessory as jewelry is. This particular style can evoke a more casual feel while still retaining the same elegant aura that a clutch always resonates. In this case, it can work well in both spheres. Bring it along for a lunch date or even a night out. While the material alone has a certain beachy feel, you can still play around with color. A traditional basket weave is undyed, and appears beige or brown. This style is perhaps more casual than others, but even dyed clutches can make a great accent piece. Red is a sure fire bold fashion staple and would work well, especially for a clutch. Even alternating colors in the weave itself can create interesting and unique patterns, lending a true statement quality to this bag. Color and style will determine whether this accessory is more formal or casual, but can still lay anywhere in between.

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The Perfect Universal Clutch Purse

Clutch purses are a fashion staple. One of these handbags makes just as much of a statement as any other accessory, like a bold necklace or scarf, and can be the final piece to completing an outfit. No closet is complete without one, so if you find yourself lacking one you’re probably in the market for an all-purpose, universal clutch.

If you want a go-to bag, it’s best to start with a versatile color, and what color is more versatile than black? It’s edgy, it’s classy, it’s flirty, it’s mysterious, it can be anything you want it to be. A black bag is perfect for any occasion and any style, so a black clutch is a great place to start. But like any other accessory, clutches come in a plethora of styles, patterns and prints, but when it comes to a universal accessory, the envelope or the knuckle duster are the most versatile and can be worn with just about anything.

A black envelope clutch is classy, elegant and sleek. It’s simple but sophisticated design is incredibly adaptable. It can be worn out to a professional lunch, out to an elegant dinner or event, or even grabbed on the go. The sheer simplicity of its design makes this style suitable to practically every outfit or ensemble on any occasion. What more could you ask of a go-to bag? While the envelope is sleek and versatile, the knuckle duster is just as adaptable but a little more fun. A black knuckle duster can similarly be worn to suit any outing, but with its additional closure piece, adds more oomph and acts as more of an accessory. These can be found in a multitude of styles and designs, from simplistic to rhinestone-studded, or from elegantly etched to edgy. A knuckle duster is just as appropriate at a dinner event as it is out on the town.

Having a universal clutch is just as important to a wardrobe as the little black dress. It’s an accessory for any upscale occasion, and you don’t want to be caught at an awards ceremony with an over-sized tote or hobo bag. You can dress it up or down and it matches any style, pattern or ensemble you can imagine while complimenting it seamlessly and effortlessly. A sleek, classy clutch gives off an air of purposeful sophistication, but has the ability to be fun and flirty, too. Chicastic has great fashion accessories for women especially clutch purses. Find one that will be your go-to clutch purse now!

The Perfect Clutch Purse