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White Straw Purse

Need a stylish summer purse? Look no further. This white straw purse can be your new companion for the summer. This bag has great visual texture. The woven rattan straw gives off that summer tropical island vibe we all crave. … Continue reading

What to Carry in Your Beach Tote

A day trip to the beach can be a bit demanding when it comes to packing. Make sure you have some of the essentials on hand in your beach tote before you head out for the day.

Going to the beach can be a bit of an ordeal. Most of the time, it’s the day’s main activity, meaning you’ll be there for most of a morning, afternoon or evening. So what are you going to bring? If you’re planning on going anywhere for an extended period of time, it’s always smart to pack appropriately. Especially a location like the beach, where there may not be items readily for purchase in the case of an emergency, be sure to at least keep the following items in your tote bag!

1. Bathing Suit or Change of Clothes. Whether you wear your bathing suit to the beach or need to change into one once you get there, make sure to pack it or the clothes you’ll need once you leave. You never know if you’ll need to change out of a wet suit or go somewhere after the beach so always be prepared by packing a basic outfit with you as well.

2. Coverup. This can be an alternative to bringing a change of clothes and is a bit more convenient. A suit coverup can help you transition between the beach and the boardwalk or anywhere else you may go after your day trip.

3. Towel. You don’t want to get caught at the beach without your towel! These serve more than one purpose, either as your seat on the sand and/or your method of drying off after taking a dip in the ocean.

4. Sunscreen. This is possibly one of the more important items to keep on you. Even if you’ve lathered up before arriving, it’s always good to reapply every half hour or hour, especially if you’ve gone swimming. In addition, a tube of SPF chapstick is a great thing to keep on hand as well. Your lips are just as likely to get sunburned as the rest of you.

5. Water. In a place so hot, it’s important to stay hydrated!

6. Snacks. Just as important as staying hydrated, it’s just as vital to make sure you’ve had enough to eat! Sitting in the sun can easily drain your energy and it’s good to make sure you’re properly nourished throughout the day.

7. Hat. In addition to sunscreen, a hat can help protect your scalp and face from any unwanted sun and potential sunburns. Many of us forget to protect our scalps and may find it painful to brush our hair the day after visiting the beach. These also come in handy once you’ve been sitting in the sun for a while and feel tired of squinting.

Remember, you aren’t limited to these items! Feel free to pack whatever else you think you may need like makeup essentials for basic touch ups, hair ties, books, magazines, tissues, or even accessories.

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