Old Hollywood Fashion Accessories

Fifty years ago, Hollywood starlets like Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren were the icons of style. They had a mysteriousness about them. The stars of today are not so mysterious. No matter how perfect they look on the outside, their fallacies are made public for the world to see. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, strict studio heads groomed starlets like Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor for a life in the spotlight. This meant their hair, makeup, and lives had to be perfect. Here are some suggestions to help you achieve that old Hollywood Glamour.

First, do a little bit of research. Watch a few movies that were made between the 1930’s through the 1950’s. A Star is Born (1937) is a good example of how the studios took care of their flock of stars back then. Pay close attention to the style of dress and hair. You will be able to find similar vintage or vintage-inspired hour-glass dresses in shops today. Full skirts and fitted tops were very popular in the 1950’s. Make sure you wear classic stiletto heels. No sensible movie star would dare be caught wearing flats. Keep your hair shiny and smooth. Take care of any damage and go back to a natural hair color. Try a deep side part like Veronica Lake, or loose waves like Rita Hayworth.

Next, make sure your make-up is ideal for the period. The trend of the times was a glamorous and powdered face, finished with bright red lipstick. A cat’s eye effect was also a popular look. Keep the eye shadow natural.

To accessorize your look, fur coats or chiffon scarves are a necessity. You can find a vintage coat in thrift shops or stick to faux fur if you prefer. Cloche hats were very chic and still remain so today, so it will not be hard to find a stylish one in your favorite color. A beaded clutch purse or satin handbag will complete your glamorous old Hollywood look. If you are looking for lingerie, stay with silk and lace pieces. Corsets are also very good for keeping the wasp waistline that was popular during that era.

Hollywood has long been responsible for directing the arc of fashion. With these suggestions, you can achieve the iconic style of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Perfection may not be fully attainable, but it is never full out of reach.

old hollywood style

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