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Neutrals are often known for being conservative, colors that are used to tone down others or as blank canvases on which to layer colors and patterns. But neutrals are more powerful than that. We usually think that they are only used as a base on which to display our fashion accessories and dress up with bold colors, but they are just as powerful as accessories, too. Beige is often an overlooked color, but it can have a lot more power if you know how you use it correctly. Though often associated with conservative looks, it can actually be used to effect when used as an accessory.

We often think of accessories as a means to dress up an outfit, but these handy accents can also be used to add balance and symmetry, resulting in an overall put-together and polished look. Beige accessories do just that. If you’re wearing an outfit that features bright colors or patterns, a beige clutch purse can be just the thing. While you want to stay away from flashy jewelry when wearing bold or daring colors and prints, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize at all. Use a beige waist belt or sash to add symmetry to a patterned dress. The addition of a neutral accessory breaks up the outfit, creating shape and dimension without making your outfit more complex or too busy.

In fact, the addition of a neutral accessory, such as a sash or even a scarf, can tone down an outfit without actually taking away from the ensemble itself. Bold tones, shades and patterns can often stand on their own, and the addition of accessories can make an outfit too complicated and over the top. Just as accessories are worn to dress up or add oomph to simpler or more basic outfits, neutral accessories can add necessary balance to make more daring styles look put-together and balanced. Aside from pieces like scarves or belts, beige handbags are a great neutral accessory. A beige bag goes with everything and can still be jazzed up with a chain strap. Jewelry is also another simple option. A beige bangle, earrings or statement necklace has a similar effect in gold, to which it is similar in shade and tone, but is not nearly as flashy or shiny. A beige piece of jewelry can still give you the effect of wearing an accessory while remaining subtle.

Beige, and other neutrals, have the power to add a professional looking balance to outfits. It all depends on balance and the look you are aiming to achieve. Visit Chicastic now to find your favorite beige accessory.

Beige Clutch Purse & Accessories

Waterfall Tassel Necklaces

Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, but despite what you may think, the term actually refers to more styles than you can imagine. Unlike more subtle, simpler necklaces, statement necklaces are bold and demand attention. They become major focal points, if not the major focal point, of an outfit and can add a lot of personality to your look. Choosing a necklace can say a lot about you, your personality, your style or just even your mood. Depending on the occasion, your fashion accessories can have a lot more power than you think.

One hot statement piece right now is the waterfall necklace. While the piece can come cut in different lengths (long or short and close to the neck) or in different styles and patterns (draped in simple chains or beaded), it always adds an air of glamour. One of these accessories can be worn with any outfit, but they do tend to add that glam factor no matter what. Wearing it over a tee can change your outfit from simple to chic and is guaranteed to be the center of attention when against a little black dress. These pieces draw a lot of attention to the neck, chest and shoulders and are best worn with scant else. A simple set of studs and a ring go well since this piece demands a lot of attention and can easily become the focal point of your outfit. Worn over simple solid colors or subtle patterns really allows this accessory to work its magic.

While the waterfall is more glam, the tassel is more fun and flirtatious. While it can definitely be worn to fancier events, this vintage piece really revives the retro feel of the roaring twenties. These pieces are a little more versatile and can be layered with other long necklaces or pieces of varying length, much like they were worn by flappers almost a hundred years ago. These necklaces are appropriate for most occasions, from a casual day out running errands to a night out dancing or even to an elegant dinner. While they can be worn to more formal events, they still provide that old sense of flirtatious flapper and they are fun while still feeling fancy.

There’s a statement necklace for practically any occasion, style or personality type. Find which styles match your wardrobe or even just your mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something outside your norm, have fun and try new things, you never know when you might stumble upon your new favorite piece. Chicastic has a great variety of fashion jewelry, and especially waterfall necklaces, get yourself one now!

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Fashion Accessory Must Haves

At any given moment, there are thousands of accessories on the market, featured in magazines and on the runway, but how does one choose among the hoard? The best thing anyone can do is to invest in the staples that are sure to last beyond the season and keep you looking fabulous.

Some clothing basics can go a long way, and can see multiple reincarnations depending on what they are worn with, how they are worn, and what fashion accessories are used to accent them. The first that comes to mind is of course the little black dress. The little black dress can be done up or done down for practically any occasion. It can be worn with a casual, floral print chiffon scarf out to a fancy lunch on the town, or can be adorned with flashy cocktail rings and chunky bracelets or a statement necklace to be worn to a more formal event. Depending on the shoe and paired accessory, the little black dress can be worn all year round and look new and different each time you wear it. Loose fitting cardigans are also a great wardrobe staple. Not only can they make v-neck tees or sleeveless summer blouses last all year round, but they can be paired with just about anything else you can imagine. They can be worn over dresses or button-downs, you name it. A wardrobe with several different types of cardigans, in different cuts, patterns, fabrics etc. can create countless outfit choices and suit any season.

When it comes to accessories, there is a little more lee way. It’s always good to have one statement piece, whether it’s a flashy knuckle duster clutch, a bold print or colored handbag, or bib necklace. Choosing a statement piece relies entirely on your style as well as what you want your statement piece to say about you. Do you want it to accentuate your style by complimenting it, or do you want to make a statement by wearing something that is fashionably set-off from your normal style to bring your look to a whole new level? Also, no one can do without a classic and versatile chiffon scarf. Having a select few chiffon scarves in animal prints or styles can also broadly widen your wardrobe when worn with different things. Not only that but they are suitable for absolutely every season. When it comes to fashion accessories, it always helps to have a few trendy pieces as well as timeless pieces to mix and match according to the occasion.

The secret to any fashion must have is its versatility. You want to look trendy but you also don’t want to have to overhaul your wardrobe every season, right? The right balance is key to having a successful wardrobe. Find great fashion accessories at Chicastic now!

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