Corsets For Halloween Costumes

The corset is flexible enough to be a costume by itself, or for private use as lingerie, or even worn out as a top! If you are looking for a sexy option for Halloween costumes, think about incorporating a corset. It not only trims your waist and shapes your figure, but it is a flattering garment for every figure. Planning your costume for this year’s scary season is a fun and exciting time! Keeping the balance between sexy, scary and fantasy is an art but one that is not difficult to learn.

If you have never owned a corset before, start with a basic black one. This way, you can wear it on occasions aside from Halloween. You can build several costume ideas from this basic piece. And afterwards, you can wear it as a regular article of clothing! But until then, here are some ideas to get the holiday off to a fun and sexy start!

What you need:

  1. Black Corset
  2. Black Shorts, Skirt, or Leggings (if choosing leggings, skip the stockings)
  3. Black Stockings or Fishnets
  4. Black Heels

This will be your costume base. Now, all you need to add are a few extra accessories to transform yourself into a character!

  1. Cat – Wear cat ears, cat tail, a black choker with a delicate charm, and make sure you have long black manicured nails. Paint your nose pink and draw whisker lines on your cheeks! Wear little earrings shaped like fish for a comical finish.
  2. Dog – Wear floppy dog ears, a shorter tail, and a collar with spikes. Paint your nose black, and instead of whisker lines, draw freckles! Keep your manicure short and carry a large bone.
  3. Bandit – Wear a black eye mask and carry a bag with a dollar sign on it! For an extra touch, sling a rope over your shoulders.
  4. Dominatrix – Wear a black eye mask and carry a whip. Switch the heels to high leather boots if you wish. Add spiky bracelets and earrings to finish the look.
  5. Witch – Wear a black witch hat and high leather boots. Wear a glittering cape and carry a small broom accessory. Add a long pendant on a chain and dangling earrings for a magical touch.

Now, you don’t have to stick with just black accessories. Have some fun! After all, Halloween is a holiday where everyone is dressed up just a little crazy. So be creative and have a great time dressing up with a Chicastic Corset for Halloween.

Black Satin Corset Top

Sexy Black Lace Corset Lace Up Bustier

Corsets from Chicastic are super sexy and surprisingly versatile! You don’t have to limit yourself to wearing one behind closed doors, you can also wear it for a night out or find a fun creative way to dress it up for a Halloween costume. One of our most popular corset styles are lace and this black lace up corset from Chicastic is definitely a hot seller. Many of our valued customers love wearing this corset as a sexy lingerie piece for their wedding night, while others have worn it for a club nights, bachelorette parties, or even dressed down in a way that’s appropriate for an every day look.  However, you choose to dress up (or down) a corset, make sure its a top quality one from Chicastic!

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