Black Floral Print Wool Pashmina

Even some of the most fashionable individuals out there have their days where they just don’t feel like putting in all the extra effort to look fabulous. Well luckily, there is a way to work around that without sacrificing your reputation as your local fashionista. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, a  black top, a pair of riding boots, and a Chicastic scarf. A printed scarf like this black floral print wool pashmina works well because the lacy print gives the look a chic, sophisticated look and prints are always an easy way to make an outfit more interesting.

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How to accessorize your homecoming dress


Homecoming is a very special time if you are a student. It is a celebration of the school you are attending. Traditionally, the year after graduation, the alumni of the school returns “home” to see the campus, reunite with old friends and reminisce about the good times you had while a student. Homecoming happens in the Fall and usually coincides with a sports game, usually football. The celebrations start at the beginning of the week and end with a dance during the weekend. The dance is just for the students, and is open to every grade. At some schools, the dance is just as important as Prom, and oftentimes just as formal. Some students reserve this occasion with their significant other, or keep it between a group of friends. Whether or not you choose to spend the dance with your friends or a special someone, you always want to look your best.

First thing you have to do is find the dress. This dress can be just as dazzling as a prom dress, but instead of a full length gown, you can get away with one that is shorter. If you really want to show off your school spirit, pick a dress in one of your school colors.

Next, choose your shoes. Heels are a must for fancy school dances. Peep toe kitten heels are a classy choice, or you can go with something more daring like a stiletto. Just make sure that they are comfortable enough to walk around and dance in.

Third, choose your fashion jewelry. The easiest way to achieve balance is to pick ONE statement piece. If you wear a small crown or tiara in your hair, do not wear other chunky pieces. If you wear a statement necklace, wear a pair of pearls or gold studs as earrings.

Consider your purse to be one of your accessories. Small dainty clutch purses are perfect for these occasions. They are able to hold the essentials like your phone, lipstick, car keys and a bit of cash. Be sure to choose one that compliments the color and style of your dress.

Lastly, your date will bring a corsage for you to wear. Today, corsages are worn on the wrist instead of pinned to the dress. If you are wearing a bracelet, make sure it is not too distracting, otherwise it will compete with your beautiful flowers.

Homecoming is a great way to celebrate your school spirit and have a great time with your friends. Make it a memorable evening by looking your best!

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Homecoming dress accessories

How To Make Your Wardrobe Exciting?

Wardrobe basics can be boring on their own. The reason is because they need to stay versatile to complement many different styles and personalities. It is easy to take an article of clothing at face value, but why not take a chance and dress it up a bit? The idea is to add some polish to your look. The accessories you choose can add elements of style that is uniquely you. Here are some common outfit combinations and ways you can dress them up. Small and subtle changes can mean a world of difference in your outfit.

The little black dress is a wardrobe staple that has potential for some amazing style. However a lot of women are afraid of taking it to the next level. They play it safe by wearing black heels, carrying a black clutch purse and wearing a solid colored pashmina. Instead of the safe route, why not spice things up a bit by ditching the black accessories and replacing them with a pair of leopard print peep toe heels, a bright red clutch and a bold statement necklace.

Another basic outfit is the classic jeans and a t-shirt. If worn alone, it just looks sloppy and boring. Wear a pair of snakeskin print sandals, drape a soft chiffon scarf in your favorite color around your neck, and carry a satchel with a chain strap. Add a cute newsboy cap to finish off this adorable look!

A work outfit usually consists of a black pencil skirt, a white button down shirt and sensible black heels. While this is an acceptable look, it is plain and boring. Change out the black pencil skirt for one in a rich jewel tone like emerald. Tuck the same white shirt into your skirt and wrap a black waist belt around yourself. Instead of the sensible black heels, wear a strappy heel in flesh tone to elongate your legs. Add a bold statement necklace and bright stud earrings and you have a look that is professional yet full of personality.

Next time you feel like wearing your basic outfit, add some pretty and fun accessories to dress it up. Make sure your personality shines through. Do not be afraid to try something new or add a funky pair of earrings to jazz up a tried and true look that you have worn before. These finishing touches can make or break your outfit.

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Wardrobe Essential Accessories


Black Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Every woman I know is always looking for a Black Evening Bag with versatility to go with casual as well as formal looks. Black Evening Bag is a wardrobe essential just like a little black dress or a black solid wool pashmina. Chicastic has just the right black purse for you, this Black Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse is so beautiful and elegant. It can be used as a clutch when you are dressed up, or it comes with a chain strap, that can be used, when you are dressing down.

Black Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Black Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Black Pashmina – Every girl’s wardrobe essential

Black Pashminas, generally considered everyone’s wardrobe essential! Black Pashminas are the perfect little wrap with the little black dress on cool evenings.

Pashmina Shawls at Chicastic are although 100% wool, they are so light & soft, that they are perfect for all seasons, even cool summer evenings when you are sitting outside with friends. Visit right now and get the most lovely colors in Pashminas at great prices.

100% Wool Black Pashmina Shawl Scarf Wrap with fringes


Formal Chic or Casual? Which Clutch Purse is for you?

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