Throwback Thursday- Billy Madison

Billy Madison Inspired Look

It’s back to school for teachers and children around the country and for Billy Madison too. This 1995 comedy was a fun take on what it would be like to repeat your entire education spending just two weeks per grade. … Continue reading

Fire & Ice Accessories

The weather has been crazy lately, but don’t let the weather tell you what to wear!  You can still be stylish with these Red Hot and Cool Blue accessories at Chicastic! If blue is your color, try this blue denim 100% … Continue reading

Vegan leather designer inspired handbags

Are you one of those who is crazy for designer accessories, but like to keep changing them frequently?

Chicastic has a great solution- have at look at our designer inspired handbags which look absolutely gorgeous at very affordable prices. Our high quality vegan leather handbags have received great  appreciation and we are sure you will love them too.

Shown below is a Navy Blue Balenciaga Style Satchel Shoulder Handbag.