Throwback Thursday- She-Ra

She-Ra Outfit

Any adult growing up in the 1980s should be familiar with She-Ra. This powerful blonde, who was the sister of He-Man, rocked a white and gold dress, gold accessories and a red cape. We took inspiration from this outfit for … Continue reading

Rhinestone Satin Hard Box Wedding Clutch Stone Grey

Wedding season is coming up and it’s hard to find a purse to go with every dress.  You’re wearing a blue evening gown for your friend’s wedding, a little black dress for your cousin’s, and a green knee length dress for your coworker’s wedding shower.  That’s three purses!  Get more bang for your buck with a neutral purse like the Rhinestone Satin Hard Box Wedding Clutch in Stone Grey.  It is a simple color, but isn’t boring by any means with its rhinestone design.  It gives you the versatility to wear it with many different colors while still having a unique touch.

For another neutral look, try it in beige gold, black, or grey.  If you’d rather go bold, try it in fuchsia, purple radiant orchid, royal blue, or red.

Its slender design, which has enough room for your phone and a few evening essentials, won’t add bulk to your ensemble.  The optional chain strap gives it a whole other look, transforming it into a more casual accessory to work with your everyday wardrobe.

You can buy all the colors at Chicastic.Rhinestone Satin Hard Box Wedding Clutch Stone Grey

Snakeskin Pattern Hard Box Evening Clutch Bag

You can never go wrong with a snakeskin pattern accessory.  It just seems that snake skin accessories are always in fashion – be it a clutch, clothes, wallets, or handbags. One wonders who would have come up with an idea to use animal prints and patterns for women’s accessories. It might sound like a simple idea, but definitely such a big concept in the fashion world. Chicastic  wants to contribute to that idea with our awesome collection of snakeskin hard box clutch purses- available in green, brown, blue, grey, purple, and black. This new collection is elegant and pretty so check it out at Chicastic now!

Blue Snakeskin Pattern Clutch Purse

Royal Blue Satin Box Clutch with Rhinestones

I bet you wouldn’t have seen a bag as elegant as this Royal Blue Satin Box Clutch with Rhinestones. The shimmering surface makes this appropriate for any evening party. The pleats in the front of the clutch along with the rhinestone panel make this even more gorgeous.

Chicastic has these clutches in various shades and colors like Navy blue, Beige gold, Purple, Silver, Dark Grey, and pure white. Come to Chicastic now and pick your color before it runs out!

Royal Blue Satin Hard Clutch Purse with Rhinestones

Royal Blue Satin Hard Clutch Purse with Rhinestones

If you like this Royal Blue Clutch click on the image to buy it now!