Rock Star Style At Chicastic

It’s no secret that our inventory has a huge variety of clutches and other accessories for all your fashion needs. Chicastic can take you from glamorous red carpet style, to cool and casual, and anything in between with our unique inventory. We can even give you that rock star edge your closet has been missing. Our duster knuckle purses command attention that will draw crowds like all rock stars should and our spiky pointy jewelry show admirers that you play no games when it comes to you look. Top that off with one of our sexy corsets and you are set to party like a rock star!

Rock star Style

Please click here to chat with us if you have any questions or concerns about the above items including our vintage style two tone spike bracelet, red glitter rhinestone duster knuckle evening clutch,silver tone vintage style chain and link spike braceletthree tone triangle accent chain link necklace, ivory white ostrich duster knuckle evening clutch, and black and wine satin boning lace up corset.

Brass Jewelry & Cocktail Rings on Sale at Chicastic!

Brass Jewelry – Necklaces & bracelets, and Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings on Sale at Chicastic. Buy 2 or more, get 25% off, discount taken off at the cart automatically.

Brass Tone Chain Necklace & Bracelets, Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings

Chunky Antique Brass Chain & Lace Necklace


Antique Brass Graduated Chunky Chained Chainlink Necklace braided with black lace

Antique brass jewelry has been in fashion as long as I can remember. So if you have been craving to bring some to your wardrobe, find it at Chicastic in various styles of necklaces and bracelets.

Match this chunky lace and chain necklace with this chunky lace and chain bracelet. Buy now to get 20% off on all jewelry using promo code “SPARKLE” at Chicastic.

Antique Brass Bracelets and Necklace

I wonder how the concept of jewelry came into existence with the sole purpose being making one look attractive. Jewelry is often appreciated as a status symbol and it seems humans have been wearing one form or the other for ages. In earlier times jewelry was often made with bronze and brass, then came precious metals like gold and silver followed by diamonds.

Jewelry made out of brass has made a strong comeback over the last few years with great fascination for antique look jewelry. If you are thinking of buying yourself antique brass necklace or bracelet, then come to Chicastic now and get a brass antique style bracelet or necklace for yourself.

Antique Style Brass Tone 7 Strand with black ribbon Chain Setting Brushed Brass Necklace

Antique Style Brushed Brass Jewelry

When one hears the word antique what crosses your mind are things which are historic. Typically antique would refer to an item you would collect or posses due to its age, sheer beauty, and unique features. Antique objects typically represent an era or time in human society. Ornaments are perhaps one of the most popular category of antique valuables. Very often you would see top and famous designers coming up with an antique collection of clothes or jewelry.

If you are looking for Antique Style Brushed Brass Jewelry then Chicastic is the right place for you. We have recently added a great collection of antique style brass necklaces and bracelets to our store. Make sure to visit us and browse through our collection and what better than the current 10% promotion we are running for our customers. Use promo code “NEWYEAR12” for 10% off on entire order.

Antique Style Brass Tone 5 Strand Chain Setting Brushed Brass Necklace


Antique Style Brass Tone Bangle Bracelet

Bracelet is a very unique piece of jewelry worn around the wrist, something that looks absolutely elegant. Bracelets are as old as 5000 BC according to Egyptian history. The origin of the term “bracelet” is from the Greek “brachile’ meaning ‘of the arm’, via the Old French ‘barcel’.

Bracelets were traditionally made of brass and now we have them in sterling silver, gold, and silver etc, They look very chic and along with bangles compliment any outfit and perfect for parties. Visit Chicastic to check out our latest designs in brass bracelets and get one for yourself now!

Antique Style Brass Tone Mesh Bangle Bracelet