Statement Pieces

Statement jewelry will always have a place in fashion no matter what, and with so many options, its hard to know what will work for you. The typical rule of thumb for statement pieces, whether it is earrings, a bracelet or a necklace is to wear a bold statement piece, then go minimal with the rest of your jewelry.  Sometimes opting out of wearing any other pieces is a good option if your statement piece is bold and daring enough solo.

For example, Chicastic’s antique style brass chain and bead necklace is the perfect statement necklace that says a lot on its own without the need of other accessories. Simple matching studs or a minimal amount of arm candy can be worn with this necklace but it isn’t necessary at all.

Statement earrings, such as the green, gold and black tassel earrings below are another option for the perfect statement piece. These earrings do not require anything else with them at all. Just pull you hair back so you can easily show off these earrings and you are good to go!

This Chicastic piece, the multi color and gold tone bib necklace is the final, and boldest example of a great statement piece. If you are wearing something with a lower neckline, this is a great option to have. Especially if you are wearing one or a few of the colors  featured on the necklace since it can easily pick them up making your entire look that much more appealing.


What is your favorite kind of statement piece? How often do you find yourself wearing it? Comment below and let us know!


Antique style Brass Chain Necklace

Chicastic has stylish ‘Gem of a jewelry’ at steal away prices. Check out our stock for latest in Brass chain link necklaces. The glossy finish and antique look offer a perfect combination.

Antique Brass Multi Chained Chainlink Necklace with Hanging Beads

Brass Jewelry & Cocktail Rings on Sale at Chicastic!

Brass Jewelry – Necklaces & bracelets, and Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings on Sale at Chicastic. Buy 2 or more, get 25% off, discount taken off at the cart automatically.

Brass Tone Chain Necklace & Bracelets, Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings

Antiqued Brass Chainlink Necklaces & Bracelet

Antique brass jewelry has been in fashion as long as I can remember. So if you have been craving to bring some to your wardrobe, find it at Chicastic in various styles of necklaces and bracelets.

Match this chunky lace and chain necklace with this chunky lace and chain bracelet.

Antique Brass Graduated Chunky Chained Chainlink Necklace braided with black lace

Antique Brass Bracelets and Necklace

I wonder how the concept of jewelry came into existence with the sole purpose being making one look attractive. Jewelry is often appreciated as a status symbol and it seems humans have been wearing one form or the other for ages. In earlier times jewelry was often made with bronze and brass, then came precious metals like gold and silver followed by diamonds.

Jewelry made out of brass has made a strong comeback over the last few years with great fascination for antique look jewelry. If you are thinking of buying yourself antique brass necklace or bracelet, then come to Chicastic now and get a brass antique style bracelet or necklace for yourself.

Antique Style Brass Tone 7 Strand with black ribbon Chain Setting Brushed Brass Necklace

Antique Style Brushed Brass Jewelry

When one hears the word antique what crosses your mind are things which are historic. Typically antique would refer to an item you would collect or posses due to its age, sheer beauty, and unique features. Antique objects typically represent an era or time in human society. Ornaments are perhaps one of the most popular category of antique valuables. Very often you would see top and famous designers coming up with an antique collection of clothes or jewelry.

If you are looking for Antique Style Brushed Brass Jewelry then Chicastic is the right place for you. We have recently added a great collection of antique style brass necklaces and bracelets to our store. Make sure to visit us and browse through our collection and what better than the current 10% promotion we are running for our customers. Use promo code “NEWYEAR12” for 10% off on entire order.

Antique Style Brass Tone 5 Strand Chain Setting Brushed Brass Necklace