Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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The wedding day is any bride’s most special and cherished occasion.  Why not help her to feel extra special with a beautiful gift from the heart?  When I think of a special gift for a bride, the term something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue comes to mind.  Chicastic has a beautiful array of blue accessories, perfect for any blushing bride.  My favorite is the Lace Bridal Wedding Clutch.  This beautiful bag will impress any bride, with it’s richly saturated royal blue hue and satin and lace exterior.  This clutch also comes equipped with a silver chain shoulder strap, for added style versatility.  Pair this elegant clutch with other blue accessories such as Chicastic’s Chiffon Scarf in Royal Blue and a beautiful pair of blue rhinestone earrings, for a gift that she will always remember you for.  The Lace Bridal Wedding Clutch is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique and also makes a great gift for the entire bridal party.  To see other glamorous accessories for weddings, visit

Spring Wedding Elegance

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Are you attending a wedding this spring?  Maybe you’re the mother of the bride or just a guest attending the wedding.  No matter what, Chicastic’s Glitter Mesh Wedding Clutch in Gold is the perfect handbag for your wedding ensemble.  This elegant handbag features a  luxurious, glittering gold exterior and a rhinestone studded top closure clasp.  This clutch also comes equipped with a chain shoulder strap, for added versatility.  Channel your inner Golden Goddess by pairing this chic clutch bag with a champagne colored column dress, gold toned accessories and Chicastic’s champagne colored stole draped around your shoulders for a look that may steal attention away from the bride!  The Glitter Mesh Wedding Clutch is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique and also makes a  great bridesmaid’s gift for the members of the wedding party.  To see other stylish accessories that are perfect for spring weddings, visit

Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Nothing is more beautiful than a radiant bride on her wedding day.  If you are a maid of honor or the mother of the bride, you may be looking for just the right gift to help her commemorate her special day.  Chicastic has a beautiful array of accessories that are perfect for any bride!  We’ve all heard of giving the bride something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  Why not surprise her with Chicastic’s Blue Sparkle Wedding Clutch?  This elegant bag features a shimmering sky blue color, wrapped in  delicate lace and a top closure rhinestone clasp.  It also comes equipped with a gold chain shoulder strap that can be worn on the shoulder or tucked inside for added versatility.  The bride isn’t the only one worthy of receiving a gift.  Brides to be, why not gift your bridesmaids with Chicastic’s luxurious Blue Chiffon Stole.  Every time they see this stole, they will be reminded of the warm memories of your wedding day!  The Sparkle Wedding Clutch can be worn for any special occasion and is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other beautiful wedding accessories for both the bride to be and bridesmaids, visit

Bridal Elegance


Are you planning for your special day of walking down the aisle?  Planning a wedding can be very stressful with all of the decisions that you have to make.  From choosing the perfect venue, selecting the guest list and cake and most importantly, what you will be wearing.  Let Chicastic take the stress out of selecting your wardrobe on your special day with their beautiful selection of bridal accessories.  My personal favorite handbag from their bridal collection is the Sparkle Wedding Clutch in Silver.  This gorgeous handbag features a sparkling exterior, with shimmering flecks of silver and a rhinestone closure.  It also comes equipped with a gold shoulder chain that can be tucked inside, for added versatility.  I would pair this clutch bag with a lace column gown, silver accessories and Chicastic’s white chiffon stole draped around the shoulders, for a glamorous look that will be sure to turn heads as you walk down the aisle.  Chicastic has a vast array of bridal accessories, for both the bride and bridesmaids.  To see their full line of accessories, visit

How to Use Social Media Effectively On Your Wedding Day

How to UseSOCIAL MEDIAEffectively onYour Wedding Day

These days, using social media in your wedding is an absolute must! It’s a great way to share you most precious moments and memories with friends and family who are not able to spend the day with you. However, there are still some rules and etiquette that must be followed, whether you are a guest or the bride. Here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

For the Bride and Groom


Make sure you call your parents and any close family members to make your announcement personally. No one wants to find out big news about you on Facebook, especially if you’re getting married! Announcing your engagement on social media may seem fast and easy, but even with new technology, the same consideration and etiquette must be applied.

Send traditional paper invites for your wedding. You don’t want your wedding invite to get lost in the slew of daily emails your guests receive. Save the e-vite for the rehearsal dinner or bachelor/bachelorette events. You can still make them cute! E-vite creation sites have very beautiful options and are way easy to design.

If you choose to post photos of your engagement ring, keep the details about it to yourself. Bragging about the size or cost of your new bling is tacky and it really isn’t anyone’s business but yours and your groom’s.

Create a #hashtag! Encourage your guests with an announcement or a pretty sign before the wedding takes place to use it! This way, you are able to collect everything about your special day and save it.


Take selfies! But please don’t forget to enjoy your day! You’ll have everyone taking pictures of you, and your professional photographer will be there snapping away. You don’t want your professional pictures with your phone in your face. Plus you’ll want to spend the day connecting with those around you.

Stay positive! If something goes wrong, don’t complain about it online! If someone takes advantage of the open bar, don’t blast them on Facebook. Speak to them privately and in person, or have someone do it for you. Negativity will only create animosity and paint you in bridezilla green.

Want to go tech free? It’s okay! It’s perfectly acceptable to ask that your guests put their devices away during the ceremony. That’s what ht wedding photographer is there for – to do the work so everyone can enjoy the ceremony live and not looking through a tiny screen.


For the Guests

Give the professional photographer his or her space! There is nothing more annoying than a guest trying to steal the photographer’s poses from behind (not to mention violates copyright), and it’s extremely violating to the bride and groom. They spent good money so they can have beautiful memories of their day, so respect the photographer and let them work.

USE the hashtag! Don’t make the bride and groom chase you down for wedding pictures. It’s not nice.

Don’t spend the entire day glued to your phone. The couple invited you to celebrate with them, and you don’t want the only pictures of you with your face stuck to a screen.

Ask before sharing pictures of the bride and groom. They may want to keep certain photos to themselves, or want to share theirs first.


Don’t post pictures of gifts. Tack tack tacky go wacky. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t discuss or complain on social media how much your wedding costs. That makes everyone feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Don’t post all the dirty details of a breakup if your engagement or wedding is canceled. Just like when you announced your engagement, your guest should find out about it through you, and not on Facebook.

For wedding clutches, bridesmaid gifts and bridal accessories, visit Chicastic!

For the Bride on a Budget

Weddings are a wonderful time to celebrate love and family. They can also be insanely expensive. Even Brides operating on tight budget and are big into DIY projects will see how quickly things can add up. That’s why Chicastic is the perfect place for all of your wedding accessory needs! Not only do we offer free shipping within the US, but many of our great clutches in a variety of colors and styles for everyone from Brides, Bridesmaids, and flower-girls to Mom, and even Great Aunt Olga are on clearance!

For a more traditional bride, our white satin clutch is perfect. The color and shape of the bag are traditional while the rhinestones give it a more glam and youthful look. If you’re more of a Rock n’ Roll kind of bride, then our Croc Scale Clutches are for you! They are effortlessly cool and comes in black or brown to match any number of outfits no matter if you go for traditional white or any other color in the spectrum on your big day.

Flower-girls are such a cute part of any wedding ceremony. Little girls are usually clad in fun puffy dresses and are excited at the idea of carrying a purse like a grown-up. These clutches with rhinestones and an abstract flower come in 4 colors and are perfect for any for any flower-girl.

We also have a variety of clutches for Bridesmaids, whether they will all carry the exact same bag, same style in a different color or different bags all together! We suggest these satin clutches that not only have a beautiful rhinestone brooch embellishment but are on clearance for only $9.99! We are also loving these satin pleated bags with a rhinestone clutch that comes in five colors!

Finally, here are a couple suggestions for Mom, Grandma or anyone looking for a more traditional look. We especially like this rhinestone clutch and this cocktail clutch.

Let Chicastic be a part of your big day for small price tag!

For the Bride on a Budget




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