Rhinestone Encrusted Peacock Mesh Clutch Purse

Spring wedding on the horizon? While we’re sure your clutch collection is top notch, you will probably want something as fresh and new as the spring season! This peacock clutch is encrusted with sparkling rhinestones that will glimmer each time … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesday- Rings for Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Rings

Bridesmaids are some of the most amazing people in your life. But once you’ve chosen them, you’ve got a few questions to answer. Like what color should they wear? What should the dress look like? Does everyone need matching heels? … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesday- Labor Day Weddings

Labor Day Wedding Colors

Labor Day is less than two weeks away. It’s a transition weekend from summer to fall. School starts. Wardrobes switch over. And it’s also a popular time for weddings since it’s a three day weekend for a lot of people. … Continue reading

Crystal and Rhinestone Studded Hard Box Clutch Purse

Crystal Rhinestone Clutch Purse

Another night out or wedding to attend? Tired of your same old solid colored purse and wish you could jazz it up just a little? Try one of these crystal and rhinestone studded hard box clutch purses. They’re still solid … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesday- Accessorize the Flower Girl

Flower Girl Purses

Everyone knows the bride is the star of the wedding. But who is the mini star on this special day? We’ll give you a hint. It’s not the groom. It’s the flower girl! Everyone can picture that sweet little lady … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesday – Irish Inspired Wedding Fashion

Irish Wedding Accessories

Every wedding needs a special touch. If you’re Irish (it’s okay if you’re only Irish on St.Patrick’s Day) why not incorporate some of the Emerald Isle into your look? Irish lace is a beautiful touch to add to your wedding … Continue reading

Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

Getting married takes a lot of time and money so be sure to thank those that made your special day possible! Our wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations we celebrate in our lifetime. It marks one of the … Continue reading

Summer Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaids do a lot of work when it comes to getting a wedding in gear. Show your bridal party some appreciation with a special gift.

Everyone involved in a wedding tends to fuss over the bride and groom more than anyone, but it is all those involved, especially in the bridal party, that help bring everything together. They help plan the events, the maid of honor takes on a load of organizing and making sure the bride does not drive herself crazy, and all together they make sure that the entire party has as much fun before and during the big day. So how does a bride thank her best gals? While there are plenty of ways to thank them through little gestures over your future years as continued friends, little bridesmaids gifts just prior to or just after the wedding make a great reminder as well.

When it comes to thinking of gifts, especially ones that express thanks and gratitude, it is best to be as personal and specific as possible. If you’re planning a gift for the entire bridal party, then a themed gift makes a great choice. Whether it is directly tied into the wedding itself, especially if the event had a theme or overall motif, or is more of an inside joke related to secret shenanigans shared during the bachelorette or bridal shower, these sorts of gifts really bring the entire group together and make you all feel more connected and special. This can be a nice scrapbook of events, a random gag that references an inside joke that only you and your gals will get, another post wedding party to commemorate the event and the memories shared, these sorts of all encompassing gifts help you all create new memories for you all to cherish and really consider special.

Another gift, especially for a party comprised of many different but many important people to you, is to make completely personalized gifts. You can choose to find person specific items that show exactly how much you care about each individual, or you can mix the previous idea with a more personalized one by getting your bridesmaids charm bracelets. With charm bracelets, you can start each girl off with a charm or two that is specific to them as a person and/or to your relationship with that person. These little gifts are not only meaningful but useful when it comes to accessorizing as well!

Gifts don’t have to be specific to each individual in order to be appreciated.  There are other great options that can appeal to your group of bridesmaids. They’ve already spent money on their bridesmaid dresses, so give them clutch purses or necklaces to compliment their look.  Try to pick neutral colored bags and jewelry so that they can use it with many outfits in the future.  Another nice option is a scarf or shawl that they can use if it’s an outdoor wedding and might be a little chilly.

No matter what you choose, you and your party will never forget the process from beginning to end and will be thankful they got to spend such a special day with you and make it all possible.

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Bridesmaid Gifts

Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

Bachelorette parties are a great way for the bride to have one last big blow out before her big day. Traditionally, the maid of honor is the one who take care of the details such as securing the venue, sending the invitations, gathering the party favors and making sure the bride has a great time. In addition to these duties, the maid of honor may also put together party favors and gifts for the guests. The bridesmaids are not the only ones who may attend the party. Other close family members, friends and selected guests may be part of the festivities. Finding the perfect gift may be a challenge because this occasion usually falls between the bridal shower and wedding.  Here are a few ideas for party gifts for all guests!

Fashion Jewelry in the color scheme of the wedding is a good choice. Not all the jewelry has to be the same style. For instance, earrings of different lengths but in the same color palette and boxed in the bride’s favorite color will work wonderfully as a bachelorette party favor.  Consider bangle sets for women without pierced ears. Bubble necklaces with brightly hued beads will also fit the bill. For those women with more subdued tastes, a simple pendant will do nicely.

Personalized items are always a winning idea. For younger guests who are of drinking age, an engraved champagne flute with their initials on it is something useful and classy. Monogrammed flasks are an edgier alternative. Guests who do not drink or who would prefer a more useful item, a wallet in their favorite shade with a personalized note from the bride is a special gift.

If you are not familiar with all of the bachelorette party guests, a foolproof gift is a soft chiffon scarf. These particular accessories are extremely versatile. They can be worn in any season, from the warmth of summer to the frigid temperatures of winter. Even women who do not usually wear scarves will find this gift useful. Aside from the traditional way or wearing them, they can be tied on their handbags for a fun look, use them to tie their hair back, or even around their waist as a belt. The possibilities are endless.

Clutch bags to match their wedding day outfits make great gifts too!

Finding the perfect bachelorette party favors can be tricky. The key is to find a gift that is practical, versatile, and appropriate for the occasion.  What other bachelorette party favors would you add to this list? For some great ideas for gifts visit Chicastic now!

perfect bridesmaid gifts

Royal Blue Crystal Hard Box Clutch

This royal blue crystal hard box clutch adorned in rhinestones is one of our many new arrivals  that are sure to be a hit this summer. The sparkling design of this beautiful purse will shock and awe everyone at this summers next cocktail event. If you want a clutch that will stand out, get this one at Chicastic today and be sure to take a look at all of the other bags in our something blue collection!

Royal Blue & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

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