Corsets are more versatile than you may think. Here are some ways to incorporate them into a new spring wardrobe.

Now that spring is here with loads of warmer weather in tow, it is the perfect time to try out new styles and break out some lighter, more bolder looks and pieces. There are plenty of new looks to break out this season that weren’t as doable due to the chill of winter, but now is a great time to play around and have some fun with your look. Corsets are a cool way to add some definite oomph to an outfit and they work really well in spring. They can be worn in layers, under other pieces or worn totally alone to achieve a multitude of different looks. Experiment with them and see which one or which look works best for you.

Corsets can add a bit of a cool vintage vibe to your wardrobe. They may seem a bit showy, and they are certainly eye-catching and make quite a bit of a statement, but they can make different impressions depending on what you wear. A simple satin ruffle bustier can go well with a lot this season, and if you’re planning on layering you have several options. Wearing this corset over a basic tee, whether v-neck or scoop neck, can look totally adorable and can jazz up a more casual look. If it’s a little chiller, then wearing it over a basic long-sleeved tee with either neckline will work just as well. If you’re going for a more dressed up version, then wearing one of these corsets under a fitted blazer could be your ticket. Any color, even a bold statement color or patterned blazer, will work well over one of these pieces since they are neutral, but it’s best to stick to matte materials to offset the satin of the bustier. If you want to go for a tougher or cooler look, then a fitted motorcycle jacket is more your style. Similarly, you can play around and experiment with color, whether you choose a neutral black or brown or go a little wild with a bright red or cobalt blue jacket.

If the weather is nice and warm, then these corsets work well when worn alone as well. Feel free to wear them with skinny jeans and boots or flats. The skinny jean will complement the slimming nature of the bustier itself and will create an overall balanced ensemble. If you choose to wear this solo, then a necklace or dangly earring can be worn along with it to equally balance out your bare neck and shoulders. Have some fun and try out all of these looks with a single corset, or buy several colors that suit you and go to town.

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Fisherman Cap

It’s just about time for sunshine and being outdoors. And with all that fun in the sun comes the need for skin protecting accessories like sunglasses and sunblock.  A great spring and summer accessory to have is a hat.  And a great hat to have is this stylish off white two toned fisherman style cap!

Hats are great because they protect your scalp from sunburns, the visor helps shield your eyes, and they make for really easy hair days.

This particular hat is such a cute accessory to add to your outfit.  The neutral colors of the off white canvas and the brown trim allow it to work well with your spring colored clothing.  If you like the clean lines but would prefer a different neutral combo it also comes in brown canvas with dark brown trim and black canvas with brown trim.

Try wearing it with jean shorts and a loose top or a knee length flowy skirt with a tank top.

You can purchase the off white two toned fisherman style cap, or the other color caps, at Chicastic.

Off White Canvas Two Toned Fisherman Cap

Brown Leopard Clutch

Looking for some easy accessory fix? Try adding some old school chic to your look with a brown leopard print clutch.

Animal print is an entirely unique pattern. While the use of animal furs and patterns have held some stake throughout history, it has been a particular sort of commercial fashion staple since the 1950’s. While some particular styles seem to come and go with the decades, such as the zebra print which saw to a golden age in the 80’s and came back in the 2000’s, leopard print has some real staying power. Use this design to look classy, edgy, or even both.

While every different kind of animal print has the ability to be bold and eye catching, leopard is unique in that it can make a statement while still retaining the ability to be subtle. Such is the case with a brown leopard print clutch. A small piece such as this has the ability to stand out while still being minimal and tasteful. As is the rule with most animal patterns: the less there is, the more it says. A little really goes a long way. If you want to make a statement or test out a bolder or new look for yourself, then a clutch purse is a great way to test the waters. These sleek and classy accessories are small but still pack a punch. Despite their size, they still have a lot of fashion power, and can easily be removed from your ensemble if you’re simply not “feeling” the look. These accessories are versatile and useful, and always give off an air of elegance and poise.

This clutch can do a lot for you despite it’s size. It can add oomph to any outfit, whether it’s plain, neutral, or full of color. Avoid using it with too many other patterns though, however, because if used in this way the bag will get lost in a sea of other colors, shapes and designs. But when paired with solid colors, this accessory can do a lot to break up and add texture to an ensemble effortlessly. The bag is then allowed to stand out wonderfully, and can do so against a little black dress or with a power suit, for example. It can also work just as well with a basic tee shirt and jeans! Patterns are not entirely out of the question, though they should always be used sparingly when mixing and matching more than one. Patterns and prints work best when paired against solid colors, and an outfit can otherwise be broken up with other textures and fabrics to add more depth to your look.

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Brown Leopard Print Clutch

Gold Glitter Rhinestone Duster Knuckle Clutch Bag

Getting ready for a night out and not sure what jewelry to wear?  Try a gold glitter rhinestone duster knuckle clutch bag.  This purse does double duty, bling for your fingers AND sparkly storage for a night out.  The four ring handle is decked out in beautiful rhinestones.  The glittery color adds a wow factor to any outfit.

This fashionable design will be sure to gain you compliments.  It’s a great accessory for jeans and heels or an evening dress.  If you want to keep both your hands free, that’s easy enough, this purse comes with a chain for easy toting.

You love the design but gold won’t work with your outfit?  No worries, it also comes in silver, gray, black, and brown.

Buy it at Chicastic and dazzle your friends at your next night out!Gold Glitter Rhinestone Duster Knuckle Clutch Bag

Snakeskin Pattern Hard Box Evening Clutch Bag

You can never go wrong with a snakeskin pattern accessory.  It just seems that snake skin accessories are always in fashion – be it a clutch, clothes, wallets, or handbags. One wonders who would have come up with an idea to use animal prints and patterns for women’s accessories. It might sound like a simple idea, but definitely such a big concept in the fashion world. Chicastic  wants to contribute to that idea with our awesome collection of snakeskin hard box clutch purses- available in green, brown, blue, grey, purple, and black. This new collection is elegant and pretty so check it out at Chicastic now!

Blue Snakeskin Pattern Clutch Purse

Leopard Inspired Wedding Ideas

Leopard print is hot but is it wedding appropriate? Here are some tips to incorporating this style on your big day.

Animal prints and patterns are all over the casual fashion world and have snuck into elegant and professional realms of style too. If you love leopard print what’s stopping you from using it in your wedding scheme? Just like incorporating these styles into your everyday wardrobe, balance is key and a little goes a long way.

If you want to include a bold pattern in your wedding design and creation, a great way to incorporate it is the invaluable use of accents. The rest of your wedding can adhere to traditional, timeless design with some of your own flare and still find a way to add some oomph. Include the pattern in your invitations, ribbons and party favors. Avoid going overboard by mirroring the style with timeless black and gold accents in addition to the leopard print to add some variety but retain the overall effect. For instance if you choose to accent your decor with leopard then consider putting your bridesmaids in black and gold to mirror the effect without seeming too much.

Don’t forget the cake as well! A white, black and gold cake with edible leopard print patterns is totally feasible and looks fun and daring when it comes to topping off the night with dessert. You can also use the print on napkins and silverware to act as more of an accent but still exude the theme tastefully.

You may also consider purchasing gifts for the bridal party that are leopard themed, such as leopard pattern clutch purse or leopard print chiffon scarf, and jewelry. These can also be worn and used during the wedding reception to add to your overall decor. Center pieces and take home gifts can also be in this style so your guests can remember the special day.

When done tastefully and minimally, a bold pattern can say a lot without overpowering your event. Using complementary solid colors can highlight the print without having to use it in every piece of decor or bridal wear. Don’t forget the power of accessories and accents. If you’re looking to incorporated it into your dress, you can always go with a bold leopard print shoe or a fun patterned garter belt, for example. Adding little touches do a lot without taking over your wedding. It adds the look you want in a tasteful and chic way. Don’t be afraid to add oomph to your wedding. Chicastic has beautiful leopard pattern accessories that would be perfect for the bride and the bridesmaids. 

Leopard Inspired Wedding Ideas

Snakeskin Croc Scale Animal Pattern Hard Box Evening Clutch Bag

Animal pattern clutches have always been and will be in fashion. There is a craze amongst women of all ages to wear animal pattern accessories. Whether it be snake skin, leopard print, or zebra pattern these are amazingly popular in scarves, clutches, wallets, handbags, boots, jackets, tops, and dresses. You might think you have seen it all, but you have to take a look at Chicastic’s new collection of snakeskin croc scale pattern hard box clutch bags. Available in purple. grey, black, green, brown, and blue these clutches are just hot. Great for evening parties and cocktail events you will definitely love them. Like they say “Old is Gold”, so in the fashion world animal print is the gold and with such low prices at Chicastic this gold is definitely worth a lot more.

Brown Snakeskin Pattern Hard Box Clutch

Snakeskin Pattern Hard Box Clutch

Simplest of outfits can really stand out with a stylish clutch purse. Whether you are dressing up in a simple dress or dressing down in your plain old pair of jeans, you can always jazz it up with a snakeskin clutch purse. These clutches are such an amazing size, fit the essentials, come with a chain strap for easy handling. Different colors come with different chain straps. Available in brown, black, blue, brown, and neon green. Buy one at Chicastic now!

Neon green snakeskin clutch

Leopard Print Accessories

Lately, leopard print has been the hottest of the animal prints. While any animal inspired patterned is considered bold, these ferocious prints can be incorporated and adapted to any outfit or style. Working with any pattern is delicate, so be careful mixing, but here are some simple ways to bring this fiery feline into your wardrobe no matter what the occasion.

Accessories are a great way to add oomph to an outfit, and oftentimes are the final icing on the cake. While clothes are important, an accessory can make an outfit, and anything leopard print is sure to make that bold statement. If you’re feeling particularly daring, a bold leopard print statement piece is a great place to start. Something like a faux-fur leopard coat is one such piece that worn over any outfit will suddenly make you runway ready. If you’re going for glam, you can recall some Old Hollywood glamour with a scarf or cat-eye printed sunglasses. The scarf can be worn tied around the neck, loose over your shoulders, or even wrapped around your head as a wrap or headband if you want that retro feel. Add a pair of driving gloves and you’re a fashionable blast from the past. Any of the accessories can work as standalone pieces as well, and can be worn with just about anything. The good thing about leopard print is that it goes with just about any color, but be careful when it comes to mixing and matching with other patterns, of course.

If you’re going for a more toned-down look, a scarf can also be worn alone, preferably with a solid top. Like any scarf, a leopard print is just as versatile of an accessory. Even a shoe paired with a simple outfit, dark skinny or straight-leg jeans and a tee, will look great. They add a little dimension to more casual outfits without being too bold. A bag is a great way to incorporate this pattern into any ensemble you choose, depending on the style of bag. An elegant envelope clutch is great for an evening out or formal event, a sleek messenger bag is great for a coffee date or even for the office, while smaller handbags are always great for a night out on the town.

Even if animal print isn’t normally your thing, it can be worn up or down no matter what the occasion or what you’re wearing. Experiment with a bit of bold, and remember, you don’t have to be totally over-the-top to be a little wild. Chicastic carries a large variety of leopard print accessories like clutches, scarves and corsets. Buy now!

Animal Print Accessories For Women