Halloween Costume Ideas!

In your quest for the perfect Halloween costume, check out these ideas from some of our Polyvore fans!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter


If you’ve ever seen the film or musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” then you are familiar with the flamboyant character of Dr. Frank-N-Furter! Polyvore user srahsrah13 has created this amazing and easy-to-create tribute to this iconic character! Our Sexy Halter Style Lace Trim Strong Boned Corset is wisely used here to give this costume the perfect OOOMPH!



Polyvore user daniellenchapman has created an absolutely beautiful and modern adaptation to the character of Mulan! Mulan is a heroic woman who takes her father’s place in the army, fighting alongside men. Our Navy Blue Satin Strong Boned Corset is the perfect accent to her iconic dress.


Captain America: Civil War


Speaking of heroes, lucky55ks has created an amazing tribute to the film Captain America: CIVIL WAR.  Our Beige Gold Satin Lace Up Strong Boned Corset is the perfect base for this costume.

For more corsets and costume ideas, continue following us through Halloween! To build your own Halloween costume, check out Chicastic’s corset collection!

Avengers Inspired Looks

Avengers Fashion

Avengers: Age of Ultron is out today. Get a little inspiration for your outfit from the superheros of the film. Captain America is all about the red, white and blue. Be just as patriotic with your outfit choice. Wear a … Continue reading

Superhero Inspired Outfits

Superheros are pretty popular right now. From Captain America and Iron Man to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Why not have a little fun with your wardrobe and add a little superhero into it? You can get inspiration for your outfit by using the colors of your favorite character, their symbol, or their style.

Using the colors of their uniform is the easiest way to build your outfit. If the superhero’s costume has certain colors in certain places, then try to follow that as well.  For example, Wonder Woman wears red and gold on top and blue with white stars on the bottom. Your outfit can be a red shirt with a gold necklace and a blue skirt or pant. Don’t get too focused on the details, like wearing blue shorts with white stars because it will start to look like you’re wearing a costume too.

Another option for your look is using the superhero’s symbol. This can be tricky because if you don’t do it right you’ll look juvenile. Pair a structured blazer with a tee shirt that has the symbol of your favorite character. Use other accessories to keep the look sophisticated, like a slim clutch and flats. You can also use the symbol in small doses like as a small ring or silver bracelet with only the symbol in color. Just keep your other jewelry simple and timeless.

The last option is to dress in the style of your superhero. This can mean the time period that they’re from, such as Captain America can lead to a forties inspired look.  Or dressing in the style of your superhero can mean wearing something that mimics their costume. A lot of comic book characters wear items that look structured and like they’d protect them in battle. Try wearing a slim leather jacket or a corset top to get this same type of feel. However, don’t pair this look with knee high boots and a short skirt unless it’s Halloween. Try a slim pair of pants with mid calf boots to get that ready for battle look.

Whatever route you take, Chicastic has great accessories and corsets to help you achieve the look you want.


Super Hero