Summer Essentials

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The temperature is heating up and summer is right around the corner.  Do you have your summer essentials yet?  One essential for the summer season is bright, bold accessories.  Colorful accessory pieces can easily dress up your daytime basics and add a pop of color to your wardrobe.  Chicastic’s Suede Envelope Clutch is the perfect clutch bag for your summer wardrobe.  This chic clutch features a sleek, on trend envelope silhouette, a richly saturated bright coral color and a plush suede exterior.  This bag also comes equipped with a gold chain strap, for added style versatility.  This stylish clutch bag adds the perfect pop of color to a navy sleeveless maxi dress, gold sandal flats and sunglasses, for an elevated casual look perfect for Sunday brunch with the girls.  The Suede Envelope Clutch is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  For other summer accessory items, visit

Shimmering Metallics

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Are you looking to update your accessories for the Spring/Summer season?  Metallics are a big trend right now and are an absolute essential for warmer weather.  Why not shine brightly under the sun with Chicastic’s Snakeskin Metallic Evening Clutch!  This glamorous clutch features a glistening iridescent overtone color, a chic snake print pattern and a sleek, vintage Art Deco inspired cigarette case silhouette.   This clutch also has a rhinestone accented top closure clasp and comes equipped with a removable chain shoulder strap.  What’s your style?  Are you a golden goddess?  If so, pair this clutch in Gold with equally shimmering gold accessories for a look that will have you glistening under the sun this season.  Are you a silver fox?  The Snakeskin Metallic Evening Clutch in Silver will guarantee that you shine under the moonlight!  This clutch is available in a variety of other colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other spring/summer accessory essentials, visit

Day To Evening Style

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Are you looking for just the right accessories to update your spring wardrobe?  When looking for just the right new accessory, I like to pick something that is transitional and does double duty, that can effortlessly flow from day to evening.  Chicastic’s Snakeskin Metallic Clutch is the perfect transitional bag.  This chic clutch boasts a luxurious snakeskin print pattern, with a metallic bronze hue, a vintage cigarette case silhouette, and a rhinestone studded top closure clasp.  It also comes equipped with a removable gold chain shoulder strap, for added style versatility.  Elevate your casual day time denim dress by wearing this clutch with it’s gold chain shoulder strap as a crossbody bag and pairing with gladiator sandals and a pair of sunnies.  When the sun goes down, take the chain shoulder strap off of the clutch and pair it with a vivid orange body con dress and bronze colored accessories.  The Snakeskin Metallic Clutch is available in a variety of metallic colors and is available at Chicastic’s online boutique.  The see other transitional accessory items, perfect for day and evening, visit

Snake Skin Clutch Wallet

Add a bit of flair to your everyday casual wear with this snake skin print clutch wallet from Chicastic!

This versatile wallet is perfect for the woman who’s on the go. With pockets for cash, credit cards, and all of your miscellaneous IDs, the snake skin clutch wallet is bigger than most. Coming in combinations that measure 10 or 7 inches in length and 4 or 3 inches in height, this clutch wallet truly works as a makeshift mini handbag.

Snake Skin Clutch Wallet

Whether you’re running a quick errand or planning a night out on the town, this wallet is a classic and convenient option that not only keeps your possessions secure and organized, but also shows off your sophisticated sense of style. Multiple slots will keep all of your important belongings neat and tidy, plus the snake skin embossed print leather with silver detailing is a modern embellishment to add to your everyday ensemble.

 If you’re in the market for a brand new wallet, consider all of the clutch wallets in the snake skin Chicastic collection!

Casual Summer Fashion Accessories

Casual accessories are invaluable in any wardrobe. Here are some to keep in mind as summer rolls around.

With each season comes its own set of trends, styles and accessories and summer is no exception. This season is all about the heat and trying to beat it so light accessories are your best bet when it comes to accenting your summer season outfits and ensembles. Lighter colors, fabrics and materials work best this time of year so it is in your power to use them to your advantage.

There are certain colors that work best in summer. Bright shades, whether they are neons or pastels, primary colors or other bold tones, work best this time of year. They accent the heat well and mirror nature also. Everything is full and in bloom so why not use your environment to inspire your outfits? Lighter neutrals are also best as opposed to navy blues and blacks. While they are appropriate all year round, these lighter colors are more common and complement the season better as well. White, beige, and khaki are great to use, even taupe, cream and light heather grey are good as well.

Light patterns are also totally in. Think earth toned floral prints, or even neon floral prints, and festive paisleys or geometric patterns. These prints are not just available in clothing, but are totally useful to have in your arsenal of accessories, too. Shoes, light weight scarves, vests, light jackets or sweaters, printed bangles or bib necklaces, handbags from hobos to backpacks or totes to clutches, you can mix and match any of these seasonally appropriate patterns. Create outfits that use some of the colors featured in your accessory of choice to help tie an outfit or look together. Alternatively, you can use these items to brighten up and add some oomph to more basic outfits.

Big floppy straw sun hats, straw fedoras and panama hats are in this season. Not only do these pieces add character to any summer look, but they add a bit of a beachy, resort feel to any outfit as well as keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your scalp from sunburn. Whether you choose just one hat, or have several in your wardrobe, these can be easily mixed and matched with outfits. A basic t-shirt and shorts, a sundress, denim cut offs and a light flannel shirt, swimsuits and coverups all go with hats. Choose one with a bold pattern or design and another with a neutral or basic design in order to have one for any occasion.

Find great accessories for summer at Chicastic.

Summer Accessories

What to Wear When Meeting His Mom

Meeting his mother can be rather nerve wracking. But what to wear? Try to be true to your roots but be sure to be on your best behavior.

Meeting your guy’s mom is a pretty big deal. Not only is it a sign that things are headed in a serious direction, but it is the first opportunity you’ll have to make an impression on the lady who means the most to your guy. It’s a bit like a job interview, but a little more personal. You want to be yourself, but you want to put the best version of yourself forward. But what do you wear?

First thing’s first is to assess what sort of setting you’ll be meeting your beau’s mother in. Is it a casual swing by their house? Are they inviting you over for dinner? Will you be going out to eat? Or will you be casually meeting for coffee together? The venue and the time will act as big cues for you when it comes to deciding on what to wear. As a general rule, even if you are going to meet them in a more casual setting, it’s best to dress up a bit for it. You don’t have to be fancy, but if you’re meeting at a coffee shop you might not want to wear a baggy t-shirt and jeans, you may instead want to wear a nice top with slim pants, a handbag and some flats, for instance. It’s still a casual look, but a cleaned up version that still shows you care about meeting his mom.

Another big cue will be what she’s like. You have probably heard a bit about her or even seen some pictures. What is she like? What does she like? What’s her own style? No matter what, you should still be yourself. But make sure it’s your best self. If she’s more of a conservative mom, then alter your look to be on the conservative side but don’t compromise your personality or style. Use items you may already have that fit the bill. If she’s more laid back, it still makes a good impression to look put-together, but don’t be afraid to experiment as much.

No matter what you choose, it’s always good advice to be yourself. While you do want to make a good impression, you don’t want to completely change who you are or act too formal and stiff. Just like at a job interview, the interviewer can often tell if you are trying too hard or are pandering to their interests in an effort to impress them. While this information is useful in meeting them, it is still important that you can do so while still being true to yourself. Let your personality shine through your outfit, even if you have to make some adjustments in order for it to be appropriate.

Find the perfect look to meet your guy’s mom at Chicastic.  Try a cardigan, statement jewelry, or a new clutch.

Accessories for Meeting His Mother

White Glossy Faux Leather Clutch

Looking for a versatile accessory that will suit multiple occasions? Look no further than this white glossy faux leather clutch.

A clutch handbag makes a great noncommittal accessory. It can be easily added to any ensemble on the go and just as easily removed if you want to go for a different look, but having one, if not a few, handy in your wardrobe will definitely come in handy. Having one handbag alone will not suffice. Different occasions call for different bags and a clutch definitely serves its purpose. If you’re the type of person that prefers their accessories be as versatile as possible, then this white glossy faux leather clutch is perfect for you.

White is a great color to break out come the spring time. Though this color might remind you of the snow that spring has hopefully left behind for good, it can easily brighten up an outfit and is also a great color to use when transitioning between spring and summer. White accessories are very resort chic and are wearable with most, if not all, outfits. White is a neutral and goes with everything, which is of course an added bonus. It can match virtually any outfit and suit any occasion, whether it is casual, professional or formal. It can even suit a night out on the town. Leather always gives off an air of sleek sophistication, and even this faux leather handbag does the job. Its glossy finish makes it appear even sleeker, and is also easier to take care of should it see to any spills or stains.

When it comes to using white, there is a wide and open playing field. Given that it is a neutral, it can be used to accent an outfit in several ways. If you’re wearing primarily dark or deep, rich colors, then it can suitably break up your look and add balance without taking away from the colors in your outfit. It can also be used with monochromatic looks or even all white for a classy yet daring look. Given this clutch’s versatility, it makes the perfect go-to bag. If you’re heading to a casual coffee date or if you need a classic clutch to go with a cocktail dress for a last minute formal event, this bag can work on any occasion and to full effect. It’s small size makes it the perfect addition to any look, adding whatever element you need. If you want to break up a monotonous outfit, it can do so with minimal effort. Same goes if you’re simply looking for an accessory that will match just about anything. An item with maximum usage definitely goes a long way and can help create countless outfits and looks.

You can find this white glossy faux leather clutch and other great accessories at Chicastic.

White Glossy Faux Leather Clutch


Spring Weekend Style

Time to shed those heavy winter clothes and slip into something more comfortable. Welcome the warmer weather with comfy layers and versatile accessories.

Spring fashion should be all about taking advantage of the warmer weather. It has probably felt like ages that you’ve had to lug around your winter coat, scarf, gloves and hat but now that spring is here we can finally shed all of those heavy layers! Though spring can still have it’s fair share of uncertain weather, it is still considerably warmer than winter and that is enough to brighten anyone’s mood. Now that the weather is becoming more comfortable, your weekend wardrobe can look to head in the same direction.

Bohemian styles are hot this season. They’re everywhere from long flowy skirts, maxi dresses, drapey kimonos and cardigans and comfy peasant tops. These items are great for the spring because they provide coverage for cooler days but allow a breezy feel on warmer days. They are also perfect for layering. This look is all about texture and comfort and is perfect for spring. Bohemian or not, basics are probably the perfect items to layer. Basic v-neck tees, camisoles, cardigans, you name it. When it comes to the unpredictable and indecisive weather of spring, it’s always a good idea to dress in layers if you’re unsure about what the day might bring. The morning may be chilly or even cold, but come noon to four it may feel almost sweltering. But you’ll notice that once the sun begins to go down again, it will start feeling a lot like it did that morning. Light layers like tees and cardigans are great for weather like this. Light layers also allow you to play around with colors, patterns and textures, creating new and interesting looks with each and every combination. Layering allows you to experiment with your look and create endless ensembles that are sure to last you well throughout the spring season.

Along with the bohemian style comes the influx of bohemian baubles, meaning any variety of rings, statement necklaces and bracelets. Now that your arms are free from coats and sweaters, feel free to wear jangly jewelry again like bangles or thick cuff bracelets. Statement necklaces are also great for weekend wear and can dress up any casual, comfy outfit that suits your fancy. Comfy chic is totally in so take advantage of this weekend look and feel free to mix and match. All of these accessories work well with layered outfits, whether they are composed of basics or otherwise. Feel free to mix and match just about everything. Since a typical spring day will have you adding and losing layers throughout the day, you’ll have plenty of looks to keep up with the constant outfit changes.

Find great accessories for your spring weekend style at Chicastic.

Spring Weekend Style


Cardigans at Chicastic !

I am sure everyone is tired of hearing the weather news this season – how cold it is and how it has broken all temperature records in almost a century. You need to keep yourself warm and cozy. Chicastic has a pretty good solution for you. Check out our cardigans – loose fit and casual, perfect to layer up over a dress, or with jeans. These one size fit for all cardigans are very fashionable. The best part is that the bad weather is your reason to shop – not that girls need one!

Grey Cardigan

Red & Orange Polka Dot Wool Pashmina

A colorful printed pashmina is a great accessory for any look you are going for.  You can drape it over your sleeveless dress on a chilly night, or wrap it around your neck during the day. It is a very versatile piece to have in your closet and you can get one such as this Red & Orange Polka Dot Acrylic Wool Pashmina Scarf  today at Chicastic.