How to Accessorize a Full Skirt

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Day Trip Accessories

Day Trip Accessories

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How to Accessorize a Military Coat

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Dress it Up With a Necklace

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Mint Jewelry For the Summer

Mint is in. But how can you work these cool accessories into your summer wardrobe?

Spring and summer are arguably all about color. Bright, vibrant shades help lighten the atmosphere and match the growing and blooming foliage all around us. Even if we’re wearing a neutral outfit, whether white, black, navy or beige, bright bold colors work well to add some oomph to our look and make us look more spirited and lively to match the season. There are few staple colors that really work their magic this time of year but mint is definitely one of them. While the cool nature of mint can work in winter as well, matching the chill outside, mint is also associated with the flavor as well which is light and refreshing, definitely a necessity for those warm summer months.

Mint jewelry makes for a great statement piece. Whether it is featured in a statement necklace, a bulky bangle or in a chunky stone ring, this color works to bring out the best of the season. A little lighter and cooler than other beachy colors like aquamarine or turquoise, this color offers a bit of the same feel while still being light and refreshing. This shade works wonders when paired with dark outfits or tops. Worn with a black or navy blouse, tank, or even a dress, this sort of jewelry will stand out and instantly lighten your look appropriately. You can also feel free to pair such an ensemble with mint flats or pointed toe heels for some added emphasis, which can also balance your look.

There are also plenty of jewelry types to choose from. Mint stones and insets are great for that boho look, especially if you are going for a more beachy feel. Enamel laquered bracelets or chain necklace work great if you’re going for an edgier and more modern look. When it comes to mint jewelry, you can really mix and match. Full on sets, including necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings, etc. are great especially when worn with a monochromatic outfit such as the ever popular little black dress. With this option, you can add some flare and breathe new life into your favorite basic while also completing and balancing out your overall look. If you’re wearing a busier outfit, then it would be best to go minimal. Choose only one piece to wear with your outfit so it is still noticeable but does not appear overbearing in comparison to the other items you are wearing.

You can find great mint jewelry at Chicastic.

Mint Jewelry

Day Travel Accessories

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Styling a Red Prom Dress

Timeless is always in, so red is always a safe bet for any major occasion like prom. Here are some ways to make sure you make the right statement and let the red speak for itself.

Red makes a perfectly bold and timeless statement all on its own. It is no wonder that any prom dress in any shade of the color is bound to be a knockout and turn some heads. Since the color on its own is already eye-catching, it can be difficult deciding how exactly to properly accessorize it. The key to achieving a perfectly balanced look is to choose the right pieces and the right amount of them.

Since this color is already so bold, it would be best to stick with classic metallics such as silver or gold, and other accessories in similar neutral tones like black, cream, white, beige, or even brown or navy blue. A simple silver or gold chain necklace and matching earrings is a timeless look that will go with any dress. If you have a more vintage looking piece or even one that is simple and you want an elegant evening look, then pearls will go wonderfully with any shade of red. They add a touch of class and character without overshadowing the color of your prom dress and add an air of old Hollywood glamour that never goes out of style. When it comes to pearls, it is still important to choose your accessories wisely. If you’re wearing a choker or even a tiered 20’s inspired string of pearls, then studded earrings will work best. If you’re opting to go for a pearl bracelet instead then larger, longer earrings will make up for the lack of necklace and balance out your look. Another option is to choose one solid statement piece. A statement necklace works best with a low-cut or sweetheart neckline, and especially if you are wearing a sleeveless dress. A necklace, especially a choker or one that rests on your collarbone, will highlight your bare neck and shoulders while balancing the neckline of your dress as well.

Additional accessories can be a bit troublesome too, but keeping it simple will work best. If you are going with a pearl theme, then a white satin clutch will match nicely. It will add to the look of the pearls, matching it in color and sheen, but will not detract with added embellishment or look too much. You can also choose to accessorize using items that are the exact color of your dress or are perhaps a shade or two darker. This way, you can add depth and dimension to your prom look with minimal effort. Remember, red is a powerful color and can speak for itself. Adding subtle accessories will truly allow this sort of piece to dazzle on your special day.

Find the perfect accessories for your red dress at Chicastic.

Red Prom Dress Accessories

High Fashion Look For Less at Chicastic

Chicastic has proven to be the best source for the luxury high fashion look at an affordable price with our Look For Less blogs and once again, we are here to show you how easy it is to achieve the runway look on a budget. Our waterfall necklace is very similar to this Tom Binns ‘Charm Offensive’ Multi Strand Necklace from Nordstrom but a lot cheaper without losing out on good quality. Get this stunning look for less at Chicastic today and check back with us for more high fashion looks at low price points.

Please feel free to chat with us with any questions or concerns about the above item.

Statement Pieces

Statement jewelry will always have a place in fashion no matter what, and with so many options, its hard to know what will work for you. The typical rule of thumb for statement pieces, whether it is earrings, a bracelet or a necklace is to wear a bold statement piece, then go minimal with the rest of your jewelry.  Sometimes opting out of wearing any other pieces is a good option if your statement piece is bold and daring enough solo.

For example, Chicastic’s antique style brass chain and bead necklace is the perfect statement necklace that says a lot on its own without the need of other accessories. Simple matching studs or a minimal amount of arm candy can be worn with this necklace but it isn’t necessary at all.

Statement earrings, such as the green, gold and black tassel earrings below are another option for the perfect statement piece. These earrings do not require anything else with them at all. Just pull you hair back so you can easily show off these earrings and you are good to go!

This Chicastic piece, the multi color and gold tone bib necklace is the final, and boldest example of a great statement piece. If you are wearing something with a lower neckline, this is a great option to have. Especially if you are wearing one or a few of the colors  featured on the necklace since it can easily pick them up making your entire look that much more appealing.


What is your favorite kind of statement piece? How often do you find yourself wearing it? Comment below and let us know!


Antiqued Brass Chainlink Necklaces & Bracelet

Antique brass jewelry has been in fashion as long as I can remember. So if you have been craving to bring some to your wardrobe, find it at Chicastic in various styles of necklaces and bracelets.

Match this chunky lace and chain necklace with this chunky lace and chain bracelet.

Antique Brass Graduated Chunky Chained Chainlink Necklace braided with black lace