Black Sequin Antique Style Clutch

Are you searching for a sparkling accessory to hold all of your stuff? Look no further than this handmade sequin antique style clutch! Available in a classic black color, this clutch purse will fulfill all of your night-out needs! It … Continue reading

Rhinestone Peacock Hard Box

Finding the perfect clutch for a big evening event or wedding could be tough. You need something big enough to fit your phone, money, makeup and keys. You need something small enough that it won’t take away from your outfit but you also need something that is stylish and pretty to look at.

Where will you find a bag like that?

Well Chicastic has the perfect clutch for you.

The Mesh Rhinestone Peacock Hard Box Clutch is beautiful. The peacock design is what latches this clutch. The silver hardware allows this peacock to stay tough but also keeps the clutch light-weight.

Champagne, purple, red and white are just a few of the colors this mesh clutch comes in. This clutch measures 7″ in length, 4″ in height and 2″wide. With a 22″ removable chain strap, this clutch can go to hands-free and over the shoulder in seconds.

The rhinestone accent to the mesh bag keeps it shimmering all night long, just like you will be! The peacock is filled with rhinestones too. Having this clutch in your hands during the night will be the only statement piece you’ll need.


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Envelope Clutches

Envelope Clutches

The sleek, flat, rectangular shape and classic fold over flap make the envelope clutch a timeless design. Envelope clutch purses come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. For an elegant look, try the metallic glitter mesh envelope purse. … Continue reading

Bugle Bead Clutch

Bugle Bead Hard Box Clutch

We’re excited about one of our newest arrivals, the glass bugle bead hard box clutch! It offers a great combination of sleek shape and playful design. This 6″ x 4″ x 2″ purse is versatile with its 22″ optional chain … Continue reading

Something Blue – Wedding Clutch

We all know the rhyme.  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Incorporating something blue into your wedding look can be a challenge.  A fun way to add the color is with a clutch purse.  A blue clutch fulfills two needs at once.  You’ll be able to check the rhyme off your to do list and have a place to store all your essentials for the big day.

A great choice is the royal blue satin hard clutch purse.  It’s a fantastic combination of elegance and style.  The cinched fabric at the center compliments dresses with gathered fabric or pick ups.  This bag can be a nice addition to simpler styled dresses as well.  Not to mention the vertical rhinestone stud panel which adds the glamor that every bride wants on her special day.

The optional chain strap also makes this clutch a great addition to your wardrobe.  So after the big day you can wear it for an evening out and be reminded of the great memories of your wedding.

Purchase the royal blue satin hard clutch, or find other great blue clutch options, at Chicastic today!

Royal Blue Satin Hard Clutch

Pink Suede Rhinestone One Ring Knuckle Duster Bag

Spring is on its way and so are fun nights out in warmer weather.  Why not add a little pop to your winter wardrobe in anticipation?  A pink suede rhinestone one ring knuckle duster bag should do just the trick.  It has so many great features in just one bag!  The soft feel of suede, the blinged out rhinestone knuckle ring, and a convenient optional chain strap for hands free carrying.  This purse even looks like it accessorized for you with a necklace shaped set of rhinestones on the front side and a large rhinestone at the top of the knuckle ring.

Try the purse in pink for a great addition to your collection.  Wear it with neutrals to make it the focal point or compliment a bright colored outfit.  It also comes in wine red, black, deep purple, red violet, and royal blue.

You can purchase it at Chicastic right now.Pink Suede Rhinestone One Ring Knuckle Duster Bag

Silver Rhinestone Mesh Clutch Purse

Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, you need a classy clutch purse that will hold all your essentials on such a special day.  It would also be nice to be able to use that purse for more than one occasion.  The silver rhinestone mesh clutch purse is a perfect fit.

The front design has the sparkle every girl wants with rhinestones covering the entire side.  If you need to dial down the glitz just a little, the back design offers a more sleek shiny mesh option.  The clutch can also transform into a purse with the optional chain provided.

This would make a great gift for bridal parties and it also comes in black or gold.

Purchase yours at Chicastic today.

Silver Mesh Clutch Bag

One Ring Knuckle Duster Pearl Clutch

Clutch bags are the epitome of classy. Their presence as an accessory exudes an air of elegance, and this pearl embellished one ring knuckle duster is no exception. Though the bag also comes in the ever handy black or white options, this peachy pink color is incredibly hot right now, especially when it comes to dresses and floral prints. It’s color and style evokes the softness of spring but isn’t limited to that season alone. This soft pastel can be worn throughout the year with timeless colors and pieces.

If you want to play up the color of this pearl embellished clutch, a dress in a matching rosy pink will do the trick. Lace or dresses with some drapery add a different textured element that both contrasts and compliments the shine and luster of this clutch. If you’re going for more of a contrast beyond texture and fabric, going with a medium toned grey dress works perfectly. The dark tone of this color offsets the softness of the pink as well as enhances it. A dark grey is softer than a jet-black and therefore provides a softer, more seamless contrast to the color. These two tones provide a smooth distinction from one another without being too stark, complimenting the other well. You can choose an all peachy pink ensemble or all grey, or you can mix it up, such as a soft pink dress and grey shoe and vice versa.

Considering the pink shade of this one ring knuckle duster, floral prints and patterns using the same color family will work perfectly as well, whether you decide to go with a dress, or a printed blazer over similarly colored blouse and pant. When it comes to jewelry, you have some matching options. Rosy gold is totally in right now, and whether you pair this clutch with a statement necklace, a chunky bangle, or a set of earrings, the rosiness will compliment the handbag while imitating its pearly luster. Speaking of pearly, simple white pearls, whether necklace and/or earrings, work just as well and stand out a little more against the pink.

This color and style is appropriate for all seasons. While the floral nature of its color instantly evokes spring, which can easily translate into summer, it’s soft, pearlescent quality is suitable for the glimmer of winter months as well. Playing up the pink and texture of this handbag instantly creates an aura of romance year round. Add this beautiful cocktail clutch from Chicastic to your wardrobe now!

Pearl Embellished One Ring Wedding Evening Cocktail Clutch Bag

Mint Fashion Jewelry

Colors can come and go in fashion just as styles of clothing do. Mint emerged on the scene a couple of years ago and seems to have some staying power. This color is bright and refreshing, adding a bit of chic coolness to any ensemble. While initially associated with the lush greens of spring, it has lasted through the summer and can even be worn to brighten chiller autumn looks and mirror the iciness of winter. Though clothing pieces are still hot, mint jewelry is definitely trending and can last you well through the winter and into the coming spring and summer.

Mint-gold jewelry is everywhere right now. Seeing a recent comeback these past few seasons, gold is back with a vengeance and has taken mint along for the ride. The two are glam together and can brighten up any outfit without being too bright or overwhelming. Statement necklaces, chunky bangles or cuff bracelets, and even solid-toned rings and retro, over-sized gemstone earrings feature the color. Silver is an option too, of course, and gives off more of that icy, wintry feel. Either combination can be worn throughout the seasons and look best when worn with neutrals like black, grey, or even navy blue, as well as alongside complementary colors such as purples or blues, though the darker the tone the better. When paired with darker colors, the refreshing jewelry stands out and is allowed more room to truly shine and take center stage. Don’t forget the power of other accessories! Chiffon scarves or handbags are just as much accessories as jewelry and can be used to similar effect. A chain-strap purse can also combine the elements of gold/silver jewelry when paired with this cool shade for added glam.

When worn against a backdrop of neutrals or dark, complimentary tones, it can stand out and add oomph. When worn with khaki, beige or white, this shade adds a bit of color and compliments the generally cool and light nature of the outfit, but when worn over darker colors such as black, navy blue or even a rich plum, this mint shade can really shine and stand out. Like any other color or pattern, try to be aware of how much of it you’re using in a given outfit or ensemble. Thankfully, the gold/silver combination helps break up the colors and adds some dimension, but otherwise, mint is more of an accent color and packs more punch when used sparingly and wisely. Check out mint jewelry at Chicastic and find something that you like. 

Turquoise Mint Jewelry

Chain Strap Purses

Handbags are an important fashion accessory, and more so than many of us might think. Aside from fulfilling a more practical purpose, the shape, size, color and print of a bag makes a huge impression and are essentially a key element to any outfit, whether it’s intentional or not. While most of us tend to lean toward buying handbags that suit our style or are in a fairly neutral tone or color to best be worn with a wider variety outfits and for multiple occasions, they can be way more fun than that. Handbags don’t have to be loud or bold to make a statement or instill itself into an outfit and feel like more of an intentional addition.

Chain strap purses serve multiple purposes. Not only do they have the capacity to hold our daily essentials or conveniences, but they add color and depth to an outfit. Unlike other bags, the chain strap purse has its namesake to set it apart. The chain strap can act as more than just a shoulder piece and can double as more of a jewelry accessory as well. Taking on the roles of both handbag and jewelry accessory, they have a similar effect on an outfit as a necklace might but does so in a different and more dynamic way. Depending on the color and design, these straps can match most outfits and looks, especially if they are made of a simple gold or silver. If you opt for a more unique look, it can make just as much of a statement about your sense of style as any other piece of clothing. No matter the exact style of strap, they can be accentuated with similar jewelry such as rings or earrings in a matching style, tying your ensemble together and giving you a more purposeful and put-together look.

Most bags featuring a chain strap allow you to switch out the given one with another, oftentimes sold along with the bag. To change up a bag you might use often or if you’re wearing an outfit that demands a different set of accessories or accents, then try using multiple chain straps or pairing a chain with a leather or fabric strap to add depth and dimension. Get creative and experiment with different styles, colors, and combinations. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, you might just end up with several reincarnations of one bag that can give the illusion of several. Chicastic has a great collection of chain strap handbags and evening bags. Visit us now!

Chain Strap Purses