Crystal Studded Clutches

Crystal Studded Clutch

If you’re looking for a purse with a bit of texture, check out the new crystal studded clutches Chicastic is now selling. These bags are perfect for evenings out, weddings, proms and other fancy events. We’re a fan of the … Continue reading

Gold Fashion Accessories

Gold is a metallic color that many younger women stay away from due to a belief that only older women wear it. This is not true. With the many variations of gold from Champagne to Rose Gold to Bronze, there is a shade for everyone. Depending on your personal preference, hair color and skin tone, you can find the right gold for you. When worn correctly, you will make a confident statement about yourself. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate this hot metal into your wardrobe.

An easy way to bring gold into your outfits is by using gold accessories. Remember, a little goes a long way. Start with something small, like jewelry. If you have pale or light skin, go with a rose gold. If you have medium to dark skin, your natural color will look beautiful with yellow gold. In addition, bronze looks good with anyone’s skin color. Stud earrings, hoops, and dangling charms are fun earring choices. Try a simple pendant necklace or charm bracelet. If you are a little more adventurous, you can try a stack of bangles. Jewelry will introduce this color into your wardrobe and help you get comfortable with it.

Another fun way to wear gold is with your makeup. Line your eyes with it, dust your cheeks lightly to highlight your bone structure, or even paint your nails with it.

Carry a sparkling champagne clutch purse with you to fancy dinner parties in your little black dress! For more casual events, a leather handbag with shimmering hardware is the way to go. If you are running errands, a gold tote is useful for carrying everything you need while reminding you that you are still fabulous.

For truly adventurous fashionistas, gold garments like dresses, tops, pants and shoes are a great way to wear gold. Make sure your accessories are a little understated to not overshadow your clothes. You do not want to look like your outfit is fighting with itself. Gold dresses can be accessorized with simple pearl studs. There is no need for a necklace here. If you wear a gold top, you can pair it with any color pant or skirt you want as long as its solid. The same theory applies in reverse. Solid tops go with gold bottoms. You can get away with carrying a metallic purse, as long as it is the same shade as the garment of focus.

These days, anyone can wear gold. It is a strikingly beautiful metal with great versatility. The tips above should help you incorporate this color into your wardrobe. Chicastic carries some of the greatest gold accessories such as evening bags, clutches, statement necklaces and earrings. Buy now!

Gold Accessories at Chicastic

Wedding Clutches and Evening Bags

Chicastic has the most beautiful selection of bridal clutches and evening bags to accent your special day!  Want to be a traditional bride? Try this lovely Ivory Bridal Clutch Purse. Go for a Silver Crackle Frame Clutch Purse to add … Continue reading

Champagne for Valentine’s Day

Champagne is considered to be an indulgent drink for special occasions! This Valentine’s Day, visit Chicastic for champagne inspired Valentine’s Day gifts for that special woman in your life.  These beautiful evening purses are just as indulgent as that drink of champagne!

Champagne Satin Rhinestone Bridal Wedding Purse
Champagne Rose Gold Fully Sequined Antique Style Bag
Champagne Pleated Bridal Clutch Purse
Champagne Rose Flower Shaped Satin Purse
Champagne Satin Bridal Wedding Clutch with Rhinestones