Throwback Thursday- The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Outfit

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz followed the yellow brick road in amazing red shoes and a memorable blue gingham dress. If we remade this film and updated her look, what should she wear? For starters we’d like to switch … Continue reading

When You’re Stuck Overnight

Stuck Overnight

Being stuck somewhere unexpectedly isn’t fun. Especially if it’s overnight. Sometimes you might see it coming. For instance, if you know there will be bad weather later, like snow. Here are some tips for those bummer situations. First off, if … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday- The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer is a cute romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It came out in 1998 but was fabulously eighties. If Julia and her promiscuous sister Holly were in this decade, we wonder what they’d be wearing. … Continue reading

How to Wear a Tunic

Tunics are pretty appropriate for any season depending on how you wear them, but summer can show to yield more options than you may have initially believed. Summer is all about breaking out those new, breezy items that you weren’t … Continue reading

Spice It Up With A Corset

Corsets are a great romantic vintage piece of clothing, whether you’re going for a more authentic look or for a more modern twist. No matter the style, they are always romantic, whether cute and flirty or seductive and suave. Either way, these accessories can spice up any outfit, no matter what your intentions are.

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of flirty fashion. Vintage style always carries an air of nostalgic romance, and corsets have a specific romance that no other item can carry. Treading the territory between completely authentic and modern reinterpretation, this piece can be worn in a variety of ways to spice up your wardrobe.

One of the simplest ways to wear this piece is with jeans. If you’re looking to make a really flirtatious statement, this is it. It can be worn alone with bare shoulders for a bold and feisty effect. You can also wear them under a variety of tops which each redefine the corset entirely. When underneath a motorcycle jacket, you can emit the tough vibe of a rocker chick. If worn under a blazer you can look put together and even professional while still retaining the pieces inherent feminine qualities.

They can also be worn over other pieces, of course. A vintage look may mean wearing a corset underneath a dress of the right style, as the piece was originally intended to be used. For a more modern look, you can wear the corset over a simple fitted dress as more of a featured accessory, adding depth and dimension. In a similar vein, they can also be worn to dress up plain fitted tees as well, whether long sleeved or short sleeved.

The colors and patterns also determine the overall style of a corset. A dark, subtle pattern is more seductive, and when worn underneath jackets or blazers can have a more muted and modern effect. A floral print corset adds an air of fun flirtiness with a flare of that original vintage charm. There’s a corset out there for everyone. The sheer popularity of these novelty pieces can look modern or as if they were plucked right out of the past. No matter what style you choose, it’s easy to make this piece totally your own and add that flirty flare to your wardrobe. And don’t forget just how versatile corsets are, they always be worn alone. Check out some great corsets at Chicastic now!

Black Lace Sexy Bustier Corset

Accessories For the Little Black Dress

We all have that one little black dress we turn to for certain occasions. They’re reliable, they’re always in fashion, and there’s never much to think about, right? But like any item of clothing, or any outfit, you don’t want to be seen wearing the same get up to every occasion. A little black dress is always handy, but how you accessorize and itemize, you can give your favorite little number new life.

No one can deny the power of accessorizing. A new bold necklace can make any little black dress pop, adding color and dimension to any length, cut, or style of dress. This classic clothing item becomes a canvas backdrop for any statement piece, allowing it to define your outfit while still keeping you looking chic and together in a simple, go-to dress. The same goes for any way you decide to accessorize, and even wearing the same piece with different accessories on different occasions will give the illusion of an entirely new ensemble. Pair it with some colorful pumps, add some dazzling bits of cocktail jewelry and you’re set for a night on the town. Worn with a simple pearl necklace and an elegant clutch bags makes your outfit ready for any formal occasion.

But it doesn’t just stop at jewelry. Of course handbags and hats can change the entire feel of an outfit, so can additional clothing. Wearing this classic ensemble under a flannel or floral button down (tied at the waist or worn loose) with a cross-body and some sandals can make the perfect casual first date outfit. Wear it with patterned leggings and ankle boots, and you’re suddenly rocker chic. Add a big floppy hat, cat-eye glasses and pearls and you’re now rocking that Old Hollywood vibe. Accessorizing with clothing is just as powerful as wearing a chunky bracelet or a layered necklace.

What’s really great about the little black dress is that it is essentially a blank canvas. You start with a great standalone piece, but by adding accessories or additional pieces of clothing you can turn it into an entirely new entity that can suit almost any occasion imaginable. The possibilities are truly endless. If you feel like your go-to piece is losing it’s luster, it may not mean finding an entirely new dress. You probably have a multitude of accessories, shoes, and layering essentials that can bring new life to an old favorite. Chicastic has a lot of great fashion accessories for reviving your little black dress. Buy now!

Accessories for the little black dress