Luxe Holiday Style

Luxe Holiday Style

Holiday parties are right around the corner and are the perfect opportunity to dress up in formal wear.  Are you the understated type that prefers simplicity?  You can still maintain your no fuss style while looking festive for the occasion by only focusing the glitz on your accessories.    Chicastic’s Sequinned Antique Style Cocktail Clutch is the perfect accessory to dress up your minimalist style.   This Victorian inspired clutch features a sequined exterior in a rich dark purple hue and a top closure clasp accented by a silver scrolling filigree design.  This unique clutch also comes equipped with two silver chain straps of varying lengths, allowing for you to wear it as a shoulder bag or wear as a wristlet, adding style versatility.  Pair this clutch with a sleek jumpsuit, strappy stilettos and chandelier earrings for a refined, yet festive look.  Complete your ensemble by draping Chicastic’s Chiffon Scarf Chiffon Scarf around your shoulders.  The Sequined Antique Style Cocktail Clutch is available in a wide variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other chic accessory items, visit

Autumn Greens

Autumn Greens

What’s your favorite season?  For many it’s the fall.  The crisp, briskness in the air, the beautiful fall foliage, pumpkin picking and sipping apple cider all conjure up images of the best the autumn season has to offer.  My favorite thing about fall is the endless fashion possibilities.  Chicastic’s Sequined Antique Style Cocktail Clutch is the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.  This Victorian inspired clutch features a sequined exterior in a rich forest green hue and a top closure clasp accented by a silver scrolling filigree design.  This unique clutch also comes equipped with two silver chain straps of varying lengths, allowing for you to wear it as a shoulder bag or wear as a wristlet, adding style versatility.  A clutch like this isn’t only for formal occasions!  Elevate your everyday wardrobe by pairing this unique clutch with a velvet blazer and matching shorts in rich green, combat boots and quirky glasses.  The Sequined Antique Style Cocktail Clutch is available in a wide variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other chic accessory items for the fall season, visit

Hippie Chic

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Are you a carefree, free-spirit with a relaxed, laid back style and a sense of adventure?  You hate anything fussy or complicated and prefer light and airy pieces with a vintage 1960’s quality.  Chicastic’s Faux Patent Leather Clutch Wallet in Blue Paisley is the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe.  This chic wallet features a sleek silhouette, a playful light blue paisley print and a top closure clasp.  This wallet also comes equipped with a small zippered coin pocket and pockets for cash and credit cards.  An added bonus is that this wallet is fabricated with faux patent leather and it is vegan and cruelty free.  Pair this wallet with frayed, flared leg jeans, a cropped peasant top and crocheted heels for a stylish hippie chic look.  Chicastic’s Crossbody Messenger Bag is the perfect accent to this boho look and will carry you through all of your wanderlust adventures.  The Faux Patent Leather Clutch Wallet is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other chic accessory items, visit

Fall Accessories Guide

Fall Accessories Guide

September is quickly approaching and it will be time to put away your bright and airy spring/summer accessories and wear richer, darker fall colored accessories. One accessory that is sometimes overlooked is the wallet. Your wallet is just as important as the purse that you carry it in!  Chicastic’s Snake Print Clutch Wallet is the perfect wallet for your fall wardrobe. This chic wallet features a sleek, rectangular silhouette, a rich, dark taupe color and a glossy reptilian pattern. It also comes equipped with pockets for cash, a small zippered change pocket and a top closure clasp.  An added bonus is that this wallet is also vegan and cruelty free and made of a faux patent leather material.  Pair this wallet with other neutral toned fall accessories, such as suede booties, Chicastic’s Crossbody Messenger Bag and Animal Print Scarf for a stylish look for campus and beyond.  The Snake Print Clutch Wallet is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other fall accessory items, visit



Office Party Glamour


Are you attending your office’s annual holiday party and are stumped on what to wear?  Remember, even though it is a party, it is still an OFFICE party.  You want to maintain an aura of professionalism, while still looking festive, so save your sequined red dress for another occasion.  The key is to select radiant accessories to liven up your professional attire.  Chicastic has an amazing selection of glamorous accessories that will dress up any office wardrobe!  One of my favorites is the  Open Cardigan in Red.  I love it’s richly saturated color, plush acrylic texture and drapey, lightweight silhouette, which make it perfect for layering over your favorite body-con turtleneck dress.  The cherry red color evokes an aura of cheerfulness that is perfect for the holiday season.  I also love the Snakeskin Print Clutch Wallet in Gold.  This sleek little clutch features a dazzling, iridescent gold tone and has various compartments for both cash and credit cards.  By choosing items in lively red and shimmering gold, you will look festive, while still looking professional.  This clutch bag and cardigan are available in a variety of colors at

Long Snake Skin Print Clutch Wallet

Looking for a fabulous new accessory to bring with you during your night out on the town? Look no further than the long snake skin print clutch wallet! This trendy looking wallet is one of Chicastic’s top selling products, and it’s no wonder! With its sleek design and stylish snake skin pattern, the hard clutch wallet is turning heads everywhere.

Long Snake Skin Print Clutch WalletThe faux snake skin and glossy faux leather mix together perfectly to radiate an ultra chic look. Perfect for gals on the go! Worried about fitting all of your late night essentials? This wallet boasts separate pockets for cash, credit cards, and identification cards and measures 10 inches in length and 4 inches in height. Plus, a snap button clasp is sure to keep everything safe and secure.

The wallet is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the color that fits your unique personality! Whether you’re going out to dinner or hitting the club scene, make the long snake skin print clutch wallet your go-to accessory!

Check out all of the available colors here!

Snake Skin Clutch Wallet

Add a bit of flair to your everyday casual wear with this snake skin print clutch wallet from Chicastic!

This versatile wallet is perfect for the woman who’s on the go. With pockets for cash, credit cards, and all of your miscellaneous IDs, the snake skin clutch wallet is bigger than most. Coming in combinations that measure 10 or 7 inches in length and 4 or 3 inches in height, this clutch wallet truly works as a makeshift mini handbag.

Snake Skin Clutch Wallet

Whether you’re running a quick errand or planning a night out on the town, this wallet is a classic and convenient option that not only keeps your possessions secure and organized, but also shows off your sophisticated sense of style. Multiple slots will keep all of your important belongings neat and tidy, plus the snake skin embossed print leather with silver detailing is a modern embellishment to add to your everyday ensemble.

 If you’re in the market for a brand new wallet, consider all of the clutch wallets in the snake skin Chicastic collection!

Halloween Costume- Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

For Halloween it’s fun to give some fairytale characters a darker look. Little Red Riding hood is typically a white and red combo, but making it black and red gives it an even sexier vibe. The key items to this … Continue reading

Handy Wallets

Clutch Wallets

Handbags are a great accessory but sometimes you just want something light and easy. Here are some clutch wallets that look just as good as a handbag but without all the extra space. Handbags are useful not just as purses … Continue reading

Organizing Your Wallet

Keep your information safe and your wallet slim with some of these tips.

Your wallet is arguably the most important thing you carry in your purse. It holds all of your important credit cards, identification cards, money, and other vital resources that should not get lost! But it’s easy for them to get messy with everything stuck where it was most convenient at the time. While we may put things back in a hurry as we’re finishing up after our most recent purchase to put our wallets back in our bags where they are safe, letting this go on for too long can cause us to lose track of important bits like receipts or debit cards. It’s important to keep all of these things in check so here are some ways to keep your purse organized.

First thing is first. How does your wallet hold up? Does it have a lot of pockets? Does it have enough slots for all of your credit cards, debit cards, membership cards and ID? How big is the paper money pocket? Does it have an area where you can keep change? Does it get too bulky too fast? All of these things are worth considering when looking to organize your wallet. One that gets messy too easily, does not have enough space for money, paper or metal, cards or receipts, is already putting you at a disadvantage. A lack of organizational tools can easily swallow receipts, mix up your cards, and cause you to lose track of your money. Find a wallet that keeps everything in place and does so slimly. While a fat one can be a little easier to find in a big handbag, it only makes finding anything inside them all the harder. You don’t want to hold up a line because you’re fishing around for your mastercard or looking for those three pennies you just know you have.

Second, you have to be willing to clean out your purse about once a week. Take inventory of what receipts you have tucked in there in case you need to return something you purchased recently, need to make an exchange, or simply need to keep track of your expenses. Once you have assessed your week’s purchases, either shred your receipts or file them. This way, they are no longer bulking up your bag and hiding anything else that may be important. Remember to go through every piece of paper, you never know which ones might be important and which ones might be hiding cash you forgot about! Checking your wallet weekly or biweekly also helps you identify if anything is missing. If there is, you can at least have a general timeline of when you lost it. You don’t want to misplace your debit card and not remember where you may have left it.

Also, make sure your items are secure but not too secure. Make sure that things do not readily slide out, causing accidental losses or misplacements, and yet make sure that the pockets aren’t so tight that you can’t get anything out when you need it! Once you have done these things, make sure that your wallet fits comfortably in your bag and can be readily closed. You don’t want to be struggling with a jam packed wallet as you’re walking out of a store so it’s easy for a passerby to snatch it. A slim, convenient wallet is safe and easy to use.

You can find great clutch wallets at Chicastic.

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