Happy Halloween!!

Penguin Halloween Costume by Chicastic.com

Penguin Halloween Costume by Chicastic.com

Halloween is coming up in a few days! Have you gotten your costume yet? Remember, costumes don’t have to be elaborate to be creative. You can build a costume around a few simple pieces! This high fashion penguin costume was created using a Chicastic corset with a tuxedo detail and bow-tie. Accent with some bright orange heels and a tangerine crystal clutch. Finish with a brimmed military style hat for a cheeky look! So cute, right?

Sexy Halloween Costumes!

Halloween Costumes with Corsets by Chicastic

Everyone wants to look AMAZING, even on a night full of fantasy and fear like Halloween! It is easy to buy a ready made costume, but why do that when you can be more creative and have more fun when creating your own? Chicastic has a large selection of corsets and accessories that will make it easy to exercise your creativity when coming up with a Halloween costume! Simple solid corsets can transform you into a superhero or sleek black cat. There are animal print corsets as well as soft florals. The possibilities are endless!

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Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas by Chicastic.comFor more ideas like this, visit our Pinterest page!

Are you looking for a sexy Halloween costume? Instead of buying a costume from the store, why not add a stylish and glamourous twist with some accessories from Chicastic? Chicastic carries corsets in many colors that you can interpret into many sexy costume ideas. Match your corset with a sparkly clutch, and color coordinated jewelry to finish off your look!