Masquerade Costume

Red Masquerade


Halloween is the time to put on a masquerade. A masquerade party, by definition, is a party where everyone attends wearing a mask. Well, on Halloween, that’s a definite given! Masquerade parties allow you to adopt new personas. As per their 15th century beginnings, they allowed people to wear clothing they wouldn’t normally wear. Enjoying yourself while remaining anonymous is what makes these parties so alluring.

But if you’re running late or found a party to go to last minute, a masquerade costume is so easy to make! Literally, all you need is a mask, and boom – masquerade!

There’s no reason to be boring about it, though! Use this time to wear an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear! Just pick your favorite color and GO!

Start with a satin lace up corset in your most favoritest color! From there, find a pair of shoes that match, like these red peep toe crystal encrusted heels! You’ll definitely need something to carry your car keys in, but not something you want to worry about holding the whole time, so this red satin rose wristlet with rhinestone handle is perfect for dangling on your arm without being too big to think about. And its rose design looks like part of your costume! Add a long ballgown type skirt and a red chiffon scarf to keep your shoulders warm, too! Last, but definitely not least, a tiny top hat for the crowning finish!

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Elegant Halloween Costumes DIY

Sometimes you want to be sexy, but not show too much skin! There’s definitely a place for subtle sexy elegance on Halloween! All it takes is one inherently sexy item in your costume arsenal! The CORSET!

Steampunk Fox


If you’ve been paying attention to our posts, you’ll notice our beautiful corsets taking center stage in all of our costume ideas! But you don’t have to show as much skin as we’ve been indicating in most of our posts! You can absolutely be sexy and still be covered up! You THINK it’s the outfit, but it’s really your attitude! Confidence is sexy!

For a fun twist on a Sexy Fox costume, try our Brown Goth Brocade Vintage Steampunk Corset paired with a long layered skirt. Paint a cute fox face with makeup, pin some furry fox ears to your hair and a long luxurious tail to the backside of your skirt and the basic look is done! Accessorize with a Brown Bronze Hardbox Sequined Clutch Purse and finish with a pair of Black Rhinestone Crystal Heels!

Queen of Hearts


One of the most popular characters in literature is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Start with our Halter Style Lace Corset in Red or Black, whichever suits your fancy. Add a flowing red chiffon gown skirt and a red heart shaped fur capelet or red chiffon scarf if you’re on a budget! A fiery red wig, gold heart earrings and gold gloves will be the fine details to take your costume to the next level! Lastly, strap on a pair of Black Rhinestone Crystal Heels because no queen would be without her bling! Carry your essentials in a Pleated Red Satin Clutch with a Rhinestone Decor on the flap.


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Sexy Dinosaur and Dragon

Sexy Dragon


By now you’ve pretty much seen a TON of DIY Halloween costume ideas from us, and believe me, they are so much more fun to make than buy readymade at the store! I truly believe that the most fun of Halloween is at the getting ready part! Some of the costumes we’ve put together have been fun, sexy, silly and like our last post, pretty hilarious. If you’ve learned anything by now, it’s that you can make anything sexy. You can even become a sexy Donut by wearing a pair of beige or brown leggings, a gold or yellow corset, and wrapping a pink chiffon scarf around your neck that you’ve bedecked with tube beads to look like sprinkles. Voila, sexy donut! And hilarity ensues!

This costume is one we haven’t yet come up with (don’t know how this one got missed!) but our Emerald Green Satin Corset can be paired with the popular “mermaid leggings” but instead of seashells in your hair, add a couple of spikes or dragon headband and boom you’re a dinosaur! Or lizard! Or dragon! Long nails, lizard-y earrings can complete the look. All you need is a green sequined embellished clutch and a pair of sequined black heels and BOOM you’re a magical reptile!


Disney Halloween Costumes

Everyone wants to be a Disney Princess! Isn’t that the dream since childhood? Well, you still can, but with a grown up twist! Check out Snow White, Belle, and Esmerelda below!

Snow White at the Office Halloween Costume


Items in this set:
Pink Chiffon Scarf
Purple Chiffon Scarf
Abstract Rhinestone Clutch
Latex Rubber Waist Trainer

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Celebrity Halloween Costumes

How much fun would it be to be a celebrity for a day? Lucky for you, Halloween is just around the corner and your favorite celebrities are always fun costume options! Here are a couple of ideas to kickstart your holiday!

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume


Kim Kardashian is seriously the IT girl of this decade. Her fame and notoriety has outlasted last decade’s IT girl and former boss, Paris Hilton. Kim is known for her gorgeous black hair, which can be mimicked easily with a luxurious wig. Her eyelashes are iconic and if you aren’t as lucky to be blessed with lashes like hers, falsies can easily solve that problem.

Kim’s curves are also part of her brand. Accentuate your own with a Sexy Halter Style Lace Trim Strong Boned Corset. Make sure your skirt is tight, and you finish your look with a pair of crystal embellished high heels and an opulent rhinestone clutch purse!

Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume


Nicki Minaj is also another celebrity known for her exaggerated curves and multicolored hair! Sporting a very different look than Kim Kardashian, Minaj is known for brighter colors. Highlight your inner Minaj with a pink satin corset. With dramatic lashes of her own, a pair of false lashes can really play up your look. A pair of gold rhinestone heels can really kick up this costume!

Caitlin Jenner Halloween Costume


Last but not least, Caitlin Jenner was another celebrity hot off the tabloids. Fresh from the cover of Vanity Fair, you can recreate this look with a white satin corset, a pair of white boy shorts and a pair of silver rhinestone crystal high heels. Carry your essentials in a matching white satin clutch purse, and you’re ready for your own magazine cover!

DIY Sailormoon Halloween Costume



If you were a kid during the 90’s, chances are you were familiar with the Japanese cartoon Sailor Moon! It’s about a group of extraordinary teenage girls who fight evil by the light of the moon! The song was real catchy, too! If you aren’t familiar, check it out HERE!

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts costumes are SO easy to make! You may even be able to put one together with items from your own closet, if you’re in a pinch! Of course, a little more sophisticated and grown up, of course! Why not?

First, start with either one of Chicastic’s White Satin Corsets or White Lace Corsets (the material doesn’t matter, it’s how you style it that will get your point across!). Add a short blue skirt (for Sailor Moon – the other Sailor Scouts wear different colored skirts). Attach a bow to the front of your corset, and attach smaller matching bows to the arms of white satin gloves. Instead of the iconic red boots, wear a pair of crystal red rhinestone heels! Carry a neon yellow clutch to mimic Sailor Moon’s hair and her moon symbol! Wrap a blue chiffon scarf around your neck to symbolize the sailor collar and you’re done!

The best part about Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts costumes is that you can modify certain pieces to represent each of the girls, creating one epic group theme costume! Match your scarf, skirt, and clutch to that of your favorite Sailor Scout and there you go!

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DIY Frida Kahlo Halloween Costume

Frida Kahlo DIY Costume


Frida Kahlo is one of the most influential artists ever to live. Her art documents her physical and mental anguish after a bus accident left her permanently disabled. Some of her paintings also detail her relationship with artist Diego Rivera. Her signature look is her own homage to her heritage, of which she was very proud.

Recreate Frida’s characteristic outfit with one of Chicastic’s red lace trimmed corsets! Layer a colorful flowing skirt over that, and wrap a silk chiffon scarf around your shoulders. Tie up your hair and pin a flower crown upon your head to finish your look. While Frida likely wore flats or low heels, you can have a little fun with a pair of red crystal stilettos.

Remember, when dressing up as a historical figure, especially one as revered as Frida Kahlo, it helps to familiarize yourself with their story! Read all about her here!

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Sexy Black Wolf

Sexy Wolf


Make em’ howl this Halloween with this super sexy Black Wolf costume! After finding this gorgeous mask, we HAD to create a costume around it! Pair one of our sexy satin corsets (available in Blue, Navy Blue and Sky Blue) with a matching blue crystal heel. Wear some faux fur booty shorts, and add fur leg warmers to finish the look! Carry your essentials in one of our knuckle duster clutches for added awesomeness!

For an alternative costume, try a horse mask or horse head for a “Sexy Clydesdale” look. Any animal mask would work, really, as long as the corset you choose pulls the color from the mask or makeup you decide on. Luckily for you, Chicastic has an amazing selection of satin corsets in various colors!

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DIY Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Jessica Rabbit


Take it back, way back to the early 90’s for some nostalgia! This gorgeous Jessica Rabbit costume can be easily created with a strapless red dress! For a budget friendly idea, go with a long red maxi skirt and cut your own slit up the side! Add some satin purple gloves, a pair of red stiletto heels, and a carry a glittering red mesh clutch to finish the look! For a bonus, have your significant other dress up as Roger for a cute couple’s costume!

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DIY Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy Halloween Costume


There are an infinite number ways to style a fairy costume using one of Chicastic’s satin corsets! For an island or rainforest themed fairy, replace the shimmering fabric wings with a pair of green vinyl placemats! You can find those at the dollar store or thrift if you know where to look! The flower crown and belt can also be made with silk flowers from the craft store and a glue gun! Pull a pink skirt from your own wardrobe and add a chiffon scarf and a pair of nude shimmering heels to mimic the barefoot look! To carry your necessities, carry one of Chicastic’s rose wrist clutch!

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