How to Accessorize for Your Quinceanera!

How To Accessorize For Your Quinceanera

‪ A q‪uinceañera‬ is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Latin American culture. It marks the transition from childhood to womanhood and is a very important aspect of a young woman’s life. Q‪uinceañera‬s usually involve a religious ceremony, … Continue reading

One Ring Knuckle Duster

Having some set items for special occasions can come in handy. Here is a versatile formal clutch to save for those extra fancy events.

It is always useful to have some set parts of your wardrobe for specific things. Some things every closet should have are a little black dress, a universal interview outfit, and a few other staple pieces to keep your wardrobe fully stocked and at the ready no matter what. It is always smart to have some fancy things on hand. Even if you do not attend formal events very often, it is good to save pieces from past events to use in the future in the event that the occasion arises. One accessory fits that category and that is the elegant clutch. The clutch is the perfect handbag for more upscale events, and this one ring knuckle duster does the trick.

This elegant piece makes a classic statement. On it’s own, it is very bold and eye-catching, using large gold and rhinestone insets over a loud statement color. These primary-leaning jewel tones add a touch of old world elegance that is found in regalia and is reminiscent of royalty. Because this statement clutch is so bold on its own, it goes best with basics and more subtle dresses or pantsuits. For instance, a knuckle duster in any of these shades would go wonderfully with a little black dress. Its motif can be implemented simply by using other accent pieces that are the same shade as the bag, such as matching shoes and jewels or colored jewelry with the clutch itself.

You can also go with using the bag’s color to inspire a theme for your look. Wearing other blues in the same family as the blue used in the bag you can create an interesting, somewhat matching look that doesn’t look too matchy-matchy but is still well coordinated and complete. Accessorize with simple gold jewelry that only adds a hint of shimmer with some rhinestone or diamond earrings to balance the look. Alternatively, you can use the color of the bag as a means of offset. Pair this clutch with a dress in a complementary color to that used in the knuckle duster you choose. You can go with the option above of using it to accent a little black dress, but this clutch would stand out just as well against most other neutrals, especially whites or beiges. It all depends on the look you wish to achieve and the level of glam you’re going for. No matter what, it is always vital to have a staple formal bag on hand because you never know when you might need one in a pinch.

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One Ring Knuckle Duster

Crystal Stud Peacock Motif Hard Box Clutch

Using an accessory as a focal point can be beneficial when it comes to creating different looks. Create multiple styles of outfits with this peacock hard case clutch.

Accessories possess a world of power. They can compliment an outfit, make certain elements of an ensemble pop more effectively, and they have the power to steal the show if desired. An entire outfit or look can be altered with the use of accessories, whether you are using jewelry, shoes, scarves, hair accessories, hats, purses, or any other number or combination of items to complete your look. Fashion accessories are a lot of fun as well, you can choose to use the piece to make a statement, use it to inspire the look and color scheme of your look, or use it to invoke a certain feel to your outfit. This  can do any of these aforementioned things and do so with class.

The peacock motif itself is fabulously vintage. It hearkens back to the speakeasy and underground club scene of the roaring 20’s and adds a hint of this old school glamor no matter what you’re wearing. Using this clutch as a focal point of inspiration for a formal outfit seems the most logical. Depending on the color of bag you choose, gold, silver or black, you can match it with a metallic or sequined dress. Or you can simply use it to accent a vintage styled or retro find dress in most colors, though jewel-tones work particularly well (especially those found in a peacock’s feathers, such as teal, deep blue and purple). Use rhinestone studded cocktail jewelry to complement this clutch and further push that romantic vintage feel.

Another way to use this piece is to do so in stark contrast. Pair this clutch with a sleek, modern dress in a simplistic color or in a bright and bold statement color like radiant orchid. This way, the bag will stand out and make a statement that offsets the dress in both style and design while complimenting it at the same time. The contrast in the material of the dress, whether it’s satin or any other dress that offers a sleek silhouette, and the textured surface of this hard box clutch, from its grid like rhinestone insets to its large peacock motif closure. When worn in this style, the peacock closure can make a larger impact, standing out against the smooth material of your ensemble.

There are plenty of ways to manipulate a statement piece to create multiple looks. Mix and match, experiment and see what works. You never know what combinations may work out for you and make your next signature style.

You can find this peacock motif hard box clutch at Chicastic.

Crystal Stud Peacock Motif Hard Box Clutch

Rhinestone Sequin Chocolate Brown Clutch

Award season is upon us. You may not have won a Golden Globe (this year anyway!) , but you can still join in the fun of getting glammed up by adding a pop of glamour in your every day.

Who says clutches are only for big nights out on the town? Celebrities break the rules all the time! Add a little star power to your everyday look with a subtly fancy clutch purse. Paired with your favorite jeans, giant sunglasses and a megawatt smile, you can have the checkout girl at the supermarket wondering just who is that when you pull your credit card from a crystal clutch to buy milk and bread. After all, the who’s who of Hollywood’s gotta eat too, right?

Treat yourself like a star today at Chicastic!Chocolate Brown Sequin Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Knuckle Duster Four Ring Clutch Purse

Knuckle Duster purses are so trendy and in fashion for the last decade. But knuckle dusters decorated with the skull might be a little too much for some of us, so we have them encrusted with big rhinestone crystals, small rhinestones, in different shapes and sizes to suit everybody’s style better. There’s a large variety of Knuckle Duster Clutches at Chicastic especially this Faux Snakeskin Knuckle Duster Clutch which looks exotic with the snakeskin look along with the most popular knuckle duster rings. So if you are into ring clutches this is a must have in your accessory closet.

Black Faux Snakeskin Duster Knuckle Four Ring Clutch Purse Cocktail Bag with Crystal Clutch

Festive Holiday Party Clutch Purses

Holiday Season is almost here and soon it will be time for holiday parties at home and at the office. Of course we all want to look our best for these parties. For some it might be the first office party or first holiday party since you moved to another city, got married or anything special like that. As important as the dress are the accessories you wear and carry to the parties this year. But looking great doesn’t mean having to buy expensive clothes and accessories. You can be on a budget and still look like a million bucks. Like this crystal clutch purse that comes in an assortment of colors, looks very expensive but to your surprise is only $29.99. So affordable, you could buy one in every color, for yourself, your mom, sister and friends. These make lovely holiday gifts for her. And you can find that price only at Chicastic!

Wine Red Crystal Rhinestone Studded Satin Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

White Bridal Sequin Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

We at Chicastic pride ourselves in being a part of the most wonderful day of your life – your wedding. Chicastic has an excellent collection of bridal clutch bags. We have the perfect accessory for every type of bridal dress. Check out this elegant and pretty white bridal hard box clutch bag – it is sure to get you all the attention.

 White Bridal Sequin Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

White Bridal Sequin Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Beige Crystal Sequin Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse Bag

Weddings can be so much fun. We all always look forward to weddings of our friends and family because it is such a great time to get together with all the people we haven’t met in a long time due to our busy lives. But this is just one reason for the excitement for weddings. The real reason for the wedding excitement, especially amongst women and girls, is the opportunity to wear fancy clothes and carry nice and dramatic accessories.

This beige crystal sequin hard box clutch is the perfect dramatic accessory for anyone attending a wedding of someone close or your own! It is a beautiful hard case box clutch purse covered with a beige satin which is decorated with gold crystal sequins which make the purse so dressy and attractive. This purse has a gold tone metallic closure. And also comes with a gold chain string packed safely inside a plastic bag inside for you to use when needed. Having the gold chain makes this purse very comfortable to carry hands free when you are greeting guests, filling guest books, drinking, dining or even dancing.

The beige color makes the purse very neutral so it can be used with any color. Beige with gold tone hardware makes this purse an easy accessory to match with other things such as shoes and jewelry. This beige crystal clutch is a multi-functional purse which is perfect as a cocktail clutch bag, or for weddings, or just a night out. The purse is spacious too! It has room to fit your iPhone, cash, cards, keys, lipstick and powder, what else does a girl need on a night out!

Our stylists suggest that the best colors to match with this beige purse are – Reds, Blues, Golds, Blacks and Whites. They also suggest using gold tone jewelry instead of silver tone jewelry to match the gold hardware on the purse. This clutch bag is like a piece of jewelry, so delicate and beautiful and if coordinated correctly it can make your outfit on this special occasion look just perfect!

When the purse is shipped, it comes safely packed in paper, bubble wrap and a dust bag, and finally packed into a carton box. We suggest using the same box to pack the purse back when you are doing using it. You can buy this beautiful Beige Crystal Clutch Purse at Chicastic now for only $44.99!

Beige Bridal Sequin Crystal Hard Box Wedding Cocktail Clutch Purse  Cited From:

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Chocolate Brown Crystal Hard Box Clutch

Have a thing for chocolate but don’t wanna cheat on your diet? Well Chicastic has found a way for you to get your chocolate fix without putting on the calories. Our chocolate brown crystal hard box clutch is just as decadent and sweet as the real thing! Covered with sequins and crystals, this clutch is everything you can ever need to give you the same feeling as biting into your favorite chocolate bar without the guilt. This clutch is also available in white and grey!



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