Crystal Hard Box Mini Cocktail Clutch

Crystal Clutch

We adore clutches that can be added to almost any outfit in your wardrobe. If you love these types of clutches too, then check out this crystal hard box mini cocktail clutch. It features light catching crystal beads which are … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday- Clueless

Clueless Accessories

The ladies of Clueless may have been clueless about life, but they weren’t clueless about fashion. Cher and Dionne had some great outfits. They even helped Tai upgrade her style. The iconic look they wore that everyone remembers is the … Continue reading

Chocolate Brown Crystal Hard Box Clutch

Have a thing for chocolate but don’t wanna cheat on your diet? Well Chicastic has found a way for you to get your chocolate fix without putting on the calories. Our chocolate brown crystal hard box clutch is just as decadent and sweet as the real thing! Covered with sequins and crystals, this clutch is everything you can ever need to give you the same feeling as biting into your favorite chocolate bar without the guilt. This clutch is also available in white and grey!



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Prom Clutch Purses

Prom season is here!  You’ve been waiting all year for this night!  What better way to accent your perfect prom dress than with the perfect prom clutch purse? This beautiful Rose Gold Fully Sequined Antique Style Clutch Purse is the perfect wristlet you can get for your prom night. Or if you want to be the sophisticated one in the party, try one of these Rhinestone Crystal Hard Case Clutch Purses.

Chicastic has the best collection of prom purses to match any dress!

Chicastic has the best collection of prom purses to match any dress!