Something Blue For Your Wedding Day

Weddings are the event of a lifetime.  It’s kind of a big deal.  Planning is all about the details.  A common detail that bakes the noodle of any bride-to-be is where to fit in the “blue” for your wedding day.  Something old, new, and borrowed is usually covered from day one.  What to do about something blue can become a bit of a Sienfeld episode. Here are some really chic ideas to incorporate something blue with style.


A pair of beautiful blue dangle earrings with gold accents adds a royal touch to the affair.  Why shouldn’t it?  You’re the princess!  Whether you wear them yourself or have the bridesmaids don them, they add an elegant flair all their own.  If you prefer your bridesmaids wear them, they can double as the bridesmaid gift. They will certainly wear them again.  Chicastic has a perfect pair of majestic blue gemstone earrings with gold accents for the perfect price.  Two birds, one stone!


Speaking of “two birds, one stone,” … if bridesmaids are having trouble collectively deciding on the bridesmaids dress, an edgy and chic solution could be putting these gals in waist cinching blue bustier. A sapphire blue satin corset with the matching skirt of the bridesmaid’s choice solves uniformity and looks fabulous because their waist, stomach, and bust are in picture perfect.  The bustier ensures a great silhouette, poise and posture.  It’s ultra feminine; so classic that it can be worn again by your bridesmaids.  A beautiful bustier boosts the confidence of anyone who wears it! That’s a great way to say, “thanks, girls.”


The clutch is ultimately where you can’t go wrong!  Whether you BLING it out or have a passion forSATIN a nice blue clutch is the answer to your prayers.  Don’t be afraid to play with accents or textures.  This Faberge patterned clutch is fabulous and quite unique for a price you can’t beat.  You can never have enough bags!  The clutch is another reusable accessory that won’t collect dust in the closet and will rock every time you pull it out.  Always a safe slam-dunk!  Although you don’t pull these gems out regularly, these clutches are they are timeless and a guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser each and every time.  If you choose to treat your bridesmaids, they will thank you.  What is there left to say other than, “to BLING or not to BLING” – that is the question.  The answer is at Chicastic.

Something Blue for Brides

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Holiday parties are right around the corner! The question is, what to wear to all the fancy shindigs around town? There are as many reasons to get dressed up as there are outfits to wear! It is very easy to stray from looking classy and festive to a completely hot mess. Here are a few ideas to help you look your best this holiday season.

A slim fitting knee length jewel toned dress with a v-neck collar and three quarter inch sleeves is very sleek, stylish and classy. It combines sexy with just the right amount of conservatism. Wear with a gold or silver pendant and accent with bangles of the same color. Or skip the bangles and carry a metallic clutch with a rhinestone clasp.

Sleeveless white satin dresses are reminiscent of crystalline snow, so they are perfect for holidays. Strap on silver heels and carry a silver clutch. Forego any jewelry and let your hair loose. Keep your makeup natural except for a swipe of bright red lipstick for a true snow queen look!

Nothing says holidays like sparkle and glitter, so why not go all out with them? You can wear a gold sequined tube dress with nude stockings and flesh or gold toned heels. Wrap a soft white shawl around you to stay warm. Pearl or diamond stud earrings are a good choice because they will not compete with your dress. Because this is a tube dress that exposes your neck and shoulders, you want to wear your hair pulled up to draw attention to those areas. If you need more sparkle, try a cocktail ring or thin gold bangles. Your dress is full of sparkles already so there is no need to add more.

For a funkier approach, try a black and white striped skirt paired with an embellished tank top, black stockings and glittering black heels. Add a pop of color with a bright pink clutch bag and a statement necklace. Add to that a black chiffon scarf.

If dresses and skirts are not an option, try a pair of slacks paired with a pretty top. Any color is acceptable! The holidays are full of fun and frivolity so why should your outfit stay muted and dull? Emerald green pants worn with gold heels and a gold corset is an incredibly sexy look without being too revealing. Cropped amethyst purple pants with silver heels looks stunning with a loose sweater covered in sequins. Or go monochromatic with navy pants, a periwinkle tank top, royal blue clutch and an ombre blue shawl.

Remember, the holidays only come once a year! Feel free to take risks with your holiday outfit! Keep it colorful, classy and sparkling and you won’t go wrong!

Visit Chicastic to buy fashion accessories for your holiday parties this year and you will not go wrong.

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas