Pink Suede Rhinestone One Ring Knuckle Duster Bag

Spring is on its way and so are fun nights out in warmer weather.  Why not add a little pop to your winter wardrobe in anticipation?  A pink suede rhinestone one ring knuckle duster bag should do just the trick.  It has so many great features in just one bag!  The soft feel of suede, the blinged out rhinestone knuckle ring, and a convenient optional chain strap for hands free carrying.  This purse even looks like it accessorized for you with a necklace shaped set of rhinestones on the front side and a large rhinestone at the top of the knuckle ring.

Try the purse in pink for a great addition to your collection.  Wear it with neutrals to make it the focal point or compliment a bright colored outfit.  It also comes in wine red, black, deep purple, red violet, and royal blue.

You can purchase it at Chicastic right now.Pink Suede Rhinestone One Ring Knuckle Duster Bag