Dress it Up With a Necklace

Some of us think that the only way to have a full wardrobe is if it’s brimming with clothing. Here are some ways to maximize your look by simply manipulating what necklaces you wear with which outfits. We all want … Continue reading

Mint Jewelry For the Summer

Mint is in. But how can you work these cool accessories into your summer wardrobe?

Spring and summer are arguably all about color. Bright, vibrant shades help lighten the atmosphere and match the growing and blooming foliage all around us. Even if we’re wearing a neutral outfit, whether white, black, navy or beige, bright bold colors work well to add some oomph to our look and make us look more spirited and lively to match the season. There are few staple colors that really work their magic this time of year but mint is definitely one of them. While the cool nature of mint can work in winter as well, matching the chill outside, mint is also associated with the flavor as well which is light and refreshing, definitely a necessity for those warm summer months.

Mint jewelry makes for a great statement piece. Whether it is featured in a statement necklace, a bulky bangle or in a chunky stone ring, this color works to bring out the best of the season. A little lighter and cooler than other beachy colors like aquamarine or turquoise, this color offers a bit of the same feel while still being light and refreshing. This shade works wonders when paired with dark outfits or tops. Worn with a black or navy blouse, tank, or even a dress, this sort of jewelry will stand out and instantly lighten your look appropriately. You can also feel free to pair such an ensemble with mint flats or pointed toe heels for some added emphasis, which can also balance your look.

There are also plenty of jewelry types to choose from. Mint stones and insets are great for that boho look, especially if you are going for a more beachy feel. Enamel laquered bracelets or chain necklace work great if you’re going for an edgier and more modern look. When it comes to mint jewelry, you can really mix and match. Full on sets, including necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings, etc. are great especially when worn with a monochromatic outfit such as the ever popular little black dress. With this option, you can add some flare and breathe new life into your favorite basic while also completing and balancing out your overall look. If you’re wearing a busier outfit, then it would be best to go minimal. Choose only one piece to wear with your outfit so it is still noticeable but does not appear overbearing in comparison to the other items you are wearing.

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Mint Jewelry

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are everywhere now and they come in a countless variety of styles. Bib necklaces are among some of the most popular and here are some ways you can wear them to your advantage.

Statement necklaces are super hot right now. They can be bold and daring or can do a lot to accent an ensemble. Even though they seem to take up a lot of space and demand more attention than other jewelry pieces might, these particular fashion accessories are surprisingly versatile. They can be worn with basic outfits, to the office, out to dinner, and even to weddings or other formal events. This black enamel and gold tone bib statement necklace has more uses than you might initially think and can help extend your wardrobe.

This particular piece is both modern and vintage inspired. Bib necklaces hearken to an ancient time, evoking the images of Cleopatra or Nefertiti, and bring with them their wealth of power and beauty. These necklaces today are just as powerful and can be used on many occasions. The simple black and gold pattern makes this piece extremely adaptable, matching most outfits and looks. Black is not only the easiest color to match but is by far the sleekest. And gold brings with it a wealth of beauty, both in its appearance as well as in its history. While this piece does rock that vintage vibe, it is still very modern. Because of this, it can be worn along with a professional power suit just as well as with a flowy, bohemian dress.

Large necklaces like this work well with simple necklines. A strapless top or dress really allows this piece to stand out against your neck and shoulders without anything to distract from it. Wear it with a basic tank or strapless top in summer to liven up a casual, poolside outfit. These necklaces also work well with scoop necks or v-necks if you’re still looking to dress up a casual outfit. As long as the neckline is wide enough to allow the accessory space to sit comfortably, it can add that oomph to any basic tee and jeans.

If you’re going for a more professional look, this necklace works just as well. Even though they look great on a bare neck, they can also be worn tucked under the collar of a button down shirt. This adds more dimension to the shirt you’re wearing, and still looks great when peeking out from under a fitted blazer. On a more formal note, this piece is also great for formal events as well. Since it is fairly neutral, it can work with most colors, but still works just as well when paired with a little black dress.

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Black and Gold Bib Necklace


Turquoise Mint Stone Statement Jewelry Set

Statement pieces are great for dressing up outfits, but statement sets can give you a whole new kind of arsenal to work with. Learn the different styles and combinations you can employ with this stone jewelry set.

Statement pieces are all the rage right now. They can be worn with basic tees, button-ups, little black dresses, you name it. But they also come in a countless number of different styles. Chunky chain or enamel jewelry gives off that sleek city vibe while layered chains and beads are more bohemian. No matter what the style, they all make a statement, as their namesake would suggest. This large turquoise mint stone statement necklace jewelry set makes a statement while walking the line between these two styles.

The large inset stones invoke that bohemian, earthy feel and yet their bold and chunky display invokes sleeker styles. Wear it with flowing lace and loose cardigans for a laid-back gypsy feel. When worn with earth tones, such as browns, creams, beige, hunter, sage or grass greens, sky and ocean blues in layers and long flowing lace and embroidery, you can invoke that old-world look while keeping comfy and casual. The earthy nature of the stones themselves lend easily to this look and can inspire the color scheme of your outfit, or the turquoise can be used to offset it. If you’re going to match, choose some blues or other shades in that family. If you choose to offset it, however, then wear it against whites, creams, browns or even beige so the startling minty turquoise makes its statement. Every part of the set adds to the bohemian look which is characterized by a gypsy-like use of jewelry, yet does so without going overboard.

Alternatively, you could also opt to wear this set with a sleek black dress and ankle booties for that city chic look. This set can go either way and that’s the beauty of it. Though it can be worn with other colors, these pieces particularly stand out when worn with a form-fitting black ensemble. This can mean a body-con dress or a top with skinny jeans or even leather pants or leggings (or leggings that look like leather or something similar). When paired with a sleek, sophisticated yet minimal outfit, each part of this set is allowed to shine to its fullest. The mint color jumps out against the black, and the gold metalwork works to aid that as well.

Feel free to mix and match and see which looks feel right, but this set is incredibly versatile, no matter what you choose. Wear just the necklace or bracelet, or any combination of the three to create different looks and effects. Create your own statement and be creative.

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Black Enamel Fashion Bracelet

Enamel jewelry is pretty hot right now. Available in a multitude of fashionable colors, these statement pieces are everywhere. One great incarnation of this accessory is the black enamel bracelet. Not only does it evoke the bold nature of the style, but it allows you more flexibility considering it features the ultimate, and arguably most exciting, neutral color. It can add a bit of glam to an outfit while still being versatile.

One great way to wear this piece is for a night out on the town. Black goes with anything, so if you’re wearing a dress of practically any color, this accessory will match. To make it stand out a bit more, try wearing it with a color other than black, so the bracelet can stand out in contrast against the color you choose. Usually if you’re going bold with color in the clothing portion of your ensemble, it means that the accessories should provide a point of balance. This piece does just that. The black enamel tones down the look while still allowing you to accessorize without looking like it’s too much.

Also consider playing with a bold shoe or clutch purse. The same rules apply as above for a dress or flashy top. You can also consider playing around with prints, too. The black and gold of this accessory naturally lends itself to leopard print which feature the same colors. This bracelet can effortlessly tie together leopard clutch purses by using the same colors instead of repeating the pattern. This way, the colors accentuate the print, allowing it to stand out more and make more of a statement.

This piece is also great for the office. If you’re looking to add some oomph to your normal workplace ensemble, a simple but chunk piece like this adds some personality to your look while still being professional and appropriate. Pair this bracelet with gold or other statement necklace. Buy this stylish bracelet at Chicastic now!

Black Enamel Bracelet