Purple Tribal Embroidery Hard Box Clutch

Check out Chicastic’s all new tribal embroidery hard box evening clutch in purple!

This one of a kind clutch comes fully equipped with an eye-catching design that boasts both Aztec and Navajo influences. Made from only the finest materials, the vivid purple color only extenuates the precise details of this unique purse.

Purple Tribal Embroidery Hard Box PurseThe tribal embroidery hard box clutch will easily fit all of your most personal items – your cell phone, keys, makeup money, etc. It’s perfect for when you don’t want to lug around a big, bulky purse. Just grab it and go!

This purse measures 6 inches in length, 4 inches in height, and 2 inches in width. Plus, it comes with a chain tucked inside so you can easily transform your clutch into a stylish over the shoulder purse. The outer silver hardware is sure to match your evening jewelry. And the silver top clasp will safeguard all of your belongings.

Chicastic’s tribal embroidery hard box clutch is available in your choice of purple, champagne, black, red, royal blue, or silver.

Pretty In Pink

Feeling super feminine and flirty? Do you want to look and feel like the princess you thought you were as a child?  Let your girly side come out to play this summer by adding a splash of pink to your wardrobe! From blush pink, to neon pink, to petal pink, hot pink, and more, the endless shades of this rosy, ladylike color give you so many choices of what to wear and how to wear it. There is so much power in pink; it’s an eye catching color that will surely steal hearts this summer so show everyone what you got and think pink with Chicastic’s help!

Our pretty in pink outfit features some of our best selling items in various shades of pink. This look that feature’s Chicastic items is the perfect example of how easy it is to wear a lot of pink without limiting yourself to one shade. For example, the loose bright pink skirt on this dress compliments the sparkling, captivating top half impeccably without taking away the softness it adds to this look with its flowly, perfectly uneven layers. The bedazzling pink crystal hard box clutch (one of the latest additions to the Chic and Glamorous Collection) makes this outfit very glitzy and fabulous and the muted shade is a great contrast to the bright pink skirt. It’s a showstopper that will leave people speechless and wondering where you got it.  The final accessory to complete this look is a simply elegant elastic stretch light pink and gold enamel bracelet adorned with rhinestones (also available in black and gold). This sparkly number is a stunning way to top off your pretty in pink look without over doing the pink theme.

These pieces are just a few examples of all the pink we have to offer at Chicastic. We have every shade, style, and preference we can get our hands on to make your search for the perfect pink accessories easy and fun. You can make your pink look girly like the one we have, or add accessories that challenge the girly stereotype of the color pink.  If this color is your thing, check out Chicastic now and be sure to check with us frequently as we add more merchandising to our inventory.

Pretty in Pink

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Wine Red Beaded Evening Clutch Purse

Wine red is a very rich color that will be everywhere this fall season. You can easily wear this color trend in a unique way with Chicastic’s wine red beaded evening clutch. Perfect for a fall wedding, this delicate handbag is the perfect mix of maturity and youthfulness with its fun floral detail. the chain tucked inside gives you the chance to re wear this bag again and again in different ways.  It is available on sale at Chicastic in off white, beige, and black too if you prefer this bag in colors that go with just about anything in your closet.

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Cocktail Clutch Purse

The cocktail clutch purse has been a necessary staple for women for so long!  The evolution of the clutch purse came of necessity over the years for a small, compact bag that would hold just the essentials.  In the 1920’s, clutch purses, known back then as “pochettes” featured geometric designs.  These pochettes were carried under the arms.  The 30’s brought on the Art Deco movement, and evening bags incorporated new materials such as lucite, bakelite and zippers.  There were changes in fashion, and women begin to wear baggy dresses instead of corsets, and with this freedom, women began to smoke cigarettes and everything a woman needed had to fit into a cocktail clutch purse.  The smallest bag must still be able to hold a lipstick, a cigarette case, and powder.  In the 1960’s, the long and narrow clutch purse became popular among youth.

Today, these clutch purses come in infinite styles and colors.  Chicastic.com has all the popular styles in every color and fabric imaginable to fit every occasion!


Our “Chic and Glamorous” collection has the most beautiful, sparkly, and elegant cocktail clutch purses.  Accessorize the perfect night out with one of our elegant evening bags today!

Chic and Glamorous Collection

Chicastic’s exclusive Chic and Glamorous Collection includes a collection of some of our most glamorous and alluring styles that will give your ensemble that star quality you are looking for. One of these styles include our green crystal rhinestone studded satin hard box clutch purse. It is the perfect bag for a night out on the town and gives a whole new meaning to chic and glamorous. The bejeweled clutch is sure to dazzle and excite your fellow fashionista’s and the emerald tone is elegance at its finest.  This clutch is also available in purple.


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Prom Clutch Sale Clearance at Chicastic

With prom just around the corner, finding the perfect clutch to go with your dream dress can be such a hassle, especially one at an affordable price. Luckily, we just so happen to have an assortment of clutches and handbags on sale for prices you can’t beat!  Pictured below paired with beautiful prom dresses are our red pintuck satin clutch purse with rhinestones (also available in black and white) our royal blue pintuck satin clutch purse with a glamorous rhinestone brooch pin (available in black) and our black satin clutch purse with a beautiful rhinestone brooch that can also be purchased in royal blue. For these and more beautiful evening clutch purses at affordable prices, visit the clearance section of Chicastic.

Evening, Prom, Bridal, and  Casual Handbags and Clutches

Gold Woven Duster Knuckle Clutch

Looking for a statement bag for the next cocktail event,wedding, or even prom? Well look no further because we found it for you.  In stock now, is our gold woven faux leather duster knuckle clutch detailed with crystals on every ring finger. This bag is such a beautiful statement piece because it is bold, interesting, and daring without being too risky.  It adds drama to even the most simplest of dresses and shows others your true sense of style.  If making a statement with your outfit is your thing, find this bag at Chicastic. It is also available in silver and metallic grey.

Gold Rhinestone Sequin Mesh Purse

Our Gold Rhinestone Crystal Sequin Mesh Bridal Wedding Evening Cocktail Clutch Purse comes straight from our Chic and Glamorous Collection and is nothing short of Chic or Glamor. This timeless design embellished with crystal rhinestones makes for a exquisite clutch that is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Go to Chicastic to get this clutch today and check out the other colors we have available including Black and Silver.

Suede Animal Print Evening Clutch Purse

Black & White Shimmer Suede Leopard Print Animal Print Hard Evening Clutch Handbag

Suede is a type of leather with a finish like that of velvet. It is much softer than leather. Its softness, thinness, and pliability makes it suitable for clothing and delicate uses. It gives an excellent grip and has recently found use in women’s accessories like clutch bags, shoes, and gloves, In fact the term suede comes from the French “grants de suede”, which literally means “gloves of Sweden” ) etc.

Chicastic has recently added hard suede clutch bags to it’s collection with animal print – giving the bags a very royal and a truly bold look.

Gold Shimmer Suede Leopard Print Animal Print Hard Evening Clutch Handbag