Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Thanksgiving Outfits

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and all sorts of yummy foods. That also means the challenge of picking out a cute outfit that allows you to still chow down. Here are some … Continue reading

How to Organize Your Closet for Summer

Prepping your closet for any season can be tricky. Here are some ways to optimize your summer closet without making too much of a project out of it. Closets house our repository of outfits, a mishmash of countless tops, bottoms, … Continue reading

Silk Scarves

Silk is an elegant material and makes for a great professional or simply polished accessory. Here are some ways this little accessory can be made useful.

There are few fashion accessories that are just as cute as they are practical and scarves are more than likely the most useful of any accessory you can possibly own. They look cute and chic, they can add dimension and depth to an outfit, they can protect your head, neck and shoulders from the chill or breeze, and can make a makeshift headscarf or wrap if you need them to. They look great with summer outfits or tucked under coats and are perfect for practically any season or any type of weather. But is there a scarf that helps you look elegant, too?

For a much classier and professional look, the silk scarf is your best accessory. Its silky sheen makes any look appear much more polished and put together, which is great for the workplace, a big interview, or other more formal events. It can sometimes be a difficult task to properly accessorize for a more professional atmosphere but silk scarves provide a means to have fun and still look appropriate for the atmosphere.

The material is more delicate but also leaves room for you to play around with color and print, depending on what you happen to be wearing, of course. You can opt for the ever classic black or go for more neutral colors if you are unsure of what would go best. These options are always great backups regardless. But since the material is already work appropriate, feel free to mix and match with bold spring and summer colors like radiant orchid or pale yellow that will add a splash of color to your office ensemble. Prints and patterns look great too, especially when on silk. Play around with color and either wear a printed scarf with a neutral outfit or use some of the colors in the pattern to use in other accessories like shoes, jewelry or outfit accents as inspiration.

And don’t forget, these handy fashion accessories can be tied in countless ways to yield countless different looks. Tie it tightly around your neck, wear it loose, use it as a kerchief, drape it over your shoulders or wear it like a shawl. Whatever works best with your outfit and the conditions you are in. Having even one silk scarf can create an endless amount of office ensembles to help you truly maximize your wardrobe and mix things up every now and again.

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Silk Scarves

Wearing Yellow Right

What color suits the spring and summer best more than yellow does? While it may bring some light into your wardrobe there are some tricks to wearing this bright and bold color. Yellow is a tricky color to pull off. … Continue reading

Snakeskin Clutches

Snakeskin Clutches

There are few statement pieces that are versatile. A neutral black/white/grey snakeskin clutch can do a lot to your wardrobe by being able to spice it up as well as tone it down. Clutch purses make great additions to any … Continue reading

Pearl One Ring Knuckle Duster Clutch

Pearl Clutches

Accessorize with timeless pearls. Use this hard case one ring clutch to add some elegance to any look. Clutch purses are always classy. Even if their inherent design is modern and chic they always have an air of sophistication about … Continue reading

Leopard Pattern Crystal Clutch Bag

Leopard Print is never out of fashion and it has been there and will be there for a long time. Yet, with time new fashion styles with leopard print come in and make a statement. Check out this gorgeous and pretty brown and black rhinestone studded crystal leopard pattern hard box clutch bag – ideal for any evening party or a cocktail get-together. Available at Chicastic, this is a clutch you will love to have in your wardrobe. You are sure to get infinite number of compliments. The style and looks of the clutch make it a perfect accessory – we promise you will love to have one for you.

Brown And Black Rhinestone Crystal Leopard Pattern Hard Box Evening Clutch Bag

The Favorite Clutch Purse

Clutch purses make an elegant and sophisticated statement. Here are some reasons why Knuckle Clutch purses are a favorite.

A clutch is an elegant way to class up any ensemble. They’re sleek, professional and are always stylish. Like any other fashion accessory on the market, clutch purses come in hundreds of designs and styles and it’s often hard to find which one suits us best. By identifying our general style and overall fashion sense, it’s easy to think of a certain style of bag that suits us best, whether it’s because it boasts a pattern you find yourself drawn to or because you know it will match most of your outfits well. I happen to belong to the latter group. I love finding versatile items that I can wear with anything, whether I’m looking to be casual or formal, and for me I find that I am drawn to a bold Knuckle Duster Clutch.

For me, a clutch is more than just a purse, it’s more of an accessory. I choose my bags like I would a necklace or a bracelet, and just like my jewelry, I like my fashion accessories to have limitless versatility. A knuckle duster clutch, especially one with a bold pattern, color or even with some sparkle, always does the trick for me. They’re perfect for a night out on the town or just a quick run to the cafe for lunch with a friend. They go with almost any ensemble and I absolutely love how the closure can be simultaneously classy and edgy at the same time. I tend to lean towards edgier pieces but that doesn’t mean I don’t like delicate accessories. I like a mix of both. That way I can mix and match styles depending on my mood, my outfit, or the occasion while sending out an individualistic message all at once!

Another thing I love about knuckle dusters is that they can double as a ring while you’re holding them to make even more of a chic fashion statement. Not only does it keep your clutch safe in your grasp but it looks absolutely fashionable and flashy, too. The great thing about clutch purses is that they class up any outfit and look elegant while you hold them. What I love about knuckle dusters is their ability to look elegant while still being fun, giving them the capability to be worn for any occasion or any outing.

When it comes down to it, knuckle dusters fit my style best, both fashion-wise and lifestyle-wise. If you’re on the prowl for a clutch and can’t quite figure out what suits you best, wear a typical outfit out to shop and try them on, see which one fits best with your usual outfit. Or, if you’re specifically searching for a formal clutch, wear or try on an ensemble you might wear out on the town and see how clutches look your general style to see which one fits you best! Visit Chicastic to find a knuckle duster clutch or any other type of evening bag.

Black Glitter Metallic Duster Knuckle Clutch Evening Bag Purse With Rhinestones


Face it. We are not built the same. Some of us are petite and sweet, others are tall and statuesque while others are curvy and voluptuous. We are all familiar with the basic fashion rules to help accentuate the parts of our physique that we like the best while hiding the parts we are less happy to share. Those rules extend to the purses we carry. The right purse can make all the difference in complimenting your body type. Take a look at the list below to help you decide which purse flatters your shape best.

For all body types, please remember to consider the shape of the handbag before purchasing. It is a good idea to pick a purse that is shaped opposite to your type. Generally, curvy women should carry angled purses while a woman whose shape is less round should carry a bag with softer edges. A good rule to follow is to not carry the handbag closest to the area of your body that you do not want to draw attention to.

Petite – Smaller statured women should be careful not to carry a purse that is too big. Large bags will overwhelm a small frame. Medium to small is a better size to shoot for. Longer straps are more flattering than shorter straps, so long as the straps are not too lengthy. Small clutches, miniature backpacks and petite totes are all great for shorter women.

Tall – While the tote bag may overwhelm the petite woman, they absolutely flatter a taller person. Your long arms are accentuated and in proportion while carrying this bag. However, make sure the handles are long enough to carry the bag on your shoulder. Shorter handles will not look proportionate and add awkwardness. A satchel is your favorite color is also another good choice.

Curvy – Purses that land right above the waistline is very flattering. Make sure to avoid small clutches and purses as they may get lost against your figure. Larger envelope clutches are flattering, as are larger satchels and totes with short to medium length straps.

Remember, as with all fashion trends, do not be tempted to wear styles that don’t suit your body type. It is better to stay with classic lines that fit well rather than a fly-by-night trend that is unflattering to your body. Take your time when deciding which purse is right for you.

Checkout Chicastic to make your right choice.

Women's Accessories

Women’s Accessories