Red Carpet Ready

Get Red Carpet Ready with Chicastic this season with are awesome collection of clutch purses. From simple and chic to show stopping styles, we’ve got you covered for whatever style you may need. For example, we have a vast collection of these hard shell cocktail clutch purses that vary in so many colors, you will have no problem finding the perfect one to go with what you’re wearing.  Check out these award winning red carpet styles in bronze, gold, rose gold, black, pewter grey, and silver. Hurry up and get one of these beauties to add to your clutch collection before they run out!

Gold Sequined and Beaded Clutch Purse

Add a dazzling golden sparkle to this summer’s wedding ensemble with Chicastic’s fully sequined and beaded bridal/wedding clutch purse. It is a beautiful, timeless design that transcends any of the other popular trends that are only around for a brief period. The detailed beading, its versatility, and classic style will have you reaching for this clutch from your closet for this summer’s big event and many other to come no matter what season or year it may be. It would be a shame to miss out on getting such an exceptional, exquisite bag so go to Chicastic and get it before it is gone.

Gold Woven Duster Knuckle Clutch

Looking for a statement bag for the next cocktail event,wedding, or even prom? Well look no further because we found it for you.  In stock now, is our gold woven faux leather duster knuckle clutch detailed with crystals on every ring finger. This bag is such a beautiful statement piece because it is bold, interesting, and daring without being too risky.  It adds drama to even the most simplest of dresses and shows others your true sense of style.  If making a statement with your outfit is your thing, find this bag at Chicastic. It is also available in silver and metallic grey.