Black Satin Sexy Corset Lace Up Bustier

Need to feel sexy again?

Chicastic has just what you need!

Feel empowered with the black satin corset lace up bustier top. This foundation garment is the perfect addition to your late night wardrobe, sure to enhance your sexy silhouette and give you an extra boost of confidence when you’re getting frisky with your man. Slip on before lights out and you and your lingerie are sure to be the real stars of the evening!

Black Satin Sexy Corset Lace Up Bustier

The bustier top’s strong boned frame comfortably supports your back and chest, offering an incredibly relaxed fit for the full busted woman. The formfitting corset is easily adjustable, letting the sleek and smooth satin hug your curves to show off your natural hourglass shape. Resilient material and premium quality are what make this corset stand out from all the rest!

This lace up bustier is the ideal undergarment for a date night out or a seductive night in. Pair with thigh high stockings and peep toe high heels to complete the sultry look.

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Corsets for your valentine

Corsets are a hot vintage item and suit the upcoming Valentine’s Day season. Vintage is totally in right now, whether you’re rocking a truly vintage find or an inspired piece. No matter what the era, nostalgia always has a romantic flare to it and corsets are no exception. They can be flirty or feisty depending on how you wear them, and will suit just about anyone now that the most romantic holiday of the year is upon us.

Corsets are more versatile than most people may give them credit for. Depending on the type of corset, color, fabric, and even what it is worn with, this vintage item can be worn in so many ways and can be manipulated to meet any Valentine’s Day agenda. What initially comes to mind are outfits that may consist of nothing but a corset, and this of course is a great gift if you are planning on a special night of alone time with your Valentine. There’s a cut and color for every personality; there are dainty, light colored or floral print corsets for a fun and flirty date or there are more bold pieces featuring deep, sultry colors and lots of lace. But don’t go thinking that corsets are only to be worn behind closed doors. These classic romantic pieces can be worn with slimming jeans if your girl is more of a rocker chick, or can be worn over a long-sleeved shirt or even a basic tee for a more casual and comfortable look.

And corsets don’t just belong to the fashion territory of yesteryear. As certain vintage pieces re-enter the fashion scene, their initial styles are also reinterpreted to appeal to a more modern audience. While having a classic piece is always great, the look doesn’t suit everyone and perhaps doesn’t match everyone’s tastes. If you’re shopping for a more modern girl, there are modern options. A simpler, sleeker corset in perhaps leather, faux leather or other smooth material may be more her style, mixing classic with contemporary. These old-fashioned pieces can also be paired with a fitted blazer and slimming pant for a more modern feel, and are perfect for a date night to boot!

The possibilities are endless. Just like any fashion piece or accessory, there is bound to be one in style for just about everyone. No matter what her style or personal preference, the corset remains a romantic fashion icon, and makes the perfect gift for the passionate holiday season. Chicastic has a ton of beautiful corsets, so get her measurements and find her a lovely corset for Valentine’s day.

Corsets for your valentine

Vintage Style Corset

“The corset has also much to do with the figure. A good corset can make an unseemly figure look quite pleasant to the eye… All the different shaped corsets, adapted to various figures, are made in a variety of materials.” – Godey’s Lady’s Book, September 1889.

A corset can truly enhance a woman’s figure, and make it look attractive and a woman feel more confident about the way she looks and presents herself. Corsets can be worn underneath dresses for a nice hourglass shape, worn inside a jacket for a sexy but still not so-revealing look, or worn in the privacy of your bedroom to spice things up.

Vintage Style Brocade Corset This vintage style brocade corset is a perfect ode to the Victorian Fashion Era. Comes with two way lacing to adjust as per your needs. Corset if worn right, can really help do wonders to your figure.  Buy one for yourself now at Chicastic!

Corsets For Halloween Costumes

The corset is flexible enough to be a costume by itself, or for private use as lingerie, or even worn out as a top! If you are looking for a sexy option for Halloween costumes, think about incorporating a corset. It not only trims your waist and shapes your figure, but it is a flattering garment for every figure. Planning your costume for this year’s scary season is a fun and exciting time! Keeping the balance between sexy, scary and fantasy is an art but one that is not difficult to learn.

If you have never owned a corset before, start with a basic black one. This way, you can wear it on occasions aside from Halloween. You can build several costume ideas from this basic piece. And afterwards, you can wear it as a regular article of clothing! But until then, here are some ideas to get the holiday off to a fun and sexy start!

What you need:

  1. Black Corset
  2. Black Shorts, Skirt, or Leggings (if choosing leggings, skip the stockings)
  3. Black Stockings or Fishnets
  4. Black Heels

This will be your costume base. Now, all you need to add are a few extra accessories to transform yourself into a character!

  1. Cat – Wear cat ears, cat tail, a black choker with a delicate charm, and make sure you have long black manicured nails. Paint your nose pink and draw whisker lines on your cheeks! Wear little earrings shaped like fish for a comical finish.
  2. Dog – Wear floppy dog ears, a shorter tail, and a collar with spikes. Paint your nose black, and instead of whisker lines, draw freckles! Keep your manicure short and carry a large bone.
  3. Bandit – Wear a black eye mask and carry a bag with a dollar sign on it! For an extra touch, sling a rope over your shoulders.
  4. Dominatrix – Wear a black eye mask and carry a whip. Switch the heels to high leather boots if you wish. Add spiky bracelets and earrings to finish the look.
  5. Witch – Wear a black witch hat and high leather boots. Wear a glittering cape and carry a small broom accessory. Add a long pendant on a chain and dangling earrings for a magical touch.

Now, you don’t have to stick with just black accessories. Have some fun! After all, Halloween is a holiday where everyone is dressed up just a little crazy. So be creative and have a great time dressing up with a Chicastic Corset for Halloween.

Black Satin Corset Top