How To Wear Leggings


Leggings are not only trendy, but they’ve become an important staple in our wardrobes because of their comfort and style. Women of all shapes and sizes are sporting fashionable leggings, and that’s because they are versatile and offer fluidity in the way of different fashion sensibilities. From casual country to hardcore punk rock to goth to preppy styles, there is a legging for everyone! However, there is such a thing as wearing the “wrong” legging. Here are a few fashion tips to help you find YOUR perfect legging!

Leggings were made for layering! They are kind of a hybrid between tights and pants which makes them the perfect cool weather clothing. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn during summer! They just have to be worn a different way. Just remember, leggings are NOT a substitute for pants. An exception can be made if you are at the gym, but it is very difficult if not impossible to incorporate leggings without layers. Of course, this is a matter of opinion, so if you CAN pull off leggings as pants outside of the gym, then go ahead and rock on, girl.

Generally, you want to make sure that the leggings you choose fits well. They should not be so tight that every little bend or dimple shows, but not so loose that they wrinkle or bunch in your crotch or ankles. That is not cute at all, and will draw attention to areas where attention need not be paid. Make sure you wear a thong or a seamless pair of underwear to safely avoid unnecessary lines. The basic rule is to make sure that whatever top you choose covers your backside.

If you like wearing short skirts, a lightweight legging is a good choice. They offer coverage and an opportunity to introduce a bright color or print that you like. Change it up and wear leggings with shorts for a more punk rock look. If you choose bright and funky prints or colors, a subtle flat shoe or solid cardigan will balance your outfit so you don’t look laden with unnecessary details. Leggings can also be worn under dresses if the colors complement each other. Wear a solid dress with printed leggings or a printed dress with solid leggings, or solid with solid. Very few can get away with prints on prints. If you are one of those lucky few, share your look with us!

For workouts, you can absolutely show your personality in your leggings! Here is where your leggings can pretend to be pants! Try a pair of fun tribal print leggings paired with a solid colored sports bra. There are so many combinations to create, especially for the gym!

Work is a tricky place to incorporate leggings. Make sure the work environment deems it appropriate. If you work in a retail clothing shop, find something that matches the aesthetic of your store. If you work in a store by the beach, make sure you pair your leggings with a tank top and sandals. If you are employed at a department store, you will want to pay a little more attention to your specific department. Someone working in bridals will wear a very different outfit than someone working in housewares, just as someone working in the children’s clothing section will wear something that one wouldn’t wear if they were working in the men’s clothing department. There might not be too much of a difference as department stores have to maintain a standard of dress, but there will be subtleties nonetheless.

If you are a hostess at a restaurant, a pair of dark colored leggings and a long tank under a loose fitting cardigan is an easy, neutral look. Make sure the shoes you wear are comfortable as well.

For those who work with children, dark colored leggings are best so you can hide stains. Even bright and wild prints will work to keep stains camouflaged and the kids will enjoy them as well. Leggings offer flexibility so you can play on the floor with the kids or have story time comfortably.

Leggings might not be appropriate if you work in a traditional office, but for a creative office, you can probably get away with animal prints. Consider your workplace and determine if this is an appropriate article of clothing. Muted colors and a chambray top with ballet flats can work on Casual Fridays. Closed toed shoes are the best in this situation.

For running errands, comfort is definitely key! A cool graphic t-shirt and sneakers are a necessity. Add a scarf to pull your look together, weather permitting. Or add a lovely cotton tunic top for some upscale comfort.

Make sure you coordinate your outfits well, and don’t be afraid to add an interesting accessory to make your look pop! For example, you may want to incorporate a statement necklace with bright beads, or a stack of bracelets. An easy and functional way to make your outfits your own is to carry an unforgettable handbag or clutch.

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5 Celeb Blogs We Love

Celebs are often some of the people we gather our own fashion inspiration from. If you’re looking for other tips and ideas, make sure to check out their blogs as well.

Celeb blogs can be a great place to gather inspiration and see what our favorite stars are wearing. Most magazines look to these people for fashion insight. They are often the ones to first find trends or start them, and have access to the insider fashion scoop. There are plenty of blogs out there that follow these celebs and post snapshots or other candid photos of them going about their day exhibiting their particular sense of style. But there’s something special about a celebrity that runs their own blog and tells us what they’re wearing, what they’re into, and what their ideas are more personally.

1. Tavi Gevinson. Sure, she isn’t a model or an actress, but she’s a great role model with a lot of fashion forward ideas. While her blog had taken more of a philosophical focus, she still exhibits her quirky style with grace and intelligence. Not only that, but she proves to be a great role model for young girls and adult women alike.

2. Beyonce, you can’t argue with the queen. Another powerful role model, Beyonce Knowles shares a lot of personal pictures and other stories on her page, showing more of her human side. They show a range of casual days to getting ready for a big concert, displaying a wide variety of looks and insight.

3. Lauren Conrad. She may be initially well known for her appearances on MTV reality dramas that are now nearing a decade old, but Lauren Conrad has proven to have a good head on her shoulders that knows not only how to carry herself respectfully but dress herself well while doing so. You can see into her burgeoning professional life while also sneaking a peek into her fashion and style insight. It’s never bad to take a few pointers.

4. Zooey Deschanel, she’s cute, she’s funny, and she seems to be everywhere now. From being in her own show, to singing, to modeling for makeup and other campaigns, she’s downright adorable and has a look completely her own. Take a look at her photos, thoughts and other quirky finds and gather some inspiration for yourself.

5. Kim Kardashian. If you want even more ways to keep up with this Kardashian, then definitely check out her blog. She dishes out style and makeup tips among sharing information regarding her business ventures and other endeavors. Regardless of her media persona, you can’t deny that she is still very much a fashion forward icon.

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