Throwback Thursday- I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

Lucille Ball was a comedic genius and she had some great fashion on the show I Love Lucy. We picked this famous redhead for this throwback Thursday in honor of the upcoming St.Patrick’s Day. It’s actually pretty easy to update … Continue reading

White Glossy Faux Leather Clutch

Looking for a versatile accessory that will suit multiple occasions? Look no further than this white glossy faux leather clutch.

A clutch handbag makes a great noncommittal accessory. It can be easily added to any ensemble on the go and just as easily removed if you want to go for a different look, but having one, if not a few, handy in your wardrobe will definitely come in handy. Having one handbag alone will not suffice. Different occasions call for different bags and a clutch definitely serves its purpose. If you’re the type of person that prefers their accessories be as versatile as possible, then this white glossy faux leather clutch is perfect for you.

White is a great color to break out come the spring time. Though this color might remind you of the snow that spring has hopefully left behind for good, it can easily brighten up an outfit and is also a great color to use when transitioning between spring and summer. White accessories are very resort chic and are wearable with most, if not all, outfits. White is a neutral and goes with everything, which is of course an added bonus. It can match virtually any outfit and suit any occasion, whether it is casual, professional or formal. It can even suit a night out on the town. Leather always gives off an air of sleek sophistication, and even this faux leather handbag does the job. Its glossy finish makes it appear even sleeker, and is also easier to take care of should it see to any spills or stains.

When it comes to using white, there is a wide and open playing field. Given that it is a neutral, it can be used to accent an outfit in several ways. If you’re wearing primarily dark or deep, rich colors, then it can suitably break up your look and add balance without taking away from the colors in your outfit. It can also be used with monochromatic looks or even all white for a classy yet daring look. Given this clutch’s versatility, it makes the perfect go-to bag. If you’re heading to a casual coffee date or if you need a classic clutch to go with a cocktail dress for a last minute formal event, this bag can work on any occasion and to full effect. It’s small size makes it the perfect addition to any look, adding whatever element you need. If you want to break up a monotonous outfit, it can do so with minimal effort. Same goes if you’re simply looking for an accessory that will match just about anything. An item with maximum usage definitely goes a long way and can help create countless outfits and looks.

You can find this white glossy faux leather clutch and other great accessories at Chicastic.

White Glossy Faux Leather Clutch


Red Faux Patent Leather Clutch Bag

I’ve never seen a red crocodile, but I’m sure glad this purse exists!  Sometimes an outfit needs a little oomph and this red faux patent leather clutch does just that.

The texture.  The color.  The clutch style.  It all works perfectly together.  And it’s faux patent leather so it’s guilt free!

This clutch is stylish and commands attention.  It can spice up an outfit in an instant.  Wear it with a little black dress.  Wear it with jeans and heels.  Just wear it!

If red is a little too bold for you, try it in white or black.  It still has the texture and great style, but is a bit more sleek and sophisticated.  White or black would also allow you to pair it with more ensembles, and that’s always a good thing.

You can purchase all the colors at ChicasticRed Faux Patent Leather Clutch Bag.

Holiday Party Outfit Transition From Work To Party

Party season is here and while you have already styled all of your outfits, you have to take care to style your office party outfit a bit carefully than all the others. You want to look your best and express your individuality, but you must also balance your professionalism. Office parties usually take place after work so a look that can transition from day to evening effortlessly is probably the best choice. The following table will help you stylize a fun, festive and professional holiday party outfit for the office!

Must haves for transitioning into party wear from work wear are – evening bags, dangly earrings, shiny heels and shimmery tops.



–          Navy blue blazer

–          Cream blouse

–          Pendant

–          Dress pants

–          Sensible closed toe heels

–          Faux Leather handbag

–          Navy blue blazer

–          Sparkling tube top

–          Pendant

–          Silk mustard skirt

–          Strappy gold sandals

–          Gold crystal clutch

–          Patterned silk dress

–          Cardigan or shrug

–          Simple chain necklace

–          Satchel

–          Pointed toe flats

–          Patterned silk dress

–          NO cardigan or shrug

–          Bright collar necklace

–          Studded leather clutch

–          Stiletto heels

–          Red pencil skirt

–          Sleeveless black and white polka-dotted silk top

–          Black blazer

–          Black heels

–          Leather satchel or handbag

–          Pearl stud earrings

–          Red pencil skirt

–          Sleeveless black and white polka dotted silk top

–          NO blazer

–          Gold heels

–          Gold clutch

–          Large hoop earrings

–          Black dress pants

–          White dress shirt

–          Patterned sweater

–          Leather crossbody handbag

–          Black leather skirt

–          White dress shirt

–          Patterned sweater

–          Statement necklace

–          Red envelope clutch

–          Tweed dress

–          Black blazer

–          Suede ankle boots

–          Black crossbody purse

–          Tweed dress

–          NO blazer

–          Black slingback heels

–          Leather clutch

–          Beige v-necked silk shirt

–          Black dress pants

–          Beige cardigan

–          Black heels

–          Black leather satchel

–          Beige v-necked silk shirt

–          Flesh colored pencil skirt with jewels, beads, or sequins

–          Beige cardigan

–          Gold or flesh colored heels

–          Gold sparkling clutch

–          Grey sweater

–          Black slacks

–          Heels

–          Soft patterned scarf

–          Mustard handbag

–          Grey sweater

–          Black a-line skirt with crystals or rhinestones

–          Strappy black heels

–          Statement necklace

–          Crystal clutch

As you can see, the outfit combinations above can be easily modified from office wear to a more relaxed yet professional party ensemble. These are just suggestions, but you can absolutely come up with your own idea with these inspirations. Visit Chicastic to buy nice accessories for your holiday party this year and stand out in the crowd.

holiday party transition

Hiss and Hers

Snake print’s relevance  in fashion is evident in the recent Resort collections by designers such as Stella McCartney, DVF, Roberto Cavalli, and more. Here we show you some of our favorite snake print looks from the Resort Collections along with our clutches.

Hiss and Hers

Left: Reed Krakoff Resort 2014 with Chicastic Brown Python Clutch

Right: Barbara Bui Resort 2014 with Chicastic Black Faux Snake Skin Knuckle Duster Clutch

Please feel free to chat with us if you have any questions or concerns about the above items.

Faux Snakeskin Rhinestone Studded Knuckle Duster Cocktail Bag

Winter season is the most appropriate for online shopping- just sit back and relax in your couch under the blanket and have a great online shopping experience at Chicastic. Check out this Black Faux Snakeskin Rhinestone Studded One Ring Knuckle Duster Style Evening Cocktail Bag. This is the perfect jewel you are looking for to wear at the New year’s party.

Black Faux Snakeskin Rhinestone Studded One Ring Knuckle Duster Style Evening Cocktail Bag

Black Faux Snakeskin Rhinestone Studded One Ring Knuckle Duster Style Evening Cocktail Bag

One ring faux snakeskin Duster Knuckle style Clutch Bag

Animal prints have always been popular in women’s accessories like scarves and jackets. You would have never seen a more royal and pretty snakeskin product than this cute little clutch purse. The one ring hold makes a great fashion statement. Own one now- visit Chicastic and get free shipping within USA.

Black Faux Snakeskin Rhinestone Studded One Ring Knuckle Duster Style Clutch Bag

Faur Fir Leather Handbag

Winters are here and what better than the feeling of warmth. Check out this stylish shoulder handbag with Fir cover in high quality faux leather at Chicastic. This is perfect to carry out your Tablet or small laptop and for everyday use to work or school.


Faux Fir Leather Handbag






Designer Hard Case Clutch Wallets

Clutch Wallets, a utility accessory, don’t always have to be plain and boring. That’s why Chicastic brings to you these hard case clutch wallets in Magazine cover prints, Animal Prints, Faux Ostrich Print, Faux Snake Skin Print Fabrics and much more. Get one for yourself in blue, orange, brown, green, pink, and black. You will definitely like one at Chicastic.

Hard Case Clutch Wallets