Fitness Motivation

So you’ve started the new year off right.  You’ve stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions and have been consistent with your workouts and eating healthy.  Now it’s time to reward yourself!  No, not with a piece of chocolate cake.  Why not reward yourself with some fun workout gear to keep you motivated!  Chicastic has a great assortment of waist trainers, perfect for whittling down your waistline and sculpting a svelte physique.  Here are some of my favorites:


The Leopard Latex Waist Trainer is a head turner!  This waist trainer boasts a cheerful and stylish purple leopard print pattern, and is made with a strong, yet breathable, fabric and strong steel boning to really tighten up the waist.



The Vest Style Waist Trainer features a unique design with it’s vest like silhouette and sits comfortably below the bust line.  It also comes in a vibrant blue color and is made of a breathable latex material.


The Dual Support Waist Trainer goes the extra mile.  Not only does this latex waist trainer have a vest like silhouette, but it also offers double layers for extra support.

These waist trainers are available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique. Use the Promo Code: SLIM10 for an extra 10% off all of Chicastic’s waist trainers.  To see more stylish waist trainers, visit




Postpartum Wellness

Screenshot (109).png

If you are a new mother, chances are that you have a lot on your plate taking care of your new bundle of joy.  One thing you shouldn’t have to fret over is regaining your pre-baby physique.  Chicastic’s Waist Trainer Belt is the perfect way to flatten your stomach and slim down your waist line.  This waist trainer belt is perfect for new moms with no time to exercise because it is made of durable, yet breathable latex material, providing a strong, yet comfortable support.  This waist trainer belt is not only for postpartum toning, but is also useful shapewear for anyone wanting to sculpt sleek curves and an hourglass figure.  Wear this waist trainer while jogging, working out at the gym, or while spending time at home with the new baby.  Chicastic’s waist trainer, along with other shapewear designed to enhance your figure, is available at their online boutique.  For a variety of stylish items that make every woman feel and look special, visit

New Year Fitness Resolutions


It’s a new year and a new you!  Have you started your resolutions to get in better shape?  Chicastic can help you to kick start your fitness routine with their Latex Waist Training Shapewear.  This waist trainer features a latex rubber fabrication and strong steel boning, all of the features needed to whittle away your waist and mold a svelte physique.  An added bonus is that the strong boning in this waist trainer also supports your back and helps to improve your posture.  What I love about this waist trainer is that because of it’s sleek silhouette, you not only can wear it while working out, but also under your clothing throughout the day.  So even when you are not currently in exercise mode, you are still getting the slimming and toning effects.  Chicastic’s waist trainer can be worn for long hours, so you can literally carve inches from your waist around the clock!  This latex waist trainer is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other shapewear items and an assortment of glamorous accessories to help complete the “new you” transformation, visit

Curve Appeal

Screenshot (82).png

Are you trying to kick start a new routine to get a more svelte physique for the new year?  Try incorporating healthy habits into every aspect of your life.  Did you know that even when you are relaxing at home, you can still be sculpting a sleek physique?  Chicastic’s Vest Style Waist Trainer is the perfect way to carve out a tiny midsection and get alluring curves.  This waist trainer is made of latex rubber and features a unique zip front vest style.  It also boasts a detachable waist area, with double layers that give extra support.  I love that this waist trainer is not only effective at molding your curves, but is also attractive with it’s bright, bold color, contrasted by it’s black edging.  This waist trainer would look great paired with leggings while lounging around the house or doing chores.  This is the perfect gift for anyone you know that is trying to get into better shape or for a new mom that is trying to get rid of her post baby bump.  With this waist trainer you are sure to get curve appeal!  Chicastic’s online boutique currently has this waist trainer available for 10% off by using the code SLIM10 at the checkout.  To see waist trainers in a variety of colors and styles, visit

Fitness Style


With the busy holiday season and all of the various upcoming holiday parties approaching, it is easy to slack off on your health and fitness goals and put them off until the new year.  Get a head start on your goals for next year with Chicastic’s Waist Trainer Belt. This snug fit waist trainer is the perfect way to achieve that coveted svelte, hourglass physique.   Waist trainers are also excellent with getting rid a postpartum baby bump.  Accessorize this waist trainer with a pair of ombre leggings, a Chicastic sports bra in a bright color, a fitness watch and pink dumbbells for a chic, gym ready look.  Once you’ve gotten your fitness routine underway, you will be ready to slip into one of Chicastic’s glamorous corsets to show off your new hourglass figure.  This waist trainer is available at  Visit Chicastic’s Amazon boutique and official online boutique for a wide selection of apparel, accessories and clutch bags.