“There’s No Crying in Baseball!”

Baseball season technically began a few weeks ago, but for most people, it doesn’t officially begin until Summer.  It’s one thing to watch from home but going to a game is a whole different experience. Are you going to your first game this summer and don’t know what to wear? Fear not, we’ve got your guide to a fashionable day of America’s pastime.

One of the biggest considerations when picking an outfit is the weather, since most likely you’ll be outside and many stadium seats are uncovered. For a hot day, a pair of jean shorts with one of our cute tops with tanks would be perfect. If you’re going for a more formal look, our dresses are ideal. Plus, they come in several color choices so you can match it to the team of your choice!

If it’s going to be on the chillier side but not enough to warrant a sweater, make sure you bring a scarf which can be worn in a multitude of ways to keep you stylish yet comfortable. If it is cool enough for a sweater, consider one of our cute cardigans.

Not wearing a cap to a baseball game is like having ice cream without sprinkles. If you don’t have or want the cap of a specific team we recommend one of our hats. Keep the sun out of your eyes while still looking fresh.

Chicastic is takin’ you out to the ball game!

Baseball Hoot- June 29 hat

The Age of Fashion

Brooch featured on Age of FashionmainThe always stunning Blake Lively’s newest film “The Age of Adeline” not only shows off her acting abilities, but beautifully showcases fashion trends over several decades. Adeline Bowman, played by Lively, is 29 years old when she is involved in a freak accident in 1937 and from that moment on, does not age a day.

Although her fashion choices evolve with the changing decades, her style remains simple and classic. To get some of these great Adeline inspired looks, we recommend the vintage style chiffon maxi cocktail dress. Keep the look soft with the dress in coral or yellow, a big Spring/Summer 2015, trend or go with the animal print to give it a more modern twist. Pair with some T-strap peep toe platforms and classic envelope clutch and you’re in business. Finish off the look with a sterling silver cocktail ring for some vintage looking charm.

For a more casual look, the high low layered top paired with a pair of slacks or very dark denim is perfect. In addition to being a flattering cut on almost anyone, the buttons on the shoulder gives it the Adeline flair. The shrug style cardigan is great if you need to layer. Finally, a rhinestone studded broach not only gives you that classic look but also ties the whole outfit together nicely.

Chicastic can help you look great no matter what decade you’re dressing for!

Animal Prints In Formal Wear

Animal print is totally hot right now and is often associated with bold and daring looks. While this pattern does lend itself to casual wear or party wear, it can still be made appropriate for formal occasions. Like choosing anything for a formal event, it’s all about the cut, length and style of a piece that determines where it is best worn. The same goes for animal print. Choose your animal print accessories and clothing wisely and you can make it work for any formal setting.

When it comes to formal dresses, the cut and fit mean a lot. Depending on where you’re going or what sort of event you will be attending, most occasions allow will allow you to wear floor length or above the knee dresses. Even if both cuts are acceptable, it’s often that shorter dresses are not /too/ short and fall just above the knee. Neckline matters a lot too. A plunging neckline might be appropriate for a night out or if you’re planning to walk the red carpet, but is often not acceptable at most formal events. A strapless dress could be a good alternative if you want to be a little more bold, but be sure it still provides enough coverage.

Next, do you want to feature this pattern in the clothing itself? Or do you want to use it to accentuate what you are wearing? If you’re opting to choose a dress that features animal print, either in the entire dress or in some aspect of it (whether it is a color blocked dress or features a printed collar, sash, skirt or belt etc.) then you might want to accessorize with a simple statement necklace and clutches. Go for silver or gold, whichever best matches the print you’ve chosen, or go with monochromatic colored jewelry and shoes such as black or white. That way you can still look classy and elegant while exhibiting a bit of your wild side. If you wan to go for something a little tamer, then wearing a solid colored dress with animal print clutch purse may be your best bet. This look goes great with the little black dress but works with other colors as well. Go for a bold snakeskin print clutch or shoe matched with gold jewelry. This way you’re using the pattern to play up your ensemble while the solid color balances the entire look.

Chicastic has snakeskin clutches, leopard print chiffon scarf etc which may be perfect accessories for formal and casual wear. 

Animal Print In Formal Wear

Suede Peacock Motif Cocktail Clutch Bag

You would love the feel of this clutch and that is not just an advertising strategy, but our promise. The suede clutch bag is as soft as silk. The velvety feel of the clutch and the smooth texture is great. Embellished rhinestones with the peacock motif add glamor to it. Available in red, black, purple, pink, and blue this is great for any wedding or an evening cocktail or dinner party. You can definitely find a color to match your dress. This unique style is bound to get you a great deal of attention, so hurry and get onto Chicastic to make one yours.

Black Suede Peacock Motif Cocktail Clutch

Satin Hard Box Rhinestone Clutch

Looking for a clutch with style and elegance, yet simple that can be used for both casual and formal events. This abstract pattern hard box clutch has it all. It has just enough room for the essentials you need at a party, the chain strap when you want to be comfortable, the simple design to not look too flashy. Comes in 8 colors – grey, silver, black, red, hot pink, royal blue, radiant orchid purple, and gold. Buy at Chicastic now and make your purse closet stylish!

Fuchsia Pink Hard Box Clutch

Animal Print Accessories

Animal print accessories are here to stay. Though certain patterns fall in and out of current fashion, the general style is always in. While it’s associated with the bold and daring, everyone can do with some experimentation. Even if you feel that animal print isn’t quite your style, incorporating some with the use of accessories can be fun and daring without going overboard.

Leopard print Scarves are great accessories on their own, especially as an easy means of introducing patterns to an outfit. They can be worn in countless styles and can be removed if desired. Not to mention, they keep us warm while still looking cute and fashionable. An animal print scarf, whether leopard or snakeskin, is a great accessory to dress up a basic tee. Additionally, if you go with a silkier fabric, you can wear it to the office or even with a little black dress. Animal print bags are also a great way to incorporate this look into your wardrobe. Most of these prints work with a majority of other colors and patterns so it can be easily mixed and matched.

Even jewelry can feature these bold patterns but can do so in smaller doses. Bangles or large plate statement necklaces with leopard or snake print can add some depth and dimension to an outfit composed of solid colors. Remember to be wary of mixing patterns; they work best when paired with solid colors and can even work with subtle textures so they have more of an impact. Let the pattern speak for itself. It will make a bolder statement when used sparingly and to greater effect. Belts or shoes are also great ways to make a statement without making it the focal point of an outfit. A belt is understated and acts as more of an accent. Using a patterned belt to break up a monotone outfit can give it that extra oomph it needs. A shoe has a similar effect in that it adds to the outfit without drawing attention away from it.

And don’t forget about the power of animal pattern handbags. A snakeskin clutch can add flare to any outfit, even a basic t-shirt and jeans combo as you’re going about running errands. A patterned handbag can be appropriate for the workplace or even a fancy night out when paired with a little black dress. Animal print can be more versatile than you think, and is an easy way to add flare to an ensemble without much effort. You don’t have to go overboard to take a walk on the wild side; remember that a little goes a long way. Chicastic carries beautiful animal print accessories so buy one now!

Blue Snakeskin Pattern Hard Clutch Purse

SnakeSkin Fashion Accessories

It’s the year to wear snakeskin accessories. While still a walk on the wild side like any other animal print, snakeskin is a little more sleek and elegant. Working patterns and prints into your wardrobe can be tricky, but when worn right and accessorized correctly they can really make a statement.

The key to patterns is to wear them sparingly. Choose one print item among more solid colors or neutral textures. Animal print can make any outfit bold but it only truly stands out when it is put successfully on display. Snakeskin, while sleek and subtle, can be worn for more casual occasions as well as professional or even for elegant events. It all depends on how you wear it.

One of the more casual options to wear any print is with a scarf. A cotton snakeskin scarf looks great with any basic outfit and can be a nice refreshing addition to any basic v-neck tee and jeans combo. Even smaller accessories in this print are great little additions to more casual outfits, such as slender belts or a handbag. Additionally, any of these simple, casual options can be paired with the famous little black dress and instantly transform into more dressy outfit elements. For instance a chiffon print scarf can be worn for either occasion but a silk scarf will instantly look more professional or more elegant. A clutch purse is also a great item to have and can be worn with just about any style dress or formal wear.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking in terms of accessories! Though accessories are versatile and can be used to easily transform outfits or give them new life, clothing pieces are great as well if worn well. A snakeskin blouse is great, especially when paired with a neutral pant and colored shoe. This sort of ensemble can be worn straight from the office to a night out the town without needing to change a thing. If you’re feeling a little more bold, a snakeskin pant could work as well. It can look particularly sleek when worn with a neutral top and shoes, though black is perhaps the best option. A print can make any otherwise solid outfit suddenly more textured and interesting without being over the top. If you’re looking to get your animal print in with a dress, the key is to choosing a great shoe. Depending on the tone of the dress, a bold colored shoe could be the perfect addition to make you stand out (in the good way, of course).

Animal prints are here to stay, but the trick is to know how to make them work for you. Assess your style and preferences to determine whether an accessory or clothing piece would suit you best, or perhaps get some of both! The key to wearing any pattern is a mastery of mixing and matching. Chicastic has many snakeskin pattern fashion accessories for women. Check them out now!

Snakeskin Pattern Fashion Accessories

Cocktail Party Accessories

Cocktail parties are a great opportunity to show off your glamorous side while also having fun and without being too formal, but they might send any of us in a frenzy over what to wear. Like any occasion, there are some more appropriate styles than others but it shouldn’t give you pre-party anxiety (aside from the excited kind). Cocktail parties are about having fun while still being a little glitzed up and feeling glamorous but it doesn’t need to be stressful.

The fun thing about cocktail parties is that these days it can mean a large, swanky catered to-do or a small get-together with a group of twenty friends at a fancy restaurant. This means there is a lot of room to play with and you don’t have to wear a formal dress. Wear a chiffon dress, mix and match a formal top with a loud patterned pencil skirt, or even sport an elegant romper with heels and a hot clutch purse. Depending on the type of get-together the cocktail party is, you can determine what would be appropriate or not, but some things tend to work for any occasion.

The little black dress should be a staple of any girl’s closet, but it doesn’t have to be the backup. This little number can be dressed up or down depending on how you choose to accessorize it and can be worn to any sort of glitzy party, no matter the level of glam. The little black dress is safe and secure and can be daring and bold if you want it to be, though it doesn’t necessarily have to. But when it comes to wearing anything else, if you aren’t sure what to go with or if you’d be dressing up or down, be sure to go with an upscale fabric. That way you’ll look chic no matter what, whether its chiffon, silk, or lace.

And let’s not forget about accessorizing. Cocktail jewelry seems like a no brainer when it comes to accessorizing for a party and they can be worn with just about anything as well. Depending on the type of dress you’re wearing (color, cut and neckline) a classy statement necklace is also a great addition that can either add some flare or some class depending on the type of eye-catching look you’re going for. If you want to go for bold, try a brightly colored or patterned geometric necklace, and if you want to emit more of a glamorous aura go for a gold and/or beaded piece. Chicastic has a large variety of cocktail party accessories. Buy what suits your style now!

Gold Octagon Clutch Purse

The Perfect Universal Clutch Purse

Clutch purses are a fashion staple. One of these handbags makes just as much of a statement as any other accessory, like a bold necklace or scarf, and can be the final piece to completing an outfit. No closet is complete without one, so if you find yourself lacking one you’re probably in the market for an all-purpose, universal clutch.

If you want a go-to bag, it’s best to start with a versatile color, and what color is more versatile than black? It’s edgy, it’s classy, it’s flirty, it’s mysterious, it can be anything you want it to be. A black bag is perfect for any occasion and any style, so a black clutch is a great place to start. But like any other accessory, clutches come in a plethora of styles, patterns and prints, but when it comes to a universal accessory, the envelope or the knuckle duster are the most versatile and can be worn with just about anything.

A black envelope clutch is classy, elegant and sleek. It’s simple but sophisticated design is incredibly adaptable. It can be worn out to a professional lunch, out to an elegant dinner or event, or even grabbed on the go. The sheer simplicity of its design makes this style suitable to practically every outfit or ensemble on any occasion. What more could you ask of a go-to bag? While the envelope is sleek and versatile, the knuckle duster is just as adaptable but a little more fun. A black knuckle duster can similarly be worn to suit any outing, but with its additional closure piece, adds more oomph and acts as more of an accessory. These can be found in a multitude of styles and designs, from simplistic to rhinestone-studded, or from elegantly etched to edgy. A knuckle duster is just as appropriate at a dinner event as it is out on the town.

Having a universal clutch is just as important to a wardrobe as the little black dress. It’s an accessory for any upscale occasion, and you don’t want to be caught at an awards ceremony with an over-sized tote or hobo bag. You can dress it up or down and it matches any style, pattern or ensemble you can imagine while complimenting it seamlessly and effortlessly. A sleek, classy clutch gives off an air of purposeful sophistication, but has the ability to be fun and flirty, too. Chicastic has great fashion accessories for women especially clutch purses. Find one that will be your go-to clutch purse now!

The Perfect Clutch Purse

The Favorite Clutch Purse

Clutch purses make an elegant and sophisticated statement. Here are some reasons why Knuckle Clutch purses are a favorite.

A clutch is an elegant way to class up any ensemble. They’re sleek, professional and are always stylish. Like any other fashion accessory on the market, clutch purses come in hundreds of designs and styles and it’s often hard to find which one suits us best. By identifying our general style and overall fashion sense, it’s easy to think of a certain style of bag that suits us best, whether it’s because it boasts a pattern you find yourself drawn to or because you know it will match most of your outfits well. I happen to belong to the latter group. I love finding versatile items that I can wear with anything, whether I’m looking to be casual or formal, and for me I find that I am drawn to a bold Knuckle Duster Clutch.

For me, a clutch is more than just a purse, it’s more of an accessory. I choose my bags like I would a necklace or a bracelet, and just like my jewelry, I like my fashion accessories to have limitless versatility. A knuckle duster clutch, especially one with a bold pattern, color or even with some sparkle, always does the trick for me. They’re perfect for a night out on the town or just a quick run to the cafe for lunch with a friend. They go with almost any ensemble and I absolutely love how the closure can be simultaneously classy and edgy at the same time. I tend to lean towards edgier pieces but that doesn’t mean I don’t like delicate accessories. I like a mix of both. That way I can mix and match styles depending on my mood, my outfit, or the occasion while sending out an individualistic message all at once!

Another thing I love about knuckle dusters is that they can double as a ring while you’re holding them to make even more of a chic fashion statement. Not only does it keep your clutch safe in your grasp but it looks absolutely fashionable and flashy, too. The great thing about clutch purses is that they class up any outfit and look elegant while you hold them. What I love about knuckle dusters is their ability to look elegant while still being fun, giving them the capability to be worn for any occasion or any outing.

When it comes down to it, knuckle dusters fit my style best, both fashion-wise and lifestyle-wise. If you’re on the prowl for a clutch and can’t quite figure out what suits you best, wear a typical outfit out to shop and try them on, see which one fits best with your usual outfit. Or, if you’re specifically searching for a formal clutch, wear or try on an ensemble you might wear out on the town and see how clutches look your general style to see which one fits you best! Visit Chicastic to find a knuckle duster clutch or any other type of evening bag.

Black Glitter Metallic Duster Knuckle Clutch Evening Bag Purse With Rhinestones