Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas day is in one week and you still have some last minute shopping to do. It seems as though you’ve run out of ideas on what to get as gifts. Here are a few things we at Chicastic have on our last minute Christmas gifts list.

Infinity Scarves: These are a simple gifts that everyone appreciates. You can never have too many scarves! Plus, since it will get colder in the following months it’s a gift that will be useful for a long time. Click here to see all the styles and colors we have to offer.


Hats: Just like scarves, hats are this season’s must-have item. Beanies are the perfect way to look cute and cozy even when it’s cold outside. Stick to a neutral color, that way the person receiving the gift can wear it with every outdoor outfit they have!


Wallets: These are the perfect last minute stocking stuffers! No woman can ever have too many wallets and people are always happy to receive them as gifts. Our funky and colorful wallets are enjoyed by many! You can choose from solid colors to our fun paisley design. Just browse our selection to find the perfect one to gift.


Click here to see all of the other accessories Chicastic has to offer this holiday season.

Go Ahead and Treat Yourself!

‘Tis the season to be generous. Here you are spending your time and money buying everyone around you gifts so why not give yourself one too? After all, no one treats you better than you!

Here at Chicastic we are big fans of treating ourselves. This year we are giving ourselves gifts that will *hopefully* help us with our New Year’s Resolutions.

Waist trainers became a huge hit this year. Celebrities and fashionista’s are flooding our Instagram pages with pictures of them showing off this great little “helper.” This isn’t exactly a gift you will be asking for for other people to buy you. So we say give this gift to yourself! They come in many different styles and sizes. Find the perfect one for you!


These and more can be found by clicking here!


Love giving yourself pedicures when you have those perfect nights in? Gift yourself the Chicastic Callus Remover. Using this will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth and looking perfect! When you buy yourself this you’ll never want to go to a nail salon again!


Learn more about the Chicastic Callus Remover.

Robes are another gift that is perfect to get yourself. They are comfortable and look super cute. Our satin robes are the perfect thing to get ready in or to lounge around in right before bed. Now you just need to decide…black, red or white?


Also available in red and white.

Don’t want to spend too much on yourself but still looking for a little treat? Jewelry is what you should buy. Necklaces and rings are small enough to make you feel special and not guilty that you spent too much on yourself.


Loving these looks? Check out more here.

Now that you picked the perfect gift for yourself it’s time to finish buying stuff for everyone else on your list. Check out our other posts about holiday shopping and holiday fashion!

Secret Santa Ideas

So you and your friends decided to do a secret Santa. Of course if you picked out your best friends name you would know exactly what to get them without even having to think about it. But what about when you pick out someone you don’t know all too well? You might not know what to get the new girl in your friend group or your friends coworker might be in on this fun gift giving idea.

As always, Chicastic has you covered.

First things first, check with the group to see if you have a spending limit. Most secret Santa’s do. This keeps the group presents generally in the same range.

Now you can begin your search for the perfect gift.

We recommend jewelry as our number one go to secret Santa gift. What girl doesn’t like a good necklace? Even if the person receiving doesn’t always wear jewelry, it’s something that every woman should have for those just in-case moments.



Click here to check out Chicastic’s jewelry selection.


If you know the person you picked is a fan of accessories, why not buy them a scarf? They are perfect for the winter and also look super cute with any outfit. Infinity scarves quickly became a classic winter piece. Perfect as a gift for anyone!


Chicastic has plenty of wonderful scarves to offer!


Another simple and easy go-to for secret Santa is gloves. They are something everyone wants/needs but rarely ever buys, so why not help them out? Our finger-less gloves are perfect for everyone and they come in different styles and colors! Now it’s just up to you which one to buy!


The perfect gift for secret Santa.


Don’t be afraid to add two gifts to your secret Santa. After all, no one is going to complain about receiving gifts!

Need more gift ideas? Check out our other blogs like Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life.

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We all have those days where we go to check our emails and end up browsing the internet for hours. One second it’s the afternoon and next thing you know the sun is down, the moon is up and you just pinned over 200 items.

Next time you’re on a “pin binge” check out Chicastic’s Pinterest page. Here you will find everything Chicastic has to offer in one easy to remember location!

Put together a board of some of your favorite scarves and gloves. Or maybe you want to hint at some gift ideas people should get you. You can have your version of a perfect outfit, set with a poncho and leggings.

We even have boards put together that simplify what you want to find like purses, corsets and beauty tips!

Once you are done pinning your life away take that hard-work and time and treat yourself by shopping on our website at!


Stocking Stuffers

There is always the great debate come Christmas time… one big gift or a lot of little ones?

For those who are opting for plenty of small things for your friends and family to unwrap look no further! Here are some of Chicastic’s favorite stocking stuffer ideas!


We don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good scarf. Whether it’s for keeping your neck warm during the cold winter storms or to complete a fashionable look, a scarf is perfect with any outfit.



Nothing is more important than keeping your hands warm! But what about using your touch screen phones? Your friends and family are guaranteed to love our fingerless gloves. They are stylish and cozy making everyday tasks like texting easier all while keeping you nice and warm.



Who doesn’t like to open up gifts that can give you an at home spa day? Try giving out the perfect gift for any pedicure lover. The Chicastic Callus Remover leaves feet feeling smooth and salon-like for days!



What woman doesn’t appreciate a nice necklace or ring? Filling stockings with simple beauty accessories will make anyone happy. Check out a few of our statement necklaces and rings, perfect for all occasions.


All of these and more are can be found on!

Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in your Life

It’s that time of year again. The time of gift giving and holiday cheer! It’s an easy time to show how much you love that special woman in your life. The hard part… what to get her? Chicastic has a few ideas your significant other will love!

*Clutch Purse*


Every women in your life should have one of these! They are cute and totally affordable. Want to surprise her even more? Fill it with makeup, candy and gift cards to her favorite stores. After all nobody likes opening up an empty purse!

*Waist Trainers*


The latest trend in Hollywood! She probably has this pinned on Pinterest or has raved about it to her friends but just never had the time to buy one herself. Pair this with some lingerie and your girl will feel like a million dollars!

*Satin Robes*


What woman doesn’t like to get ready while already feeling sexy? Buy her one of these and she’ll never get out of it! Perfect for lounging around in after the shower or right before bed. The special woman in your life will love the way this feels. Try adding a makeup set to this for the perfect getting ready gift!



What girl doesn’t love a nice pair of shoes? Give her a pair of heels that she can wear when you take her out for a night on the town.



Every woman needs jewelry so why not get your girl a beautiful necklace or ring?

Black Friday Outfit Ideas

Before you know it the holiday shopping season will be here. Your days will consist of shopping for those special people in your life. With hour long shopping sprees it can be hard to dress comfortably and fashionable. Not to worry! We have all the latest styles that will last you through Black Friday shopping.

~ What to Wear for Night Shopping ~

Don't be afraid to go out in sweatpants! There are plenty of ways to dress them up so you don't look like you just rolled out of bed!

Don’t be afraid to go out in sweatpants! There are plenty of ways to dress them up so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed!

Try wearing a backpack purse when shopping. It doesn’t get in the way and leaves your hands open for more shopping bags!

~ What to Wear for Day Shopping ~

During the day you want to look put together. Adding a cute hat makes the look chic while a cardigan keeps you warm.

During the day you want to look put together. Adding a cute hat makes the look chic while a cardigan keeps you warm.

If wearing sweatpants during the day isn’t for you, try a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are loose fitting so you will be comfortable in them all day long. Plus they are acceptable to wear wherever because they are denim, a classic piece.

~ Day to Night Outfit ~

Going shopping into the night? Try a casual night out look. Olive color pants with a grey jacket is stylish for both the day and night.

Going shopping into the night? Try a casual night out look. Olive color pants with a grey jacket is stylish for both the day and night.

Trying to find the perfect outfit to go all evening in is challenging. When the sun goes down so does the temperature. Try wearing a fashionable jacket. This is perfect during the day as well as keeping you warm at night.

Check out Chicastic for more style accessories to help you with your Black Friday shopping!

Festive Fall Fashion

It’s our favorite time of the year again! A time for sweaters while sipping on pumpkin spice coffee, cute gloves to grab while apple picking, infinity scarves and the sound of crunching leaves under your favorite pair of boots… it’s time for fall!

When the leaves start becoming bare we start to cover up. And there is no need for you to look like a layered mess.

Instead of layering up with your significant others sweatshirt, why not try a colorful cardigan? Wearing one of our drapey open front cardigans  keep you warm and bundled while looking chic and put together. This look is perfect with a pair of your favorite comfy leggings and knee high boots.

Ready to head out pumpkin picking? Through on an infinity scarf and a pair of gloves to match your fall festive outfit. Gloves and scarves serve not only to keep you warm and comfortable but they are the perfect accessory for any fall activity!

Don’t let the dropping temperature bring down your style! Check out Chicastic for more fall fashions!

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Gift Ideas For Women Under $50

Gift Ideas for Women Under $50.00

  1. Book – Even though electronic readers are convenient, there is nothing like holding a real book in your hand. If you are able to find a vintage copy or first edition of an old favorite, then nothing can replace it. Vintage books hold more than just the story written inside, but they carry with them their own history. Include an inscription, but if you prefer not to write on the book itself, write your wishes to the recipient on a nice bookmark!
  2. Clutch Wallet – Sometimes a flimsy fold over wallet is more of a nuisance than anything. A hard clutch wallet keeps everything straight, neat and won’t allow itself to be overstuffed! Try one of these in a luxurious snake print and texture!
  3. Personalized Handkerchief – Beautiful handkerchiefs embroidered with the recipient’s initials are always appreciated! Small and easy to tuck into a purse or clutch, they are a useful gift.
  4. Tablet Case – Make it even more special with personalization! Have their initials embroidered or embossed on the front!
  5. Jewelry Set – This gorgeous teal mint and gold tone jewelry set is perfect for the girl who wants to make a statement. Either worn together or separately, this bracelet, necklace and earrings trio is the perfect addition to any wardrobe!
  6. Silk Scarf – Silk, though lightweight, is a deceptively warm fabric, which makes is perfect for winter! It will keep warm when worn close to the skin, which makes it the perfect accessory for layering.
  7. Office Satchel – There is no woman in the world who would ever say “I have enough purses.” For the career woman, gift her a satchel is warm neutral colors and a classic shape, and you won’t go wrong!
  8. Essential Oils Diffuser – Aromatherapy gifts are always appreciated! Include a gift certificate for their choice of essentials oils!
  9. Straw and Leather Envelope Clutch – These purses are perfect for Spring, Summer or Fall! Made of handwoven straw and leather detailing, they are the perfect clutch to carry on casual days.
  10. Satin Corset – For the bride-to-be or special lady in your life, a corset is a fun and sexy gift! Include some stockings to make it extra special!
  11. Vintage Style Bowler Hat – For the woman who likes classic styles, this hat will add the right amount of vintage flair to their closet!
  12. Pashmina – Available in an infinite number of colors and patterns, a pashmina scarf is great if you’re not very close to the person for whom you are buying. A solid scarf or classic striped print in their favorite colors will always work!
  13. Boutique Soap – Sometimes it’s nice to have some handmade soaps to treat yourself with. Special soap infused with essential oils make every day baths feel like a spa day!
  14. Evening Clutch Bag – For bridesmaids or girls going to their first prom, gift them something that will match their dress on this special day!
  15. Loose-fit Cardigan – If you aren’t sure what to buy someone, these free-size cardigans will save you in a pinch!