Sexy Black Wolf

Sexy Wolf


Make em’ howl this Halloween with this super sexy Black Wolf costume! After finding this gorgeous mask, we HAD to create a costume around it! Pair one of our sexy satin corsets (available in Blue, Navy Blue and Sky Blue) with a matching blue crystal heel. Wear some faux fur booty shorts, and add fur leg warmers to finish the look! Carry your essentials in one of our knuckle duster clutches for added awesomeness!

For an alternative costume, try a horse mask or horse head for a “Sexy Clydesdale” look. Any animal mask would work, really, as long as the corset you choose pulls the color from the mask or makeup you decide on. Luckily for you, Chicastic has an amazing selection of satin corsets in various colors!

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Sexy Pokemon Group Halloween Costumes

For some SUPER fun, relevant and off the wall Halloween costume ideas, why not stay on trend with the hottest game around? Pokemon Go has been this summer’s blockbuster game! While nearly all video games require you to be inside and sitting down, Pokemon Go has encouraged people to get out and exercise, all for the sake of CATCHING ‘EM ALL! Good for you, Pokemon!

Here are some ideas that you and your friends can try! And with the seemingly hundreds, if not thousands, of Pokemon out there, you are sure to have the most epic group costume with NO repeats!

Chicastic has a wide range of affordable colorful satin corsets in all sizes, perfect for Halloween customization!



Eevee Pokemon Halloween Costume


More ideas! How adorable are they!?

POKEMON Halloween!



All corsets, scarves and shoes are from Chicastic!

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Sexy Ariel Halloween Costume



This gorgeous “land lubbing” Ariel costume was created around our classic Purple Satin and Floral Lace Corset. Imagine the SPLASH you’ll make this Halloween when you walk in the door wearing this cute outfit! You can even carry what we affectionately call our “Mermaid Clutch” – this Crystal Hardbox Mini Cocktail Clutch is exactly what Ariel would carry to the ball!



Captain America Civil War



Next, here is a super sexy Scarlet Witch costume by koniro at Polyvore! Our Halter Style Lace Trim Corset is the PERFECT choice for this costume! AND because she wears boots, you’ll be comfortable AND sexy all night long! While all the other girls are limping home, you’ll be skipping easy!

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Halloween Costume- Angel

Angel Halloween Costume

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Halloween Costume- Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

We love Halloween costumes that you can create out of pieces from your closet, or that you can buy items for and then work them into your wardrobe later. Wonder Woman is one of those costumes. This sexy and strong … Continue reading

Halloween Costume- Madonna

Madonna Halloween Costume

Dress up as the material girl this Halloween and rock out at your costume party. We love Madonna and her fabulous eighties fashions. Her like a virgin look is one of the most memorable. To recreate the outfit you’ll need … Continue reading

Halloween Costume- Cruella De Vil

Halloween Costume Cruella de vil

Cruella De Vil, if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will…what a great Halloween costume! Have fun with over the top black, white and red pieces and maybe even a few polka dots. This costume doesn’t need to be … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday- 1920s Gangster Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Gangster

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Halloween Costume- Supergirl

Halloween Costume Supergirl

Supergirl is a classic comic book character and a sexy Halloween costume. It’s actually one of the easier costumes to put together. You just need a few basic pieces and then you’re all set to fight evil. Start with a … Continue reading

Halloween Costume- Black Widow from Avengers

Halloween Costume Black Widow

For a tough and sexy Halloween costume create a Scarlett Johansson black widow costume. It’s perfect to wear in a group going as the Avengers or it also works as a solo look. There are just a few key pieces … Continue reading