Rhinestone Embellished Fuchsia Cocktail Clutch

Every stylish woman could use some sparkle in her life! The perfect accessory to make you shimmer from all angles? This pretty pink cocktail clutch. Embellished with glimmering rhinestones, this clutch will make you the center of attention no matter … Continue reading

Outfit of the Week- Red Cardigan and Shiny Black Accessories

Outfit of the Week

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Throwback Thursday- Saved By The Bell

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Peacock Purses

Peacocks are beautiful birds and they inspire fabulous clutch purses!

A design influenced by peacocks usually means it’s colored in vibrant blues, golds, and greens.  A perfect example is this sequined peacock knuckle duster clutch in green.  These classic peacock colors aren’t your only option.  As long as the eye of the feather is maintained, the overall color of the bag can be changed and still clearly show the inspiration.  Try it in fuchsia, gold, purple or silver to mix it up a little.

Coloring isn’t the only way to get a peacock look though.  The shape of this bird is very elegant (especially when it’s studded with rhinestones).  If you want just a little bling, try the suede rhinestone stud peacock cocktail clutch.  It comes in red, fuchsia, purple, blue, and black.

Need a little more sparkle?  Try the mesh rhinestone peacock hard box clutch.  It comes in royal blue, but also sophisticated neutrals of gold, silver, black, and white.

And if you have the attitude that there can never be too many rhinestones, then the crystal stud peacock motif hard box clutch is the right choice for you.  It comes in black, gold, and silver.

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Emerald Green Clutch

Add a touch of class and old school glamour with this emerald green clutch. Let it inspire your entire ensemble or use it as an accent piece.

Jewel tones evoke a feeling of elegance other colors cannot convey quite so easily. This deep, arresting shade of emerald green is sure to turn heads while still remaining a classic color for such a timeless accessory. And clutch purses tend to give off the same sophisticated air as jewel tones. When this color and accessory are paired together, you are left with a handbag that just screams Old Hollywood glamour, oozing with sophistication and pomp.

This bag can work as a statement piece, standing out from an outfit, or can inspire one entirely. In either case, it would be best to play up its glamorous appearance by choosing it to accent a similarly elegant ensemble. This clutch is perfect for grand dinners, weddings, and other fancy and formal events. The shine of green is sleek and shimmering yet is a bit modern and unique with its use of emerald rhinestone studs. They add texture and attitude to this piece that is perfect for inspiring a theme, whether it be for the entire outfit or for your accessories alone. If you choose to create a look inspired by the bag itself, then wearing a matching dress does the job. Choose a material that differs from the bag so it can still stand out, but the symmetry and color are still sure to make a statement. Perhaps choose a dress in a matte material so that the bag still has room to shine in the light and stand out a bit on its own like a cherry on top of the sundae.

If you want to use this clutch to inspire your choice of accessories instead, there are a few routes you could take. You can use the rhinestone accent to sway your choice of jewelry by choosing rhinestone studded earrings or other accessories or cocktail jewelry that will match the glittering nature of those sparkling studs. Going with green will also work nicely. You can accent your look with emerald green pieces, as well. You can wear jewelry that features an actual emerald gemstone, either real or imitation, to bring out the depth of the color and use it to its full advantage. You can also match the silky nature of the green material used in the bag by choosing a shoe -whether pumps, booties or flats- that match it well.

A simple accessory can go a long way. It can make a bold statement, stand out, or it can completely dictate your entire look. You can even achieve all of these looks on different occasions depending on how you feel, but no matter what you will always look timeless and elegant with a piece such as this.

You can find the emerald green clutch at Chicastic.

Emerald Green Clutch

Brown Leopard Clutch

Looking for some easy accessory fix? Try adding some old school chic to your look with a brown leopard print clutch.

Animal print is an entirely unique pattern. While the use of animal furs and patterns have held some stake throughout history, it has been a particular sort of commercial fashion staple since the 1950’s. While some particular styles seem to come and go with the decades, such as the zebra print which saw to a golden age in the 80’s and came back in the 2000’s, leopard print has some real staying power. Use this design to look classy, edgy, or even both.

While every different kind of animal print has the ability to be bold and eye catching, leopard is unique in that it can make a statement while still retaining the ability to be subtle. Such is the case with a brown leopard print clutch. A small piece such as this has the ability to stand out while still being minimal and tasteful. As is the rule with most animal patterns: the less there is, the more it says. A little really goes a long way. If you want to make a statement or test out a bolder or new look for yourself, then a clutch purse is a great way to test the waters. These sleek and classy accessories are small but still pack a punch. Despite their size, they still have a lot of fashion power, and can easily be removed from your ensemble if you’re simply not “feeling” the look. These accessories are versatile and useful, and always give off an air of elegance and poise.

This clutch can do a lot for you despite it’s size. It can add oomph to any outfit, whether it’s plain, neutral, or full of color. Avoid using it with too many other patterns though, however, because if used in this way the bag will get lost in a sea of other colors, shapes and designs. But when paired with solid colors, this accessory can do a lot to break up and add texture to an ensemble effortlessly. The bag is then allowed to stand out wonderfully, and can do so against a little black dress or with a power suit, for example. It can also work just as well with a basic tee shirt and jeans! Patterns are not entirely out of the question, though they should always be used sparingly when mixing and matching more than one. Patterns and prints work best when paired against solid colors, and an outfit can otherwise be broken up with other textures and fabrics to add more depth to your look.

You can find the brown leopard print clutch and other leopard print accessories at Chicastic.

Brown Leopard Print Clutch

Runway Inspired Clutches

Magazines and ads are great places to gather outfit inspiration, but the runway will always be the best primary source. Here are some of this season’s hottest trends, choose to emulate them or mix and match to see which suits your style best.

The runway is the go-to source for the latest fashion trends. They invoke and inspire the looks we see on the streets as well as the looks we hope to emulate ourselves and are a great starting point to look to before a big day of shopping. Clutches are the perfect sleek statement bag and, of course, looking to the runway is the perfect place to see which styles are in and which kinds we can try to find for ourselves.

Clutches are a bit like statement necklaces right now. They essentially keep to one framework style but can come in such a wide variety of shapes, colors, designs and fabrics that no two are really the same and they have the ultimate ability to adapt to your own personal style. Geometric patterns, both modern and naturally found such as in stones and gems are huge when it comes to clutch purses this season, and use this trend to your absolute advantage.

Luckily for anyone, these patterned bags can add a wealth of color while still being interesting when they are done up in neutral colors. A black and white striped basket weave card case clutch is one such example. It uses the natural pattern created by the basket weave to form a daring yet versatile black and white pattern. The zigzag of the weaving adds a bit of a chic chevron look to its stripes, making them appropriate for more casual as well as formal or professional environments.

Another such purse is a metallic shell crystal clutch. This bag adds the dynamism of color found in nature through its use of shells in the design. The blues and purples shimmer in a mother of pearl way that is both bohemian inspired as well as modern and chic in the use of the square shape and pattern. This can be used as a standalone piece or can be used to inspire an outfit, whether you use the color to influence your choice of clothing or as a beacon of inspiration for complementary accessories. Clutches and handbags are just as powerful of an accessory as jewelry and can be used to offset them or in conjunction with them.

The runway is always a great source of inspiration. Whether you get designer brand items or you simply use your fashion findings to help you seek out bargain look-a-likes, the runway is always ahead of the curve and can help you look like you are too.

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Basket Weave Clutch Purse

Clutches are great bags that make a statement. Match the Springtime and break out this basket weave pattern this season.

Spring calls for many things, and one exciting thing it beckons is a wardrobe change. While some pieces or accessories can be used all year round depending on how you use them, there are some colors, patterns, and materials that are more suited to certain months more than others. Velvet for instance is more appropriate for late fall and all throughout the winter, it would be far too warm to wear in summer and does not quite match the overall feel of springtime. Basket weave patterns and materials are often used in spring or summer. This style hearkens the feeling of tropical locales, the promise of warmer weather, and can even evoke images of the beach. Make a statement this season with a basket weave clutch that will help welcome spring and bring you well into summer.

Now that the weather is warmer, patterns and materials like this are more common. They can be found in hats and even various styled handbags like hobos, totes or cross bodies. The variety of styles allows for it to be used however you see fit, and a clutch purse always adds a bit of class that, say, a tote will not necessarily evoke. You can still sport a bit of summer while looking fabulous and formal, or you can wear it out on a casual coffee date and still make a spring or summer statement.

Clutch handbags are perfect for making a statement. They are small and sleek and are just as much an accessory as jewelry is. This particular style can evoke a more casual feel while still retaining the same elegant aura that a clutch always resonates. In this case, it can work well in both spheres. Bring it along for a lunch date or even a night out. While the material alone has a certain beachy feel, you can still play around with color. A traditional basket weave is undyed, and appears beige or brown. This style is perhaps more casual than others, but even dyed clutches can make a great accent piece. Red is a sure fire bold fashion staple and would work well, especially for a clutch. Even alternating colors in the weave itself can create interesting and unique patterns, lending a true statement quality to this bag. Color and style will determine whether this accessory is more formal or casual, but can still lay anywhere in between.

Purchase a basket weave clutch, available in red or black and white, at Chicastic today!


Purple Rhinestone Clutch

Statement pieces can help define your look and inspire outfits. Incorporate this purple rhinestone clutch into your formal spring look and stand out from the crowd.

Bold colors can be daring just as much as they can be classy. While neon colors are often considered such, there are other bright colors that may not be in the same category as neon. Any bright or startling color will do, and a brilliant purple orchid can be the ticket. Purple orchid has been a considerably hot color these past few seasons and makes the perfect accent color for this spring’s accessories. Now that spring is here, brighter colors are entering the fashion repertoire and this shade fits in there perfectly, especially since flowers are in its namesake.

But when it comes to an accent piece, you don’t just want to think about color. Texture and design should also come to mind, and the abstract rhinestone decoration seen here on this satin hard box evening clutch exhibits all of these wonderful characteristics. Its intricate rhinestone design sets it apart from plainer clutches but is still subtle. Its geometric pattern makes it modern while its shiny satin finish makes it appropriate for more traditional formal wear as well.

A piece like this works great with timeless looks, such as a black dress. The purple is still a deep, dark color but with a pop, setting itself apart from darker colors like black or dark grey. You can coordinate jewelry and other accessories by matching the color or mimicking the geometric rhinestone pattern with a statement necklace or embellished shoe. Similarly, you can wear an outfit that is more inspired by this piece while still letting it stand out, such as a power suit. You can wear a textured top in a similar orchid shade beneath a light or dark grey blazer or suit jacket with matching pant. To bring out more of the purple, try to find a pointed-toe shoe, the shape of which will complement the geometric pattern on the clutch, in the same shade.

The great thing about statement pieces like this hard case satin clutch is that they can be used to stand out completely or to inspire the outfits they are being worn with. In any case and no matter what the occasion, a statement piece like this purple rhinestone clutch can help you create countless looks and styles and will always add that bit of oomph and flare any outfit you don. Bold pieces help add personality to your look and help you stand out from the crowd.

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