Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in your Life

It’s that time of year again. The time of gift giving and holiday cheer! It’s an easy time to show how much you love that special woman in your life. The hard part… what to get her? Chicastic has a few ideas your significant other will love!

*Clutch Purse*


Every women in your life should have one of these! They are cute and totally affordable. Want to surprise her even more? Fill it with makeup, candy and gift cards to her favorite stores. After all nobody likes opening up an empty purse!

*Waist Trainers*


The latest trend in Hollywood! She probably has this pinned on Pinterest or has raved about it to her friends but just never had the time to buy one herself. Pair this with some lingerie and your girl will feel like a million dollars!

*Satin Robes*


What woman doesn’t like to get ready while already feeling sexy? Buy her one of these and she’ll never get out of it! Perfect for lounging around in after the shower or right before bed. The special woman in your life will love the way this feels. Try adding a makeup set to this for the perfect getting ready gift!



What girl doesn’t love a nice pair of shoes? Give her a pair of heels that she can wear when you take her out for a night on the town.



Every woman needs jewelry so why not get your girl a beautiful necklace or ring?

Styling Your Holiday Portrait

Constructing holiday portraits is a difficult task every year no matter who you’re taking them of or with. Here are some tips to help make the process easier and to make a statement, fashion-wise and family-wise, that will stand the test of time.

The holidays are fast approaching and aside from gift brainstorming, a lot of us are finding ourselves putting in just as much effort thinking of our holiday portraits. Whether they’re with our family, friends, significant others, pets or solo, a holiday photo is how you’ll share this year with extended friends and family and remember 2013. But what to do, and what to wear?

If you’re thinking of a holiday portrait, chances are, you already have some ideas for your outfit in mind. Gather your favorite old family photos, magazine clippings, online finds and your own fave wardrobe pieces and begin storyboarding. Depending on who you’re planning on taking this momentous photo with, they may offer ideas as well. Decide on what that special “holiday feel” is for you and your fellow photo-takers and decide on a color family, or color palette, as the foundation for your photo. Remember, there’s still a lot of room for play here. While red and green are prominent, wintry colors and jewel tones are also indicative of the season.

Remember, this is a photo that you’ll want to cherish with loved ones for years to come. Try to pick timeless yet flattering pieces, and throw in some unique accessories. That way, your outfit will last the test of time, while your accessories and smaller embellishments will remind you of 2013 and what made this year so distinctive, in style as well as memory. Not only that, but you’ll still be fashionable when you send out those photos this year!

Once you’ve got your theme and outfit down pat, convene with the rest of the cast. If you’re posing with others, you’ll have to make sure your photo will be visually coordinated but not overly matching like an awkward family photo. Communicate with everyone else and gather everyone’s ideas and make sure you’re taking a holiday photo you’ll all enjoy and not regret with embarrassment in the years to come. Finally, when you’ve all decided on a shared color palette or style theme, gather round and smile! Remember, this photo isn’t just about style or how well constructed the end result is. While these factors matter, the photo is more about being with those you love and sharing the joys of friendship and family. Before you get too crazy micromanaging the minor details of your holiday photo, remember to relax and have fun and let that holiday spirit shine through.

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Holiday Portrait Ideas

Wool Blend Oblong Scarf

Warm up your winters with these wool blend oblong scarves or warm up somebody else’ winter by gifting them one of these in their favorite color. This Cotton and Wool Blend Oblong Scarf measures 68 x 12 inches and comes in black, purple, orange and blue. They are all very warm colors and very soft to touch. Visit Chicastic to buy these now only for $19.99.

Wool Blend Shawls For Winters