What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winter can be a cold and cruel season. Pretty summer hues are slowly eaten away by autumn and though the first snowfall may be beautiful, it melts away to a brown, gloopy mess. All of a sudden, you remember there’s a wedding smack in the middle of winter that you already RSVP’d to! There’s no backing out of it now, but what on earth do you wear?

First thing’s first, don’t panic! Winter is an opportunity to explore a new look, so try to have fun with it.

Next, look up the average temperature of that day. You want to be prepared!

Try new, rich jewel tones that include plum, wine, emerald, or deep blue. Warmer fabrics like brocade, velour, velvet or even knit can help keep the shivers to a minimum. Wrap your shoulders in faux fur or a velvet wrap for the outdoors, or add a pop of whimsy with a warm patterned pashmina.

Winter Wedding


For extra warmth, layer on tights instead of hose and instead of scrappy sandals wear velvet shoes like these crystal encrusted peep toe heels! Perhaps carry the shoes in with you and wear boots on your way to the venue, just so you don’t muddy up your outfit.

Accessorizing for a winter wedding offers more of an opportunity for sparkle and shine, even for casual weddings. Glittering mesh clutch purses are perfect for casual or cocktail style weddings, whereas crystal encrusted clutch bags are a beautiful touch of glam for formal events.

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How To Find YOUR Goth Style

Find Your.jpg

Goth style is a popular way to express yourself, but do you know what Goth is? A goth person is someone who finds beauty in mystery and darkness. There is a romance to dark things that goths find enjoyable. The goth image evolved from punk, victorian and industrial styles. The myth is that goths always wear black, but this is not true. While the colors in a goth’s closet may lean towards darker shades, the style called Pastel Goth adds traditional goth elements in lighter hues. Here are a few ways to incorporate traditional goth style into your wardrobe.

While black isn’t the only color in a goth’s closet, it is the most recognizable trait of the goth scene. Black shoes, corsets, handbags and scarves are a great way to implement this into your wardrobe.

Heavy metal jewelry is also a great way to incorporate Goth style. Leather cuffs with spikes, or even chest plate necklaces. Dramatic pieces are your best bet, just stay within the silver or pewter color scheme. Dark stones like onyx, emeralds and rubies also do well with this style.

Considered more “Victoriana,” corsets are extremely fashionable in the goth scene, especially lace corsets or satin corsets with ruffles. Anyone can pull this look off because corsets accentuate any body type. Pair your corset with a leather mini or even a tulle skirt! Dark skinny jeans can also work for a more casual look.

Dark makeup! But don’t overdo it! Don’t paint your face white and wear black lipstick or you’ll end up looking like a mime or an 80’s rock band groupie (you know which band!). Deepen the shade of lipstick you usually wear and up your eyeliner a bit. Wear eyeshadow darker than you usually would and highlight your cheekbones.

If you have dark hair naturally, it won’t be too harsh for you to go a shade or two darker. However, if you are blonde you may look a bit washed out if you dye your hair too dark. An option is to give yourself lowlights or even dark streaks. Colors like dark red or deep purple can also work!

If you find the traditional goth style is too dark, try pastel goth. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate gothic elements but in a lighter way. Instead of a dark corset, try a baby blue or even light pink one over a long black skirt, fishnets and boots. The reverse can also work. Pale colored skinny jeans can be paired with a dark corset and dark makeup.
Goth is an amazing style and culture. It allows you to express your dark side, but can still be feminine.

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How To Turn One Scarf Into A Different Look Everday

Scarves. We all love them. We all wear them. But there are only a few of us who actually know how to wear them. Sure you can just buy an infinity scarf and change the number of loops that you … Continue reading

How to Wear A Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have been seen in various forms this summer and are expected to make a major comeback this fall. As usual, Chicastic not only has the perfect hat for you to make this trend your own, we have some some tips on how to make the most out of this trend. For the summer, definitely keep your look simple. The hat itself stands out so much, there is little need to do anything more with your look; a chic minimal look will do. Unlike fedora’s that have plagued the fashion world last summer, the bucket hat is definitely not one that can easily transition into a night look so its best to rock it during the day. For fall, a bucket hat is a great way to top off a vintage inspired outfit, or you can use it to add a vintage touch to a more current look.

How do you feel about bucket hats? Do you plan on jumping on this trend any time soon? Comment and let us know!

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How To Wear A Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces have become very popular recently. They are sweet,sophisticated, and a simple way to add a little bit of charm to your look. Not too many people know how to pull off this look but Chicastic is here to help with a few tips on how to wear a collar necklace and a gold multi chain collar necklace of our own that you can use to try them out.

One cool way to wear a collar necklace is to pair it under another collar. This idea works well with both dresses and blouses. You can also layer it over a basic such as a plain top, or a cardigan to add a bit more interest to your look.  Lastly, a collar necklace is a great way to add drama to an evening look. Pairing it with a dress that has a low neckline that isn’t fussy will give you maximum impact.

So there you have it! Three simple tips to get the most out of your collar necklace. Be sure to get our gold tone multi chain necklace or any of our collar necklaces in our jewelry section and start creating a look that works for you with these simple tips.

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