Scarves for the Holidays

Holiday Scarves

There’s a scarf for every occasion and we’d like to break down which ones are perfect for your upcoming holiday events. Need a scarf for the office party? There are a few options depending on what you’re looking for. To … Continue reading

Back to School

Stores are already gearing up for back to school shopping. Items for the dorm, school supplies, and fall clothes are being displayed. Want to get your teenager or college bound child prepared for the cool weather? Then check out the scarves, hats, and bags available at Chicastic.

Infinity tube scarves are a warm option for the months ahead. They’re available in thick or thin knit versions or even with fringe. Try a vibrant teal or a light pink. Maybe a multicolor light and dark grey tube scarf would match your child’s style more. Oblong scarves work well for the autumn weather too and offer a lot of ways to wear them. For example, they can be wrapped around tightly for warmth, hung loosely for a cool style, or looped and pulled through for a simple chic look.

Don’t forget a warm hat to go with your scarf. A cotton two toned fisherman style hat offers a clean autumn look. A beanie hat with a leather strap comes in beautiful fall colors. Or try a knitted winter slouchy hat that comes in grey, off white, or black. If you have a gal that likes more structure, then try a wool bowler hat.

Another great back to school item is a fashionable backpack, tote, or satchel for their school supplies. Try this beige small backpack with a front flap or a snakeskin pattern glossy hobo handbag.

At Chicastic find all these fashionable items and more for your student.

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Accessories To Wear With Printed Pants

A printed pant is sure to hold the spotlight in any ensemble, but as with most patterns should be treated delicately. Prints and patterns make a statement, they stand out and add that “wow” factor to an outfit. But it should be used wisely. Accessories have the power to balance an outfit, but they can also overwhelm them. The focus of the outfit in question, no matter what look you’re going for, should be on the pant. An array of accessories (or perhaps even a single, well-placed piece) could help work towards making your pant the center of attention, accentuating it just right.

When it comes to choosing an accessory, or set of accessories, for any outfit you must first have your entire end result in mind. What kind of look are you going for? What other shades are you wearing? If you’re daring to mix patterns with your printed pant, be sure to use such powers wisely. While it can be fun to mix things up, be sure that the patterns in question do not clash or are too loud to be worn together. If you find the right combination, a well-placed belt could help break up your paired patterns and give your outfit the balance it needs in order to work. A solid handbag or a solid scarf could also work in much the same way.

If you’re going for a more toned down look, perhaps blacks or other neutrals with your trendy trousers, then a colored piece could work to your advantage. If you’re wearing leopard print skinny jeans with a black blouse, a bright colored shoe or handbag will accentuate your outfit without overwhelming it, such as a blood red or a mint green. It all comes down to color. If you’re looking for a bold accent color, then see which colors stand out best against the main color or colors used in your outfit. Colors that best compliment a leopard pattern would be bright and bold, while any color would offset a zebra. Even if you’re working outside of animal themed outfits and are perhaps going floral, keep the main colors of the design in mind. Just as if you were matching any other two colors together for a plainer ensemble, would it make sense to put a rosy floral print an orange? Finding complementary colors and accents work best for accentuating a pattern. This applies to jewelry as well. Choose simple pieces, in either gold or silver, that are subtle but still provide that glimmer that only jewelry can offer.

Printed pants are super hot right now, and they can be worn in any number of ways depending on the look you’re going for. Choose your colors and patterns wisely in order to successfully show off your trendy legs. Chicastic has great fashion accessories that can be matched with all types of formal and casual outfits. Buy Now!

Accessories With Printed Pants

How To Accessorize Any Outfit

The most fun part about creating outfits is accessorizing them! Accessories are the little details that can take an outfit from blah to bam! The wide variety of pieces out there can help you make the most of  the items … Continue reading

How To Wear a Tube Scarf?

Tube scarves make wonderful outfit accessories. They are also known as circle scarves, infinity scarves, or even eternity scarves. The one thing they have in common is that they have their ends stitched together so there is no visible end. These amazingly versatile accessories can be worn in many ways, depending on the length and width of the scarf. Whether or not to keep you warm in the winter or just to make a fashion statement, tube scarves are a must for every closet! Here are a few stylish ways to wear a tube scarf.

  1. As a hood – For colder days, loop the scarf three times around your neck (just like before) but take one of the loops and pull it from the back to the front over your head like a hood. You may choose not to loop but to wear it around your neck then pull it over your head for looser hood.
  2. As a shoulder wrap – Loop the scarf twice around your neck and then pull the layers out to spread on your shoulder. Add a brooch or glittering pin for some added pizzazz.
  3. Bolero style – Insert your left arm through one end, wrap the scarf around your back and insert your right arm through the other. Wear it gathered on your shoulders for a vest style.
  4. Halter – Step into the scarf, twist it once then put your head through the resulting loop. This look is especially attractive paired with jeans or a long flowered skirt.
  5. Simplicity – You can just wear the scarf draped loose around your neck for a simple yet stylish look that pairs well with shorts and boots. Take it one step further and keep the cowl in front with the rest of it draping over your shoulders like a shift.

This particular fall and winter fashion item is so perfect for every day. Its versatility makes it a fun fashion piece for every woman. Available in an endless array of colors, fabrics, lengths and widths, you are sure to find the one to fit your personality. In addition to being affordable and chic, these wraps take hardly any room in your closet.

To learn more about tube scarves or to find one perfect for you, go to Chicastic now!

Light Grey Knitted Infinity Tube Scarf

Infinity Cowl Neck Tube Scarves

Infinity Cowl Neck Tube Scarves have been in fashion for the last couple of winters and have promised to stay. They are a stylish yet cozy accessory for the winters. Chicastic has a large variety if these infinity tube scarves, in a variety of colors, shades, styles and materials.

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Knitted Infinity Tube Scarf

Street Style Inspired Look for Fall 2012 – Satchels & Infinity Scarf

Here is a great street style dressing inspiration. Black Large Everyday Satchel Handbag together with a Cowl Neck Infinity Tube Scarf, to accessorize any plain outfit.

Find this satchel handbag and infinity tube scarves in many colors and styles at Chicastic!


Infinity Cowl Neck Tube Scarf

These stylish infinity tube scarves are sure to keep you warm and this winter. They come in beautiful colors and make any dull and grey winter day warm and cozy.

Choose from our many styles, textures and colors. Come to Chicastic now and find your favorite. Buy this cool buttoned shrug style infinity tube scarf here. Available in 6 different colors.

Charcoal Grey Buttoned Knitted Shrug Style Infinity Tube Cowl Neck Cozy Scarf

Knitted Infinity Tube Scarves

This winter, Knitted Infinity Tube Scarves have been the most fashionable and coolest winter accessory! Whatever age, whatever your fashion style there’s an infinity tube scarf at Chicastic for all!