Bridal White Clutch Purses

The selection of White Bridal Purses at Chicastic is unbelievable!  We cater to the most fashionable bride of every style, whether you are a traditional bride or a bride with a wilder taste!  These purses are sure to add something unique to your special day!

White Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse With Chain String
White Satin Rosette Wedding Wristlet
White Satin Wedding Purse with Rhinestones
White Pintuck Satin Wedding Purse

Something Blue Clutch Purse for your Wedding Day

Brides who go the traditional way on their wedding day, are always confused what to make their Something Blue, our team at Chicastic has solved that problem for you, by bringing you a great collection of Something Blue Clutch Purses for your wedding day.

Choose your favorite shade of blue and your favorite style depending on your personal style, and if you need help we have personal stylists to help you pick the best match for your wedding dress. Come to Chicastic now and whether you want the perfect White or Ivory Bridal Purse or Something blue Clutch Purse, we have it all for you!

Tips on How to choose the Perfect Bridal Purse

Wedding day is the most precious day of every woman’s life and they want to definitely look their best. The best dress, best shoes, best clutch, best jewelry & best hair accessories. Bridal Clutch Purse is one of the most essential accessories for the bride these days. No doubt clutch purses enhance beauty of any dress, along with, that they also provide utility because for the long wedding ceremony and reception you would need a couple things to keep you looking fresh and glowing like foundation, lipstick, mirror, etc.
In order to choose the best suited bridal purse, you need to first of all know your bridal dress. What color is it – White, Off White, Ivory, Cream, or some other color. Once you know the color of your dress, the first thing to decide about your clutch purse is how big or small should it be. Depending on how your dress drapes, how long it is, and how easy or difficult to manage it would be. For longer dresses with more drape you would be better off with a small more manageable clutch. However, with a simpler, shorter dress, you can go for a larger clutch purse.
With dresses which are embellished heavily, it’s recommended that you carry a simpler, plainer clutch purse. However, if your dress is the classic simple style, you can enhance it with a beautiful rhinestone embellished clutch purse.
Next question that sometimes bride worry about is, how to carry their clutch. It is recommended that if you have a shorter or a more manageable dress you can go with a ring handle bridal purse or a clutch purse to hold in your hand. But if your dress drapes long and is hard to manage, you would be better off with a bridal purse that comes with a chain string attached.
Lastly, one thing also to consider while choosing a clutch purse is, if you already have your ‘Something blue’ for the wedding? If not, our team at Chicastic recommends carrying a blue clutch purse to make it your something blue. It will not just be your blue for the day but it will add so much color & brightness to your dress and your wedding day that everyone’s eyes will be on you, all day!
For more tips & help with personal styling, come to Chicastic!

Bridal & Wedding Clutch Purses

Bridal & Wedding Clutch Purses

Chicastic presents a huge range of White & Ivory Bridal Clutch Purses, Something blue clutch purses and wedding clutch purses for the bridal party! Come to Chicastic to buy at great prices and for fast and free shipment anywhere within the USA.



White & Ivory Bridal Purses for the Spring brides – 2012

Fashion evolves but one thing that hasn’t changed is the beauty of a white bridal dress, and hence the accessories to go with it!

Chicastic carries a beautiful range of White & Ivory bridal clutch purses for brides who want to go the traditional way. Come and shop now and receive a 10% off by using “SPECIAL10” during checkout.


Wedding & Bridal Clutch Purses

The most important and special event in a girl’s life is her wedding day. I am sure every girl has dreams of
this grand ceremony for years. Generally preparations for bride’s wedding dress and accessories starts months before the day of the event and years before in some cases.

Chicastic is proud to introduce an extensively wide collection of bridal and wedding clutch bags with an emphasis on the clutches in White & Ivory. And right now, if you buy 5 or more items at Chicastic you can save 20% off on entire order with promo “marchmadness”. So come and buy for your bridesmaids now!