Modest Genie Costume

Modest Genie Costume


As much as Halloween can be a fun excuse to wear something sexier than usual, sometimes you have to try to be modest. Especially if you’re the designated door answer-er! Stay covered up, yet sexy in this genie costume. First, find a pair of layered shimmery harem or belly dancing pants. Pick up the accents in the pants with a gold or yellow satin corset. It will shape your body, boost your bosom and add a bit of sex appeal without showing too much skin! For extra assurance in covering up, add a silk chiffon scarf to wrap around your shoulders when you answer the door. Slip on a pair of shimmering crystal embellished heels and finish with a matching rhinestone crusted clutch bag!

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Throwback Thursday- Aladdin

Modern Jasmine Outfit

Earlier this week Dancing with the Stars had a Disney themed episode. That inspired us for another Disney throwback Thursday. We chose to make a modern look inspired by Jasmine, and we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out. Jasmine’s … Continue reading

Jasmine Inspired Look

Disney’s Aladdin is one of the most popular movies in the world making the heroine Princess Jasmine is one of the most beloved characters in Disney history.  Who doesn’t remember wanting to dress up like her when you were a kid?  We’ve given her iconic look a modern twist, and since today women are not bound by castle walls, we need a purse to to carry around the essentials!  The Gold Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Wedding Clutch Purse by Chicastic is perfect for all you modern day princesses!  It has room to carry your lipstick, credit cards, car keys and even your iPhone5!  The Gold Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Wedding Clutch Purse also features an extendable and optional chain string!  Free shipping within the US!


Jasmine Inspired