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Here at Chicastic, we sell an excellent makeup brush set that comes with 24 pieces! We have it all in this kit, ranging from foundation to lip brushes and everything in between.

So you’re sitting in your satin robe with the kit you ordered for yourself and you need a little help with how to create that perfect look.

No worries! Chicastic is here to help!

♦  Eyebrows: As we all know your eyebrows must be “on fleek” but how do you know if you’re looking polished and not like you drew them on with a marker? Begin with picking out the perfect shade for your hair and skin tone. Your eyebrows should be a little darker than your hair color while complimenting your skin tone. Next, you need to decide how to fill them in…pencil or a pomade? A pencil adds shape and precision while a pomade will define with color. The final step in getting the perfect eyebrows is using your eyebrow comb found in your Chicastic makeup set to comb your hair into place. This will also set the color giving the final definition of shape.

Contour Brush: The newest beauty trend is contouring. Contouring is adding definition and shape by changing the shade of face makeup. By contouring you can completely change how your face appears! Using a bronzer and the Chicastic Contour Brush, apply the makeup just under your cheekbone in a diagonal towards your ear. Then apply bronzer to the outer edge of your nose and just at your jawline. Finally, using the powder brush, blend in the bronzer. Tah-dah! You have successfully contoured your face!

Eyeliner: Winged eyeliner is a classic look and perfect for any occasion! Take the eyeliner brush and dip it into a gel eyeliner. Starting from the outside corner of your eye, create an angle as high as you want the wing to be. Then from the top of the wing, begin a downward angle towards the inner corner of your eye. Last step, fill in the lines. You can make this as simple or drastic as you wish.

Lip Brush: Nothing is better than a good shape of lipstick to compliment a perfect look. Dip the lip brush in any shade lipstick (we are loving the classic red lip) and start by lining the top and bottom lip. Don’t over-line too much or else you’ll look like a clown! Follow the natural arch of your lips and then fill in. Don’t forget to blot the extra makeup with a tissue, you don’t want it all over your teeth. Finish by setting your lipstick with a translucent powder and you’re ready to go!

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How to Wear Red and Green

Red and Green

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Prom Ideas for the Tomboy

Prom is associated with formal dresses and perfectly coiffed hair, but this traditional look isn’t for everyone. Find your own personal tomboy look for prom so you can feel fabulous while remaining true to yourself and your style preferences.

Prom is often considered a cornerstone of high school and adolescence. While this occasion is often associated with dressing to the nines in flowing gowns and tumbling tresses, not every girls’ style is quite suited to fit the idea. But prom is for everyone and no one should shy away from it because they think their style does not suit the event. Prom is about having fun so make your outfit reflect who you are and what makes you comfortable. Just because big dresses are not quite your thing, does not mean you can’t look fabulous.

One easy option for tomboys when it comes to dressing for prom is the power suit. These bad boys can look super glam without the dress or even a hint of skirt. Suits can come in a variety of colors, but a traditional suit usually comes in a neutral color. This can allow you to play around with what you wear beneath the suit or blazer, accessories, shoes and hair. If you’re wearing a neutral suit, opt for a bold color to accessorize it, or go completely monochromatic for a very dramatic yet subtle effect. You can play up this look with unique statement necklaces and other simple pieces. If you’re not one to wear jewelry, one bold piece can go a long way without feeling like it’s weighing you down.

If you’re not into suits, you can always go for a punked out look. Maybe you’re more into a rocker chick vibe than the glitz and glamour, so try shaking up your prom look. You could wear an iconic pair of canvas Chuck Taylors with a dress with studded jewelry, black nail polish, and a knuckleduster clutch. This look is still a bit girly but with a unique twist. You can even mix and match eclectic accessories, prints, dresses and shoes for an eye catching yet comfortable look. Rock motorcycle boots with a cocktail dress, maybe throw a pair of lace-hemmed biker shorts underneath your skirt for added comfort and flare. Rock a studded watch, wear simple, natural looking makeup and a messy bun or bed-headed curls. Even messy hair is totally in. You can still look fashionable and fabulous without looking perfectly manicured. Evaluate what styles make you feel most comfortable and experiment with them. Take your everyday look to the next level so it still feels like you’re dressing up for the event, but in a way that totally suits you.

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Fashion Can Be Comfortable

Looking in style sometimes means sacrificing comfort, but not always! Know there are always chic options to staying comfy and cozy.

Some of us may think that looking fashionable comes with a lot of sacrifices. While that is sometimes the case, it is not always everyone’s style. Not only that, but you can still look great without having to forego comfort. No matter what your personal preferences, being comfortable is a pretty nice thing for all of us, and while it is totally okay to go all out when it comes to looking great, it isn’t the be all end all for fashion greatness.

There are so many trending looks and styles to choose from, it’s dizzying. Some of us may adhere to a specific look and stick to it, while others do a lot of mixing and matching. No matter what, there are always comfy options out there. When people usually think of making sacrifices in lieu of looking great, they usually think of shoes. Heels and other strappy shoes can really take a toll on your feet. They are usually the go-to shoe when one thinks of dressing up for an event or going to work, but it isn’t your only option out there! Flats and boots are hot ways to look trendy without wearing a heel. These accessories can be dressy just as much as they can be casual and make a good alternative for those who don’t wish to wear heels, wedges, or any other sort of elevated shoe.

Tight, form-fitting clothing can also be a source of discomfort for some as well. Luckily there are loose styles like bohemian that are in fashion, as well as baggy shirts, sweaters, and jeans (often labeled as “the boyfriend jean” or “the boyfriend button down” etc. but are not always so). These looks allow you to wear looser clothing and apply the use of layering comfy pieces to achieve an altogether unique look. There are even some tight-fitting pieces of clothing that are more comfortable than others and can be used as alternatives for more rigid clothing. This would include things such as leggings, or even jeggings. These items look great with oversized sweaters or layered with tees, scarves and cardigans.

There are always fashionable options when it comes to being comfortable. If you ever feel the need to dress up a comfy look, you can always add a few accessories, a statement piece (whether it be jewelry, a necklace, or even a bold shoe or jacket). Feel free to mix and match, but above all make sure you always feel (as well as look!) your best.

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Comfortable Accessories

Wardrobe Staples

Filling an entire wardrobe is a very personal process. You can still hold to your own personal style while incorporating these major wardrobe staples.

Everyone’s wardrobe is unique. We all have a personal style all our own that dictate which fashions appeal to us and which trends we choose to keep up with. But that doesn’t mean that wardrobe staples are completely out of the question. The purpose of owning a staple piece is not to redefine your style but for the purpose of always being prepared. Any of the following items can be personalized, whether it be in embellishment or enhanced design. No matter what, these wardrobe staples will help you out in a pinch and will ensure that your wardrobe is complete.

1. Black pumps. These babies are incredibly useful and versatile. Perfect for a night out, an evening dinner, or even the office, these shoes are incredibly useful and are always in. Black goes with absolutely everything and is both seductive as well as professional. They really come in handy if you have a last minute occasion to get ready for; they match everything and are incredibly adaptable, not to mention totally hot.

2. An evening dress. Speaking of last minute occasions, it’s always a good idea to have at least one backup “fancy” outfit. You never know if you’ll be invited out to an elegant dinner, an important business function, or even a wedding. Having a nice dress to wear will definitely come in handy. Especially for those of us who rarely go to these things, it’s always good to have one dress on hand because an occasion will undoubtedly pop up and looking for a dress last minute is never a stress reliever.

3. A day dress. Again, for last minute occasions, dates, etc. Sometimes certain events or venues call for it and it’s always good to have one on hand.

4. An interview outfit. These are essential. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, it’s good to keep one concrete outfit on hand. You can mix and match the pieces to use in other outfits to get maximum use out of it as well.

5. A statement piece of jewelry. These accessories say a lot about our personality and our style. Not only that but they can dress up and add oomph to just about any outfit. Whether you’re accenting an evening dress, an interview outfit, or even a basic tee and jeans, a statement piece will go a long way.

If you don’t already own any of these staple pieces, keep an eye out, and when you find one that particularly catches your eye or your specific sense of style, then snag it! You never know when you’ll come by one again, and chances are you won’t if you need to find a particular piece at the last minute. It’s always better to have it ready.

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Wardrobe Staples