Minaudiere with Knot Closures ON SALE $19.99

Hard Shell Minaudiere Clutch Purses with Knot Closures are a favorite accessory here at Chicastic!  Available in faux Ostrich and Metallic, these are the perfect finish to your outfit!  Small and chic, yet fits all your evening essentials and your iPhone 5.  Originally $44.99, ON SALE for $19,99

What is a clutch purse?

Clutch purses are extremely popular in fashion today!  Almost every woman owns at least one clutch purse!

But what is a clutch purse?

A clutch purse is a very small bag designed to carry only the essentials such as lipstick, your keys, drivers license, credit card and cell phone.  They are usually held in your hand (hence the name “clutch” purse) but some come with a wrist strap or a chain.  The clutch purse has a colorful history dating back to Babylonian times.  Today, they are mainly used as evening bags.  Because they are so small and come in an endless variety of styles, clutch purses are the perfect touch to any evening outfit.

Clutch purses come in many shapes, styles, colors and sizes.  Classic favorites are often rectangular and square shapes, although heart shaped purses are also popular.  Chicastic has many styles of clutch purses to accessorize any outfit!  From delicate bridal clutch purses, clutch purses with rhinestones, hard shell clutch purses, beaded clutch purses, Chicastic has all of the hottest styles!

Chicastic has many styles of clutch purses available!

Chicastic has many styles of clutch purses available!

Hard mini evening clutch knot closure

Mini is cute in this case- check out Chicastic’s collection of faux ostrich skin minaudiere hard clutches with knot closure. Available in orange, blue, black, white, gold, and silver. These clutches are perfect for party and will keep all your necessities like a smart phone, credit cards, and cash tight and intact.

Hard Mini Evening Clutch Knot Closure








Royal Blue Faux Ostrich Skin Minaudiere Hard Mini Evening Clutch Purse With Knot Closure

Hard Clutch Purses and Minaudieres are the most popular item in fashion accessories these days. Anything with faux animal skin, animal print, exotic fabrics like satin & silk, or metallic covered with rhinestones are everyone’s favorite.

Here’s presenting this beautiful Royal Blue Faux Ostrich Minaudiere Mini Hard Clutch with Knot Closure, designer inspired just for you. This is perfect as a Something blue, as a cocktail clutch purse or even just a casual evening out purse. Come buy now at Chicastic!

Royal Blue Faux Ostrich Skin Minaudiere Hard Mini Evening Clutch Purse Knot Closure



Gold Metallic Minaudiere Mini Cocktail Clutch Purse with Metal Knot Closure

Chicastic’s Signature Collection is here. These beautiful “Minaudiere” (Mini Clutch Purse in French) with lovely knot shaped metallic closures. These caught the customers attention the day they arrived. We have these in metallics, satin and faux ostrich leather.

Come check out these beautiful Minaudiere with Knot Closure now!

Orange Faux Ostrich Skin Minaudiere Hard Mini Evening Clutch Purse Knot Closure